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Main reason I decided to watch Okja was because of Choi Woo Shik’s special appearence and Kevin Yeun hehe to my surprise Devon Bostick was in it as well!! ♥ (Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid) 

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Okja, a Korean - American film directed by Bong Joon Ho

As we all know Korean movies tend to be realistic and not have the typical happy-ever-after ending. So I watched it knowing that it might end tragically and depressing. One thing that is interesting about this movie is that it talks about GMO. Ever since I was in middle school I did projects about GMO and even had a time when I would check every label (on food) around the house to make sure we did not consume any of that stuff. Is not that GMO is entirely bad, there are benefits, but each person has a choice to consume it or not. And of course I chose not to. I actually don’t know if the GMO debate is still a thing, it’s been a while since I had free time to look up stuff and watch news..

I was exited that such a famous director created a project like this! The cast was well chosen as well. The scenery was beautiful, the transition from the east to the west was awesome…I was just impressed…flabbergasted… it was truly a beautiful…bittersweet film.

Before watching the film I joked about me becoming vegan or vegetarian. The thing about this movie is that it shows the public a glimpse of what happens to animals when they are being mass produced and slaughtered for our consumption. I know that as humans we separate animals into categories, pet, non-pet… our pets are family… non-pets are food. Simple as that. But this story is about this adorable super-pig (Okja) who was created in a lab. She is considered a pet to the owner Mija, but neither know about the cruelty in food industry and why Okja exists. 


I’ll start with a quote from the director Bong Joon Ho

“I wanted to crumble these borders and make the audience feel uncomfortable. It is witnessing your family being dragged into a slaughterhouse”

There were scenes that did make me feel uncomfortable and I cried so much as well. Both Okja and Mija are so innocent.. yet throughout their journey, they mature in a very painful way. Do you know how we get our food? Do you know how babies are born? SEX. in animals it is called “mating”. We all know that in order to “reproduce”, there needs to be mating. But as humans we don’t take a moment to think about whether the animal has feeling or not. Humans just pair the animals up randomly and breed them. The way it was filmed.. it looked like rape. Do you guys know how painful that was to watch. It broke my heart, because throughout the first half of the movie, they make sure you fall in love with this adorable, sweet and innocent super-pig. And it is like her innocence is taken away from her. As I mentioned before… pets = family… it was like watching a family member being raped and about to be slaughtered.

I obviously got too emotional with this movie. I will stop now before I spill the whole movie.. It is great please do watch it ♥

By the way, just in case yall don’t know… I am pretty sure the name of the company Mirando was inspired by Monsanto… look it up hehe.

Also.. the movie does have a slight comical relief ^^ the ALF, they are the animal rights group, during several of the most serious moments..they would do/say something dumb.

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And~ uri Wooshik-ah joins the squad at the end ♥

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one more thing… Shirley Henderson is in it too!!! the crying ghost from Harry Potter! AND it was produced by Brad Pitt!

definitely a star-studded movie! 

Drink to me only with thine eyes

“Anne-girl, I do believe you are drunk,” Gilbert said, looking at his wife across the table, her flushed cheeks and the loose auburn hair around her forehead. She’d complained of the heat and had unbuttoned her lace collar, though he hadn’t found the room over-warm and the day had been temperate at most, cool with the beginning of night and the wind off the sea. She’d served the dinner proudly, a particular sort of cassoulet she’d had the receipt of from Mrs. Thibodeau down in the Harbor, and he’d smelled the fragrance of herbs and shallots when he walked through his front door.

“Gilbert Blythe! How dare you!” Anne exclaimed. She gestured a little wildly with her hands, those slender white hands he loved so and in so many ways, and he managed to make his guffaw only a chuckle, to spare her addled feelings.

“Tipsy, then,” he offered. He’d bet a good deal of money she’d wobble away from the table, needing to take a hold of his elbow to keep herself steady, and the Blythes weren’t gamblers. He was certain of his diagnosis but wondered how? He’d seen her wrinkle her nose at the scent of spirits and they were not in the habit of taking wine or even a homemade cordial with their meals.

“Gil! You’re a dreadful prevaricator! To think, to think that I–” she cried, breaking off. Managing both prevaricator and dreadful had taxed her and she hiccuped, clapping a hand to her mouth, and slumping just a bit in her chair.

“I shan’t tell Miss Cornelia, you know. I only wonder, what did you drink? You’ve been a devotee of temperance as long as I’ve known you and I always thought it was because of that time with Diana, when you gave her the raspberry cordial, but now, I don’t know. Did Captain Jim bring something by and you were curious?” Gilbert said.

“No! You think I had a tot of rum while I was making your dinner?” Anne said. Now she pursed her lips, such an adorable moue of sanctimonious displeasure he couldn’t help laughing, thinking how she could not have looked less like Rachel Lynde while bringing that stalwart matron to mind with her declaration.

“It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you had, Anne-girl,” he said gently.

“Perhaps, perhaps it was while I was cooking,” she began, sounding less insulted but no less intoxicated. “Mrs. Thibodeau said it wasn’t worth making if I left out the wine, but I didn’t want to use very much. I kept tasting it, to make sure it wasn’t too strong.”

“I think you must have had quite a bit before the alcohol cooked off,” Gilbert replied.

“You must think me a fool,” Anne said, entirely disconsolately. He found himself rising and at her side before he knew it, crouching near her like a devoted courtier at his lady’s throne, and took her hand in his, then brushed her rosy cheek with his thumb.

“Never that, my lady Anne, and well you know it. But it’s clear you’re not used to spirits. I can’t be disappointed in that and the dinner was one of your best,” he said affectionately. “Now let’s go sit in the parlor and open the windows, see what the fresh air off the sea does for you.”

La Placita, Shirley, NY

Another fantastic local find in Long Island this weekend…

When we got off the train at Mastic-Shirley, I noticed this blue building across the street from the station. As we were on a tight schedule, we couldn’t stop that day, but I made a mental note of the joint, hoping to check it out. After a glowing recommendation from one of our taxi drivers, we went back on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a fantastic lunch!

While it is in large part a Hispanic supermarket, La Placita has an incredible cafeteria style lunch counter serving foods from Central and South America…

Here’s a look…

I went for a mixed fried plate, with fried chicken and a fried pork chop over yellow rice with jalapeno pickled vegetables…

Mutsumi opted for their incredible oxtail stew over white rice with a flauta…

Another buddy got a seafood dish with local clams and mussels that was equally impressive!

These incredible and authentic dishes were the perfect way to help our hangovers and fill our bellies for the train ride home.


567 Surrey Circle

Shirley, NY 11967