The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes adaptations, I’m going to bring this sick puppy up. 

Set in fictional Reddington, Canada. I’m going to quote this for you here:

“with the help of ex-gang member Bo Sawchuk, [Shirley] tackles a variety of mysteries in and around the fictional Canadian city of Redington. On some occasions, she found herself matching wits with archnemesis Molly Hardy”

Molly. Molly Hardy. Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Daughter of British diplomat, Robert Holmes, and virologist, Dr. Joanna Holmes. She carries on her famous ancestor’s legacy of solving crimes through deductive reasoning while attending the prestigious Sussex Academy.

This show. I loved it. 

Also. The 90’s fashion is strong in this one.



I cannot tell you how much I loved this show as a kid.

THANKS CANADA! You gave me Shirley, and also Bo who was in a gang or something? Or used to be? And…ah, bless them.


Fem!lock season 2 trailer (- dashar1993)


roundtop: Genderbent Sherlock Holmes in the dress you reblogged before? With or without Watson.

I couldn’t pass up having both of them there. That idea was actually fabulous and I’m happy you suggested it :D

Poses partially (?!) referenced from posemaniacs.
I can’t help it. Everything there looks so sassy to me. 

EDIT: ALSO! This is the dress

I complained to my Mom that I wanted a female Sherlock Holmes, and she told me to watch My Dearly Beloved Detective, a 1986 Soviet film.

Got to watching it yesterday.

  • It’s more of a romantic-detective-comedy-thing, but it’s really not annoying.
  • The main characters are two awesome ladies, Shirley Holmes and Jane Watson.

  • It’s established, that Sherlock Holmes is a literary character, made up by Arthur Conan Doyle, but people keep coming to Baker Street for help, so these two ladies ended up working there to help people out.
  • At various points of the movie the two ladies are seen practicing at shooting and hand-to-hand combat. They also crossdress to infiltrate a men’s club at one point.

  • Watson isn’t useless, and helps out with investigations, making her own deductions here and there.
  • Inspector Lester has a whole monologue about how women aren’t supposed to be detectives, which sounds utterly ridiculous. At one point he says, “What next? A prime minister in a skirt?!” (The movie’s set in the early 20th century.)
  • Lester is also frustrated enough that he tries to find anything compromising about Holmes. It turns out Shirley graduated both college and Cambridge with honors and had a brilliant career in a law company before starting a job as a detective.
  • Lester is desperate enough to try setting Shirley up. Doesn’t work all that well)
  • Although the movie shows two men in love with Shirley, she doesn’t ever get into a relationship with either of them while treating them both respectfully too.

It has its flaws, I know, but I loved it anyway. Hella fun to watch!

Russian Holmes

i need a big post about all russian and soviet Holmes movie. because Vasily Livanov and Igor Petrenko are not only actors who played famous detective

1. The first adaptation was The Hound of Baskervilles (1971), black and white spectacle with Nicolai Volkov as Holmes and Lev Krugliy as Watson

it wasn’t popular because Lev Kruglyi leaved USSR, as ordinary in such cases films with actors of that kind wasn’t shown on TV

2. The most famous adaptation with Vasily Livanov The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. (1979-1986) 5 stories(11 episodes) show life of Holmes from the meeting with doctor Watson to his life in countryside with bees. It close to books, but have some inaccuracies.

Mycroft Holmes  Boris Kluev

 Doctor Watson  Vitaly Solomin

Stapletones Oleg Yankovsky and Irina Kupchenko

It has all important charactes as Mycroft Holmes, Mrs Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, Professor Moriarty, Stapletone with his wife, but also some characters who are not often shown in films as Moran (Nicolay Krukov)

inspector Gregson (left one)

and even Lora Lyons

3. We with Sherlock Holmes - cartoon 1985, voiced by Vasily Livanov (Sherlock Holmes) and Andrei Mironov (dog)

4. The blue carbuncle (1979) musical film. Algimantas Masulis(voiced Anatoly Kuznetsov) and Ernst Romanov as Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson

5. Detective Teddy - cartoons 1976, 1986 about dog, made in Kievnauchfilm studio

6. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson - cartoons (2005 and 2012) (the second cartoon is Ucranian, but still in russian ) by Alexandr Bubnov, is a parody at series with Livanov, because Holmes’ voice is very close to Livanov’s one and some characters look very similar to actors from the series.

7. Sherlock Holmes - 2013 series with Igor Petrenko.

The series was insired by films with Robert Downey Jr., so Holmes in the beginnig looks very close to Downey’s portrayal - unkempt in dirty dress

but to the end of film he turns to real gentlemen

also in the series Watson (Andrei Panin) teached Holmes how to fight

8. My dearly beloved detective (1986) with Ekaterina Vasilieva as Shirley Holmes. In the movie Holmes and Watson are fictional characters and main heroine is interested in Sherlock Holmes, so she with her friend Jane solves the mysteries. Also there is inspector Lester who has feels for Shirley

also there is a serie of cartoons Brothers Pilots, which also a parody on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, but not an actual adaptation

and in the cartoon The dog in boots there is dog-sleuth voiced by Livanov it’s allusion on his portrayal