Postcards from the Edge (1990) | Book & Screenplay by Carrie Fisher

“Postcards from the Edge” is a semi-biographical movie/book written by Carrie Fisher and based on the relationship between Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Meryl Streep’s character is based on Carrie Fisher. Shirley MacLaine’s character is based on Debbie Reynolds. Watch and laugh through your tears. Rest in love to both.

Carrie Fisher (October 21,1956 - December 27, 2016)
Debbie Reynolds (April 1, 1932 - December 28, 2016)


“At the time we made The Children’s Hour, there were not real discussions about homosexuality. It was about a child’s accusation. It could have been about anything. So none of us were really aware. We were in the mindset of not understanding what we were basically doing. These days there would be a tremendous outcry, as well there should be. The profundity of this subject was not in the lexicon of our rehearsal period even. Audrey and I never talked about this. Isn’t that amazing? Truly amazing.” —Shirley MacLaine