Ten Celebrities I Adore

inspired by brittaisab 

1. Shirley Ann Manson

Okay. I’ve tried writing so many times why I adore Shirley, and it never even covers a fraction of it, but I’ll give it another go. Shirley opens herself up for her fans to see. She expresses her most intimate thoughts poetically on her facebook page, her lyrics are raw and relatable. Over the years, album to album, song to song, you hear Shirley mature. You hear her realise that her fans are the people who will never judge her. That she can be who she is, and we’ll only love her more because of it. It’s clear that she’s learning to be afraid, and I adore her for that. Shirley makes all her fans feel less alone, and honestly, her mistakes and flaws are the reason she is, and always will be, my number one. Because if you don’t have issues, how the fuck are you supposed to learn?