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Holy shit, 2016 was a crappy year, and it hasn’t even ended yet. I’ve been talking politics all week and I want to make it very clear that first and foremost my heart goes out to all of the people whose rights will be directly affected by a Trump presidency; everyone stay strong and please don’t ever give up.

However this is also a fandom blog, and on the topic of Misha Collins and certain parts of the Supernatural fandom: I’m not sure how after this year, anyone would still be able to justify their irrational hate and anger towards Misha Collins as a person.

I completely understand and respect if you don’t like the character he plays. I completely understand if you’re not a fan of his acting. I completely understand if his kind of humor is not your kind of humor. I completely understand if you don’t think he’s attractive; it’s a matter of taste, after all. Essentially, I completely understand and respect, that not everyone in the Supernatural fandom is a fan of Misha or his character.

But Christ on a cracker, if by now you’re still spreading hate about him on a daily basis, trying to tear down his charities, or trying to belittle him in photo ops…

This guy cares so much about everything and everyone, I’m not sure how anyone in this fandom can still even question whether or not his heart is in the right place. I’m not saying he’s perfect, no one is, but between campaigning to try and protect the rights of the minorities in his country, and collecting food and supplies for the homeless, and constantly reaching out to the people in the fandom who are struggling either mentally or physically… Let’s please leave this ugliness behind, let’s please stop shitting all over a person who genuinely only means to spread kindness and love.

We need good things to balance out all of the bad, now more than ever. So as a fandom that’s supposed to be a family; can we please start here?

The Sleepy King XV — Barouh/Meltzer  4/1/17

Pierre Barouh, Saravah, David Meltzer et l'année qui commence.
Seizième émission, avec Benoît Chaput de L'Oie de Cravan. 4 janvier 2017. Prochaine émission, le 18 janvier 2017.
Pierre Barouh, Saravah, David Meltzer and the new year.
Sixteenth show, with Benoît Chaput from L'Oie de Cravan, january 4th 2017
Live on CKUT 90,3 FM, every second wednesday from 9 to 11h. Next show : januarey 18th 2017.

Serge Gainsbourg (Melody Nelson) — Pierre Barouh (Itchi go, Itchi e)— Françoise Hardy (Ma jeunesse…) — Brigitte Fontaine & Areski (Le bonheur) — Cohelmec Ensemble (Hyppotigris zebra zebra) — Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble of Chicago — Ti-L'Afrique (Pop sous sega) — Ngozi Family (Day of judgement) — Manfred Mann (Venus in furs) — André Breton — Eliane Radigue (a=b=a+b) — Nina Hagen (Nunsexmonkrock) — Nots (live)  — Le Villejuif Underground — The Gospel Truth (Jealous fire) — Mike Watt & the Bobblymen — Free Kitten  — The minutemen (Ballot results) — Ela Stiles (Molten Metal) —Br'lâab (Boogie Throb) — Mike Cooper (New guitar old hat knew blues) — Michael Chapman  (Deal gone wrong) — Claire Conin (Came down a storm) — Shirley Collins (Lodestar)  — Tina & David Meltzer (Green morning) — The Serpent Power — Spider John Koerner (Music is just a bunch of notes). 

FRIENDLY REMINDER that September 18th is here!

AKA the day when Supernatural officially gave us the angel Castiel.

AKA the day when the miracle that is Misha Collins was brought into our lives. 

AKA the day when Castiel and Dean first met while sparks were literally flying.

Happy anniversary to all my lovely fellow Castiel, Misha Collins, and Destiel fans!

Happy birthday Misha Collins!

Happy birthday to the man who inspires all of us on a daily basis.

Happy birthday to the man who chooses to spread love and kindness, and who genuinely wants to make this world a better place.

Happy birthday to the man who is not only a brilliant actor, but also a loving husband and father, and a loyal friend to many. 

Happy birthday to the man who will always aim to be better, not bitter.

Happy birthday to the man who can make others smile by simply smiling. 

Let’s all celebrate the gift that is Misha Collins. ♡