Temporarily Shirelocked

So I’m actually not The Hobbit’s biggest fan (I loved the book, but not the first movie), but of course, I love me some Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I tend to avoid crossovers based around the actors because, as a Whedonite and SyFy fan, I see A LOT of the same actors all the time.

However, today, I must eat my words - I saw a TON of hilarious gifs posted by blue-neon-eyes, but these two caught my eye. (Seriously go check out all the hilarious gifs)

Again, not mine, all blue-neon-eyes. Props, dude, these made my day. :D

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BUT! But it’s so perfect! He’d cuff John to the bed, and he’d say, “I trust you know your rights, Officer Watson.” Then John would say, “But you’re not police!” Then Sherlock would wear John’s hat and say, “Consider this a citizen’s arrest.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re amazing and everyone needs to see this

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And after dinner they go back to 221B and make out on the sofa. But it’s not heated and crazy- it’s slow and sweet and too gentle. Then Sherlock gets Officer Watson’s handcuffs out and asks him if he likes playing ‘cops and robbers’.

you turned this cute fluffy prompt dirty I love youuuu

especially if Officer Watson is still in his uniform hufhuf and Sherlock handcuffs him~