shirley partridge

Other folks already said most of this a few days back, but I want to get it neatly outlined for my own reference - 

Mary is Agent Shirley Partridge  
- a single parent who traveled around with her children in a distinctive vehicle
- raising them to work together in the family business
- - a business she had put aside to raise her children, until she was widowed and kind of had to go back
- played by Shirley Jones on The Partridge Family

Dean is Agent Cassidy
- Neal Cassady
- - the real person basis for Dean Moriarty
- - TPTB named Dean, the heartthrob elder son on Supernatural, for him
- David Cassidy
- - played the heartthrob eldest son on The Partridge Family
- - is Shirley Jones’s rl stepson
- - is the father of Katie Cassidy
- - - who played the demon Ruby on SPN
- - - who, in The Kids Are Alright, set Sam to investigating his mother, which led to him finding that everyone who really knew Mary was dead
- - - - The Kids Are Alright also featured
- - - - - a monstrous little Katie, whose mother is not sure that Katie is Katie
- - - - - monster Katie won’t give her mother any space
- - - - - children kept trapped underground to feed the parent monster
- - - - - a bunch more creepy parallels, right down to Sam being the one who torches the villain
- - - - - ends with Lisa asking Dean to stay with her and the boy who’s not quite his son, but Dean says, “It’s not my life” and bails

Sam is Agent Bonaduce
- Danny Bonaduce played the smart-ass younger brother on The Partridge Family
- and is well-known for his substance abuse problems

The villain of the week is Hugo Moriarty
- see Dean Moriarty, above
- and Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis

did I miss anything?  I probably missed something

The Partridge Family Temple is like old lady Kali. A fine, fine mama. To some people she’s terrifying. To others she’s the most beautiful and grooviest mother you could ever get hip to . It’s all in the CBS eye of the beholder.

Artwork by Whale Song Partridge