shirly temple

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[ID: Half body commission of a character facing front and holding a sword in both her hands in front of her body. She has brown short curly shirly temple type hair and blue eyes. Her outfit is a blue and gray medieval fantasy type with a long gray cape. She’s surrounded by plants.]

Bartender: Yeah, he’s been on edge for a while now, said it was some… Frenchy’s fault.

Spy: I know what you’re thinking… you’re correct.

Medic: So, what kind of drunk is he? A happy drunk? Sad drunk?… gay drunk?

Bar-tender: Well, don’t know anything about THAT… guess he did hit his Shirly-Temple* pretty hard-

Spy: He BEAT a woman?!

Spy: Sniper, you unbelievable bastard, I didn’t know you had it in you…

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(transmisogyny ahead!) someone made a post on reddit about an experience they had while sick, and described their voice as a "transgendered Shirly Temple" voice. :/// how the hell would a "transgendered" voice sound?

I’d like to make it clear that this is a rhetorical question and the “answer” does not need to be discussed in the notes.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU my favorite type of headcanon is “nonsense shenanigans” and I will use this ask an an excuse to expand on my Drunk Newmann ideas. Because I feel like Sober!Newt with Drunk!Hermann is a delight to witness.

Picture Setting: the Apocalypse Cancelled party. The boys have had their drifting moment and are now just embarking into this weird state where they aknowledge that they DO like each other and they are both aware of Other Chemistry but don’t know what to do about it because they’re nerds who express affection by fighting over science. The dawn of what Choi calls The Weird Nerd Sexual Tension.

Anyway. Hermann is fuckin, as the kids would say, Lit. He has had a STRESSFUL couple of days even beyond the whole “world about to end” thing. He had to face possibly losing Newt when he found him twitching on the floor with his garbage neural link. He had to face a LOT of previously ignored feelings as he clung onto Newt and Newt clutched him in terror at what he’d just seen. Then, right after this, Newt got sent to talk to fucking smuggler crime lords (OH BRILLIANT. BECAUSE NEWT’S THE ONE TO SEND ON SENSITIVE MISSIONS LIKE THAT?????) Then he DRIFTED with Newt and had to face those emotions while also facing a mind meld with a hivemind filled with destruction and not even hate, but cold, alien disdain.

It’s been A Lot. He may have walked into the party, grabbed the bottle of vodka from the bar and downed several ounces before a mildly panicked Newt yanked it out of his hands.

Newt, however. Is sober. This may be because he feels like he can still close his eyes and see that awful other world and feel a detached rage in the back of his skull. He is a bit worried about fucking up the inhibition centers of his brain and is sipping virgin daqueries and shirly temples.

So anyway. Newt isnt sure when it happened but at some point Hermann threw an arm around his shoulders and stayed there. Newt is afraid to step away because he’s real sure Hermann would topple and it’s just like

“Hermann. Dude. Where is your cane???”

“Hm? Oh. You know Newton I believe I have misplaced it at some point in the festivities.”

“Jesus. Holy shit. Ok. Okayy god come on lemme help. Let’s go find that thing before you eat face and find a way to fuck your other leg up.”

“Newton you truly are a considerate person. Despite your dreadful tact you are very kind and good hearted.”

“I. What. What is happening.”

“I am very fortunate to have you as a…a friend and a colleague and could not ask for anyone more-”

“How dare you fucking do this when I’m too busy holding your sloppy drunk ass up to record it Hermann??”

“Oh dear you are holding me up arent you? Thank you so much Newton I really-”

“If you cry on me I swear to god I will lose my entire fucking shit.”

At some point later Newt has deposited Hermann (who had started constantly patting his hair muttering threatening words about finding a comb for Newt) in a seat to go get this nerd some water. Tendo has been watching this entire thing in awe and has to ask

“Gottlieb. Why have you been using Geiszler as some kind of weird support animal?”

Hermann gets the most devious, lopsided drunk grin.

“I told Newton that I misplaced my cane but you see….it was a RUSE.”

He is so fucking proud of himself up until he realizes he legit does not know where the fuck his cane is