“Let me be your lion.”

Okay, so I am basically Satan for this, but imagine Hagars wound was near fatal and there was no way to fully heal Shiro  leaving his body weak and broken so he decides to become the sentient consciousness for the Black Lion which was currently not accepting Keith.

Might draw this neater soon

Yeah, just working it into a fic idea… Somehow I feel like I played myself here.

  • Lance:I know we’ve always had this unspoken rivalry.
Keith:It’s not a rivalry, you’re just always mean to me. And not unspoken, you talk about it all the time.
Lance:Anyway, since we’re stuck together I figured we could at least be civil.
Shiro:Okay, somebody needs to-
Lance:I’ll do it! I’ll do it better!
  • Keith:Anyway why are we always talking about MY love life? What's going on between you and Allura?
  • Shiro:Nothing. She's a respected colleague.
  • Keith:*sips drink* Uuuh huh.
  • Shiro:I don't have time to pursue a relationship. Our work's too important to allow any distractions. Allura is a remarkable woman, she's a valued friend, she's...standing right behind me isn't she.
  • Allura:Don’t let that stop you, keep digging.

Shiro: “Almost done, just a bit more off the top.”

Keith: “Take your time…”

Keith why you blushing to much?? OOOOHHHHHHH I found something new! haha your hair… Oh…Shiro got the booty!!!!!!! 

Sheith Week Day 4: Flashback/ Reality

The color and grey scale (for more of a memory feel) 

Art © @lilcinnamonrollmama Keith Kogane © voltron LD, Netflix, DreamWorks Takashi Shirogane © Voltron LD, Netflix, DreamWorks
Headcannon for Voltron

What if the Paladins lions/ the castle were sent to the places where they’re greatest desire is

Hunk ends up on Balmara again, and looks for Shay

Shiro is taken straight to the Galra HQ because of how badly he wants them gone

Lance and Keith have no idea how they were the only two to end up together after going through the wormhole

Pidge ends up, like Shiro, in Galra territory. She’s at the last place Matt Holt was seen alive

And Allura is taken into empty space. She’s confused until she realizes it’s where Altea used to be