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I was paired up with Lee @gold-leeaf who has written a wonderful story. Please check it out because it is really good!! 

@auxari also made a piece for the final chapter so I have linked it below:

Fic Post | Artwork #2

Purple Lion {1}- Voltron x Reader

A/n: I have no idea who I should put the reader with, so we’ll go with all of them for now?? Also, this is going to be a loooooong series.

Summary: You were on the mission to Kerberos with Shiro, your best friend. You end up captured with him, but you also end up saved with him as well. Turns out, there’s another lion, one that someone you know can pilot.

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Shiro’s hand was in tangled mine, he’s always been protective. They had lined us all up, it’s time for another battle.

“Alright, we’re doing something new.” One of the Galra guards yell. I can sense the tension growing within seconds. “The Champion has been chosen and he’ll be teaming up with another one of you.” My heart stops and Shiro’s grip tightens slightly. The guard’s eyes land on me, he smirks. “You seem close with Champion, how about you join him!” The guard grabs my hand and pulls me away from Shiro. I glance back at him as he’s being taken by another guard, going the same was as me.


We enter a room with weapons, since I’ve never been chosen, this is new to me. I search for anything I’d know how to use, probably a sword or knife. There’s a rack a few feet away with a bunch of swords, one of them catches my attention. I walk towards it, the guard stays by the door. Shiro quickly joins me, he reaches for a spear. I reach for a black sword with a purple handle. It’s like it’s calling out to me, telling me to use it.

“Alright, here’s the plan.” Shiro whispers to me while pretending to be intrigued in the spear.
“Shiro, there’s no way out of this, we have to fight.” I sigh. “Remember when we had to fight those bullies from school?” I ask.
“This is different, these guys know how to kill.” She says harshly.
“Doesn’t matter, if we fight together we can take the opponent down.” I swing the sword around, trying to get a feel for it. 

“It’s time to enter the arena.” A guard growls. Shiro gives me a fearful stare before head to where the guards are. I focus on the sword, something isn’t right with it.


The large door opens slowly, the arena has a dirt floor. Pillars stand, probably for using as cover. My heart stops at the thought of these next moments being my last memories. The crowd cheers loudly at our arrival.

“Hey, it’ll be ok.” Shiro assures. I bite my tongue to stop any negativity from leaving my lips. Shiro begins walking forward, the doors on the other end open. A large Galra fighter walks out, he’s holding an electric stick. “Dammit.” He whispers under his breath, I know he doesn’t realize I heard him. The fighter begins running towards us, Shiro runs to the side. I, on the other hand, freeze up with no idea what I’m doing. “Y/N MOVE!” Shiro demands. Suddenly, the sword drags me to the side. The fighter hits the wall behind me. The crowd cheers.

“Did this sword just save me?” I ask to myself. The sword glows a light purple. Is it communicating with me? I glance up to see the fighter coming back at me, again. I roll to the left, dodging once again. I bolt to Shiro who’s in attacking position.

“Get behind me!” He orders. Instead, I get in defense next to him.
“There’s no way I’m letting you fight for me!” I raise an eyebrow.
“Are you kidding me?” He growls.
“Not a chance!” I smirk. The fighter storms at us and Shiro takes the first shot. He misses by and inch and is slammed against the wall. The sword drags me once again, pulling me around. I realize the fighter is distracted with hurting Shiro, he’s left himself open. The sword impales the fighter’s back, he lets out a groan. The sword pulls itself out and drags me a few feet away. The fighter leaves Shiro and directs his attention towards me. “Oh no.” I mumble. The fighter stands a few feet away with his hands up above me, he’s going to squash me. “SWORD DO SOMETHING!” The sword glows, again. This time brighter. I’m dragged forward into the fighter’s stomach, it isn’t deep enough to kill, though. The fighter falls to his knees, holding his wounds.

“Y/n, are you alright?” Shiro jogs up to me, he checks me out to see if I have any injuries.
“No, but I think this sword saved me.” I stare into his eyes. “I think this sword is meant to be mine.” He tilts his head in confusion.


Shiro winces at the names they’ve given us. The crowd cheers louder, we won. The same guards that taken us before come out. The same one grabs me and pulls me away, the guard takes the sword as well.-I fiddle with my fingers in my cramped cell. There’s really nothing to do here except fantasize of escaping. My mind wanders to the sword. Why did it save me? Was it something I said to activate it? Whatever it is, it’s something big.

“Y/n!” Shiro’s shushed voice says through the bars of my cell. I look up to see Shiro glancing around holding a laser gun.

“What the hell!” I stand up from my mattress. He begins to mess with the keypad. The bars slide open and Shiro pulls me out from my arm. 

“Let’s get out of here!” He whispers. I grin widely, finally. “Follow me.” He motions for me to go left. 
“Wait, we have to find that sword!” I shout.
“Shhhh!” He shushes me.
“Sorry, but we have to!” I whisper angrily.
“Alright, fine!” He groans in annoyance.


We enter the weapon room, I sneak to the shelf and grab the sword. Thank god it’s still there. It glows in my hands, the light purple almost blinding me.

“Y/n, we gotta go!” He hisses. 
“Ok ok!” I sneakily run to him. “Let’s get out of this place.” I say confidently.


The escape pod slowly opens and Shiro throws the sword and bag of supplies in. Shiro hops into the pilot seat, but I know that these things don’t set off unless someone presses a button from the ship.

“Y/n, hop in!” Shiro yells.
“I can’t.” I bite my lip to stop the tears threatening to fall. This might be the last time I see Shiro.
“What do you mean?” He looks back to see me pressing the keypad outside the pod. “NO, DON’T YOU DARE!” He shouts, getting up from the seat. I stop pressing the buttons, a tear rolls down my cheek.
“Shiro…” I start.
“No, I’m not leaving without you.” He gets off the pod.
“Shiro, only one of us can escape.” I shake my head.
“No, I’ll figure it out.” He growls.
“Shiro, please.” I plead. He cups my face, now he’s about to cry. “Go.” 
“Not without you.” He says softly. Suddenly, the sword comes flying into the keypad, electricity flies everywhere. Shiro pulls me into his chest to stop any sparks from hitting me.
Launching in 3.. 

Shiro and I jump into the closing pod, the sword flies into my hands. 


Now, there are Galra guards surrounding us, trying to get into the pod. They’re too late.


Love-Drunk Heart

Words: >1k

Pairing: Sheith

Rating: General

Summary: Keith, loopy from pain medication, asks for a bath while still in the hospital. Shiro, head over heels, provides.

Tags: established relationship, canon compliant, season 7 spoilers, fluff, comfort, intimacy, sappy keith, even sappier shiro

“Shiro, find me a tub.”

From his seat next to the hospital bed, Shiro looked up.

“A tub?”

Keith nodded. “A bathtub.”

He was sitting up in bed, thin cotton sheet gathering around his hips. His hair was a mess around the bandage that surrounded his head. His eyes weren’t as sharp as they were before the crash, floating across the room until they landed on Shiro. The mixture of heavy pain meds and his throbbing concussion would leave him out of it for a few more weeks.

“Somewhere private,” Keith added as an afterthought. “With a door that locks. Please.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Shiro didn’t have to ask why. The Garrison bathing facilities were mostly dormitory-like public showers, high in functionality and low in comfort. Knowing Keith, a prescription for bedrest would serve only to make him more restless to get out. While Shiro would usually give Keith the space and autonomy he needed to feel better, he took this instance more seriously. Keith’s injuries were bad. Recovery would be strenuous without the aid of Altean healing pods. He needed to listen to his doctors. A break from the stress and trauma of the past few years would do him good, and Shiro assigned himself to patient duty to make sure Keith got it.

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We got some pretty strong ‘Mom-Genes’

[edit: i just noticed in that frame they forgot to draw Alluras Altean marks…]

Keith: When did you first realize you were gay?

Shiro: Well, I knew for a long time, honestly, since I was little. When I met Adam, that’s when things really just fell into place, y'know? But that’s in the past now.

Keith: Yeah. I got you.

Shiro: So what about you? When did you first realize?

Keith, thinking back, sweating:

Keith: Uhhhh… I really don’t remember.