you’ll always be my only guiding light (1/2)

Summary: When Anne learns that Gilbert has given up the Avonlea school for her, she decides to confront him about it. Things don’t quite go as planned.  

Tags: Anne Shirley/Gilbert Blythe, Book Spoilers, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Post-Canon

Words: 1,600       ao3 

Rated: G 


The sun hadn’t shone in three weeks. Matthew had been gone, and the sun remained stubbornly hidden behind the perpetual cloud cover, draining the landscape of the usual vibrant hues of summer. It was fitting somehow, Anne thought, staring out the window at the dreary scenery. She should go outside, Marilla had urged her. Take a walk, she’d said, her red-rimmed eyes imploring her. She wondered if Marilla only wanted her out of the house so she could cry without Anne seeing her.

She couldn’t bring herself to go outside, though. If she did, it would be like all was back to normal again, and how could that be true without Matthew there? Day after day had passed since Matthew’s passing, but Anne remained stagnant. It seemed impossible that the Earth should still continue to turn when her whole world was in pieces.

Her thoughts turned to Redmond, her great dream, now to be delayed until who knew when? There was no helping it, however; she couldn’t leave Marilla now, not when they both needed one another so much. So, it had been decided, with much argument on Marilla’s part, that Anne would stay and teach at the closest school she could, which was looking more and more like it would be the Carmody school. Carmody wasn’t the most convenient location—only the Avonlea school could be, and Gilbert had already been assigned there—but it was the best Anne could do under the circumstances.

Out of the corner of her eye, Anne spotted a flurry of motion, and she turned to see Rachel Lynde hurrying up the path to the house. Mrs. Lynde had been the most frequent visitor to the Green Gables women the past few weeks, so her sudden appearance wasn’t particularly remarkable. What was, was the speed with which the lady shuffled her somewhat considerable girth up the walkway to the front door. Anne hastened to meet her there from her spot at the window.

“Mrs. Lynde!” she said, opening the door. “Is anything the matter?”

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