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Hello honey bunnies! I just want to thank the lovely shiroiroom for creating this lovely art piece! She left me absolutely speechless when I saw the completed piece. Absolutely Fantastic!!! I am truly grateful!! If you haven’t seen her artwork check her out! I highly recommend! (^-^)

(Please send me a message beforehand that you are going to use the image and please make sure to cite it :-D)

“No… that’s not all I wanted. Juri was always so kind to me. But she was just making a fool out of me. I thought she was just being kind to me out of sympathy for not being as great as she was! That’s what I thought! It seemed so pathetic!
I… needed to change the balance of out friendship. But what I did with him made me feel even more pathetic than before. I thought I wanted him for me.
But now… Now she and I are equal. No! I’ve beaten her! I’m the one who has always been there in her heart! I’ve beaten her in the end.

Oh, what to do…
Knowing my friend’s secret turns everything I felt around. I’m so happy! There she’d be, alone and miserable, looking at my picture. So vulnerable… just like me…

It’s not enough! it’s still not enough! Why do you always look at me like that?! Why?!

Why won’t you admit how you really feel?!

Detailed Character Info: Miko Shiroi

*art on left by @mizusas & art on right by @raelcsart *


  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Miqo’te, Half-breed Keeper/Seeker
  • Height: 5 fulms 5 ilms (5′5″)
  • Eye Color: Lavender/Purple
  • Hair Color: Snow-White, some mild silvery undertones

The Facts:

  • Name Day: 32nd Sun of the First Umbral Moon (iirc)
  • Occupation: Courtesan/Priest
  • Allegiance: N/A
  • Sexual identification: Cisgender Male
  • Romantic identification: Pansexual
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Criminal History: N/A
  • Relationship Status: Single/Philophobic


  • Favorite food: Sweets (Creme Brulee)
  • Favorite drink: Wine (Doman Plum/Peach)
  • Favorite artist: N/A, Miko enjoys all fine arts
  • Favorite scents: Vanilla, Peach, Lavender, Honeysuckle, Mint
  • Favorite person: N/A

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Ten Facts:

1. It is Miko’s dream to one day write a popular romance novel series. He is already an avid reader of such novels and possess shelves upon shelves of such titles.

2. Miko hates Starlight songs. He believes them too repetitive each year. He does, however, enjoy receiving presents.

3. Miko dislikes children. They’re too noisy and require far too much care. He also sees pregnancy as a sort of parasite. While he respects women for being able to deal with children and pregnancy, he personally wants no part of it.

Miko often covers his body in mudstone (henna) tattoos. He draws these by hand and finds it to be a relaxing practice as well as an artistic outlet.

Gambling is one of Miko’s vices along with alcohol. He often cheats his way into the winner’s circle at Triple Triad in the Gold Saucer as well as rigs chocobo races.

Miko is musically-inclined in that he can play the piano and the flute (namely, the pan flute).

While Miko might seem the social butterfly at events and gatherings, he’s actually very much so an introvert. He requires ample time alone to recharge from his outgoing public persona.

Miko wears a mask or other forms of head coverings whenever he visits the Far East. Supposedly, someone is after him.

He only owns one pet: a blue, female chocobo named “Ewer.” She is free-roaming and self-sufficient. Miko owns no other pets, lest they die from neglect.

Miko does not like his hair touched/played with unless he is hosting the person as a client or is very comfortable around someone. This goes doubly-so if he’s just fixed his hair.

Five Things:

They like-

1. Warm Weather
Witty Banter
Performing (whether singing or taking clients as a courtesan)
Shiny Things (esp. Jewels/Jewelry)
5. Candles

They Dislike-

1. Uncleanliness
Defensive People
Fighting (esp. recreational)
Boring/Bland Clothing

Good Traits:

- persuasive
- open-minded
- sociable
- dedicated

Bad Traits:



Truly falling in love
Himself (cue angsty music lmao)