• Mahiru: Kuro, is that a ... ?
  • Kuro: Yes, it's my pillow fort.
  • Mahiru: Can I come in?
  • Kuro: What's the secret password?
  • Mahiru: I love you.
  • Kuro:
  • Kuro: Well played. Come in.

loyal-rose  asked:

Omg I fell in love with your AU. Kuro onii-san gives me life. I showed your lovely AU to my friend and now, she is with me in this hell (??) So, we talked a bit (or a lot(?)), about your AU and... what do you think about one of the kids calling Mahiru "mom" for accident? Like, when you call a teacher "mom" or "dad" 馃槀

OMGGG first of all let me say I am soooo sorry I replied so late to this ask! This is one of the few that got buried below all the other asks… my goodness. I still have some late ones. Very sorry to those I haven’t answered yet! 

But despite all that, thank you so much, you and your friend! :D @loyal-rose

Also that idea so cute, so here you go! (this one got kinda silly though haha):

(when drawing this I remembered one time I accidentally called my Kindergarten teacher “mom”. I was absolutely mortified like Lily here. Hahahaha.)

(You may not be their actual mom Mahimahi, but you definitely act as a parental substitute. ;D ) 

So much blushing in this one lol. I also love the fact that Mahiru being called a “mom” or a “mother” is canon in this drama CD that I found once. I was like “CONFIRMED!!!!”. I am probably killing you guys with this gradual KuroMahi, well, Kuro’s crush is already been apparent for awhile but not sure about Mahiru yet. 

I imagined this taking place later:

Kuro: “So… whats one reason that would make me such a bad husband?? just curious…”


Kuro: Wow… I only asked for one….” 

Thanks for asking! <3

And I’m back with more cute animal pictures that I like to think are the Servamps. Imagine Hyde complaining he’s cold and Licht just pops this cute little hat on his hedgehog head~ Or Mahiru just putting Kitty!Kuro in a sweater to save money on heating?

HEADCANONS ACCEPTED. Or imagine Cat!Kuro curling up and sleeping in all of Mahiru’s sweaters and getting cat hair all over them so at some point Mahiru gets fed up and makes him his own little sweater to sleep in. And Licht shopping for cutesy little sweaters and scarves and hats and whatnot for Hedgehog!Hyde and buying him the lamest, tackiest stuff and Hyde complains about how ridiculous it looks but wears it anyway. Or… *sound fades out as I ramble on*

Abeno Haruitsuki x Ashiya Hanae (Fukigen na Mononokean)

Kuro / Sleepy Ash / Vampire of Sloth x Shirota Mahiru (SerVamp)

Kazama Jin x Tsukamoto Tsukushi (Days)

Kaizaki Arata x Yoake Ryou (ReLIFE)

(Same voice actors as Kise x Kuroko guysss)

Hashimoto Kazuma x Bandou Haruki (Cheer Danshi)


This year’s summer anime is hella gay I love it

Guys, it’s almost Halloween~! You know what that means, right? Right? It means me following a tradition and posting my annual Halloween illustration! (A couple days early this time… won’t have time on Monday. Blame my college timetable for that…) Featuring the return of witch!Mahiru, this time with human!Kuro in a cat costume plus cat!Kuro in a basket XD And even a background, wow, look at me being productive and stuff… Anyways, I hope you like it! Have a great Halloween, hope you’re feeling spooky!