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So here’s another redraw of a scene from the anime. I was stuck at this for an entire week because I had no idea what to draw for this question, “What songs remind you of Zenyuki / you would like to dedicate to Zenyuki?”

Manika eventually proposed I drew their feet, as though they were coming in together for a kiss. And well… I forgot the kiss part. xDD

Out of all I’ve done for the Daily Questions so far, this is probably my least favourite. I was not happy with it, and I am still not happy with it. Legs are my biggest weakness and this image is a great representation of it.

(Oh yes, and I’ve added a watermark at the little corner there. I forgot about it in my previous post, but I’ll be adding it to all my fanarts from now on.)

The picture-box

 Day 2: Memories of Zenyuki week 2017.
This was the reason why @thebookfreak and I decided to make a collab. We had this idea that they were looking at pictures and telling their children stories about each picture.
Sadly, @thebookfreak will post hers a little later because she had to draw quite a few pictures for this day. I’ll link her post after it’s posted.
I hope you will enjoy this fic!

Fandoms/Crossover: Akagami no Shirayukihime, Boku no Hero Academia
Ratings: G
No warnings
Characters: OC, Fuyumi, Shoto, Zen, Shirayuki; mentions Izana, Mitsuhide and Kiki
Word count: 1,258
Genre: Humour, romance, domestic life, fluff

“Can I look at some of Zen and Shirayuki’s photos?”, asked Fuyumi her eldest brother. “I want to draw something for them and I need some inspiration.”
“Why do you need to draw something for them?”, the redhead wondered out loud while he was sitting on the family sofa with his wife Takara (who is Mitsuhide and Kiki’s daughter).

They came to visit for a family dinner and were waiting for Zen and Shirayuki while they were out shopping for groceries. Even though they were already adults, Shirayuki loves to spoil all of her children with food. Additionally, they wanted Takara to relax since she just received news of her pregnancy.

Fuyumi only rolled her eyes at him. “I don’t get how you even managed to marry Takara with that brain of yours. It’s mom and dad’s wedding anniversary tomorrow. How could you forget something like that?”, she explained and flicked her white hair with some red strands.
Akira’s eyes suddenly widened in realisation as the fear slowly settled in.
“Damn it! I totally forgot that. Can you share your gift and put our names in it as well?”, he said desperately.
“I already anticipated something like that would happen. I already bought an elaborate gift from all of us. But now you guys owe me ten dollars each,” she revealed. “Now show me some pictures.”

“Ok wait. I need to look for the picture-box,” Akira stated and looked around Zen and Shirayuki’s living room for the aforementioned box.
“But isn’t it a little late to draw something?”, he asked after he found the brown carton box and sat back down on the couch.
“Just show me the pictures, you are being annoying,” Fuyumi denoted and sat next to him.

Akira slowly opened the box and dusted off the lit. The box revealed different sizes of pictures scattered around. He randomly picked out a picture and burst out laughing.
“This is one of my favourite pictures from Dad. He still couldn’t control his ice quirk and randomly froze his hair,” He explained.
“Well, you weren’t any better with your explosion quirk”, Fuyumi teased. “You almost burnt down this entire building. Luckily Izana was here to stop the fire. In comparison to you I had my quirk in perfect control.”
Akira only raised one eyebrow at her and looked at her pointedly until she relented. “Ok fine! It was one time that I accidentally made it rain in here, but I was mad at Yuki and you.”
“Dad scolded us for days because you are his princess,” Akira complained while he searched for another picture related to quirk incidents in this family.

He triumphantly held out a picture of Shirayuki before her wedding. “Mom accidentally set her hair on fire because she was a ball of nerves according to Kiki,”Akira retold.
“I remember that. Mom told us very animatedly how much she almost thought the dress was on fire when she looked at Shirayuki,” Takara added.
“Mom looks so beautiful in this one. Is there another one with Zen and Shirayuki during the ceremony?”, Fuyumi asked and looked through the various pictures until one with Zen in it captures her attention. “Is this dad with a frying pan that is on fire?”, Fuyumi stated and all three started laughing in unison.

“Hey! What are you guys laughing at?”, Yuki and Shoto asked after they appeared behind the sofa. Fuyumi showed them the picture and all five start to laugh again.
“Oh my god, no wonder dad never cooks,” Yuki stated and took the picture to inspect it more closely.
“There are so many funny pictures of Mom and Dad. Oh, here is one with Mitsuhide and Kiki!”, Akira exclaimed and pulled out a rectangular shaped picture where the aforementioned people are sitting with Zen and Shirayuki on this very couch they are seated right now. All of them were smiling brightly at the camera and looked extremely happy sitting like that.

Before any of the children could comment on the picture, they heard the front door open and revealing Zen with grocery bags.
“Do you need help?”, asked Shoto while coming over to help his father. Soon the others followed while Akira put the pictures back in the box and left the box on the couch.
“We will take over cooking while you two relax. You deserved it,” stated Fuyumi and kissed Zen’s cheek.

“But what if you guys burn the kitchen down?”, Shirayuki questioned worriedly. “Don’t worry about it, Mom. We won’t be as bad as Dad at cooking. Have some faith in us,” Akira reassured them while his wife led Zen and Shirayuki towards the living room. “If you want to, you can sit here and look at some old pictures. For old times’ sake,” Takara interjected and both of them reluctantly let their daughter-in-law lead them to the couch.

“Isn’t that our picture-box?”, Shirayuki asked while taking the box and putting it on her lap. “It has been so long since we last looked inside here.”
Shirayuki slowly and carefully opened the box as if she was holding a baby while Zen draped his arm over her shoulder. His wife almost couldn’t contain all the memories flooding her mind and tears started to pool in her eyes which she tried to blink away.
“Do you remember the time when we had our graduation dance after we finally graduated from uni?”, Shirayuki asked nostalgically. “Of course I do! That was the night I proposed to you,” Zen answered affectionately and kissed Shirayuki’s cheek.

“Aww, look at this picture of Mitsuhide and Kiki at their wedding!”, the red-haired exclaimed. “It’s so rare to see Kiki this affectionate in general, but this picture alone says so much about both of them. The way they look at each other and their body language says so much about their love. It doesn’t seem to be as apparent, but it’s there when you look more closely.”

After looking through some more pictures they finally find some picture of their own wedding day. Zen couldn’t help himself after he saw them kiss on their wedding. He lightly turned her chin towards him and softly kissed Shirayuki on her lips. Their kiss was very soft and sweet and both of them took in their respective scents.
Zen let her feel all his love and affection towards her through this one kiss. Shirayuki gripped the box a little tighter and tilted her head a little more, while Zen tightened his grasp around her shoulders but kept his hold on her chin light.

They broke apart when the need for air was too great and Zen leaned his forehead against Shirayuki’s. “I love you. I will always love you,” Zen whispered and closed his eyes to inhale her scent. The scent of wood and freedom, but also of the fire that burned inside of her.
“I’m so happy and glad to have you and all our children in our life,” Shirayuki answered and added almost inaudibly an ‘I love you’.

They stayed like that for a while, taking the other person in and enjoying the moment together, until their children called for them to come to the dining table. 

Going on a trip back to the past made them nostalgic and remember all those beautiful moments and memories they have gathered over the years. But most importantly, they were going to continue making memories in the future with their kids, good and bad ones; as long as they are together.

Well guys, guess what happened after I finished the post. I accidentally didn’t click the right button and all my work was deleted. Luckily I had a backup on my laptop. 
If there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, please do tell me. It’s 1 am, I am tired and this thing took longer because I was so stupid that I didn’t know how to properly save this. 

For clearance:
Z and S have four children: Akira (OC, means spark, related to his quirk), Yuki (OC, means snow, also related to his quirk), Fuyumi (BnHA) and Shoto (BnHA).
Quirk is a special, superhuman ability an individual can possess and is genetically inherited from either one or both of their parents. 
Zen obviously has an ice quirk and Shirayuki a fire quirk. 
(If there are any questions, feel free to ask).

EDIT: I FOUND THE FREACKING FIRST POST IN THE SCHEDULED POSTS 10 MINUTES AFTER I FINISHED THIS SECOND POST! WHAT THE HECK TUMBLR?! I’m too lazy to morph these two posts together, but it made me think in how many different ways we can express ourselves…

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