welcome!!!!!! this is long overdue. i’ve been promising myself i’d made this forever. so here it is - the ultimate masterpost of wlw (women loving women) books. not all characters are lesbians, some are bi or pan, though all books feature f/f relationships and/or themes. there are 150+ recommendations, so enjoy!









George Shiras ~ In the Heart of the Dark Night

National Geographic has described him as “the father of wildlife photography” for his early use of camera traps and flash photography.

In 1935, Shiras published Hunting Wild Life with Camera and Flashlight: a Record of Sixty Five years’ Visits to the Woods and Waters of North America, a two-volume set of over 960 of his wildlife photographs including some of the earliest ‘flash’ photography.

Our first kiss wasn’t behind the high school. Not in the movie theater’s back row. Not after the first breakdown. It went like this: Me, released from the hospitaljail with a fresh prescription, one bag packed, staying at a friend’s house, with no exit plan or exist plan. Walking the length of a concrete road, I turned & asked: Has it been cloudy for days — ­ & the sun just came out? She said: No, Shira. It’s been sunny all week. So then. It was your sudden mouth. Your broom that swept the sky of its minor chord. There’s no metaphor here. When I looked up, I saw the sun

Shira Erlichman, “Ode to Lithium #9,″ published in The Offing

Studio Pierrot celebrated TWO weddings today.

Remember this team?

Their names are Sen, Shira and Yome. All of them are Studio Pierrot’s original characters and participated in Shippuden’s Chuunin Exams filler.

At first they were Team Gai’s rivals (Gai’s team actually fought a lot of people in that filler lol), but after they were protected by them and Shira fought Rock Lee in a pretty neat 1 vs.1 match… well, you can imagine, things changed.

The team had a good dynamic for a filler one and kinda resembled Gai’s team: Shira being a former bullying victim unable to use neither ninjutsu or genjutsu (*cof*Lee*cof*), Yome being a straight-minded brunette with a cute hairdo who cares about Shira (*cofTenTen*cof*) and Sen being the supper attractive and smart member of the team who patiently deals with the other two.

Pierrot even dared to end their story arc turning Shira into a Youthful follower and separating Sen from the other two (who decided to patrol in a different area).

But why am I talking about this filler team again? Well, someone sent me a capture of today’s ending credits and this showed up.

Congratulations on your wedding, Shira and Yome; even if you are not canon.

BTW: I love the green + red theme. Kinda reminds me of something kukukuku