shirley temple rip

Shirley Temple Black April 23, 1928-February 10, 2014

Actress, singer, dancer, ambassador, and America’s little darling has sadly passed away at 85. Some of my favorite and earliest memories involved accompanying my dad to Kroger and renting all of her VHS’s. I was obsessed! There’s even a picture floating around somewhere of me in that iconic white and red polka-dotted dress with the famous curly hair. Shirley Temple had a great impact and influence on me and my career path. I’ll always love and be grateful to her. RIP to an icon. 


See ya Shirley! You’ll be forever remembered through one of the few well known cocktails I can order and actually drink.

I’m sorry guys, but I need to take a moment and post about Shirley Temple. She passed away Monday night. I am a bit saddened over this. I grew up with her when I was a child. I absolutely adored her and her movies. RIP, Shirley. You were amazing.


Shirley Temple and George Murphy 

“We Should Be Together” - Little Miss Broadway

R.I.P. Shirley