Intro comic thing?? for my voltron RPG au ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I honestly have no idea if I will draw more things for this au, but I drafted this a long time ago and I thought I should finish it :”D


Based on these designs I posted


VLD MMORPG au idea that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for ages ; u ; I had lot’s of fun designing them and I’m so happy to finally post them! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

It’s set in modern au, but the designs are for their avatars in the game; They’re regular college students, but while they’re playing something gets corrupted and they find themselves stuck in the game and have to find a way to get out and back into reality

I made a small comic intro thing?…Idk :”D <3 click here to see it!

my favorite thing about voltron is that pretty much everyone has adopted pidge. lance? he’s pretty much her older brother at this point. matt? he’s ALWAYS been her older brother. hunk? have you SEEN them work together? keith? siblings if i’ve ever seen them… allura? she’s the cool older sister pidge never had. shiro? i’m sorry, did you mean dad? coran? he’s like the weird grandpa pidge has somehow always had. hell, even pidge is close to adopting herself.

Lance: hey Shiro I’m heading out with a friend, can you get the door? I need to grab my keys.

Shiro: Ok no problem

*Lotor appears at door on the phone*

Lotor: oh yeah I’m totally going to get lucky tonight

Shiro: *dadmode ingaged* oh no no way he’s a child and your a creepy ass adult. Get lost before I make you into a Unic!

Lotor: you can’t tell me what to do… your a lot bigger then I am

Shiro: I’m also a cop, so you touch that boy and you will regret it.

Lance: hey I’m ready

Lotor:*is gone*

Lance: huh what happened?

Shiro: dunno *shrugs* anyway why don’t we watch a movie or something? I know you want to see Moana again.

Lance: yeah ok!