Shirley Temple and Emily Temple cute food prints

1st: ST cupcake JSK /// ETC donuts chiffon salopette
2nd: ETC chocolate bunny cupcake OP /// ETC macaron JSK
3rd: ETC biscuit burre JSK /// ST maple syrup OP
4th ETC cupcake cultery skirt /// ETC anniversary cake skirt

I don’t own many angelic pretty food prints, even though I’m a die-hard AP fan. On the other hand, I absolutely love Emily Temple cute and Shirley Temple food designs! I think it’s because it feels less cluttered and more balanced. The simpler cut makes loud prints so much more wearable, and bright colours look so delicious!! In general I prefer to wear these items in summer, although the skirts get worn a lot year-round.

My favourite pieces is probably a toss up between the macaron JSK and biscuit buerre. They’re exactly the same cut and I love how comfortable it is. Wearing these items really makes me so happy :)

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