shirokumas cafe


・しろくまカフェ in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku・
Upon entering the cafe, you’ll be greeted by Penguinさん and Pandaくん sitting by the bar. Sadly, there isn’t a space for you to join them. The food is absolutely adorable and coincidentally, there is also a girl working there who looked like Sasakoちゃん!A must visit for Shirokuma Cafe fans or animal lovers ♥︎. The good news is that it is a permanent cafe unlike My Melody Cafe or Pokemon Cafe which are only there for a limited period of time.



**I will be deleting this soon because I’m transferring my account to I will be uploading it there again. Thank you for the notes!**

drew some emperor penguins based of Penguin-san from Shirokuma Cafe, all voiced by the amazing seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya \o/ 

Loved him as Penguin-san and since then I just keep finding him everywhere.

also trying new brushes o)-<

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