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🔥Rebecca 🔥Shirahoshi bc I love them to death but also the way Oda writes them makes me cry sometimes

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion

Rebecca….sighhhhh there is literally no other character I absolutely love in fanon but don’t like in canon, which brings me to my opinion about her which I consider unpopular because she is indeed a very hated character: She just had so much potential, with her backstory, and her haki and her skills and her…THE POTENTIAL HAS BEEN ENDLESS AND ALL OF IT GOT TO WASTE by her stupid design that was entirely meant for fanservice (she’s fucking 16) and the fact that she was screaming bloody murder for someone to help and save her

Shirahoshi…I love hc Shirahoshi too but my relationship with her is not as much a love/hate one as with Rebecca because we knew from the very beginning Shira was a weak crybaby, which is not even bad it just….it was nothing else you know? I like that she is a strong pacifist but she too had immense potential as a political figure at least and COME ON she is an ANCIENT WEAPON I wanna see a little badassery from that, not even active one but something like “Fuck yeah bitches I can destroy that place with the snap of my fingers *puts on sunglasses*” YOU GET ME???

How about this: we forget about canon and reimagine Rebecca as the fearsome, beefy gladiator who takes no names and Shirahoshi as the pacifist yet confident political boss

heres my ndrv3 ship opinions so you can shame me

ultimate ship: saimota
pretty nice ships that i like: Kiibouma, most kiibo ships, oumami, gontaguuji, yumaga
my crack ships: iruma x kirumi, tenko x tsumugi
meh ships: saiaka, nursery rhymes (pls dont shoot me im just not a big fan of either character when compared to the rest of the cast), ouma x kaede
dont: akamami (i blame v-dawg)

[Old] My Candy Love, Sweet Amoris: Polokalypse

Polokalypse’s Su from the german version of the game ‘My Candy Love’ (Sweet Amoris)

drawn by me ,Shira Firestorm [or LoLa142(Sweet Amoris)]

it’s not your fault
it’s okay
don’t apologize
don’t worry about it
take care of yourself
its alright
you don’t have to explain yourself
i don’t mind
its okay
please tell me what you need
i forgive you
its fine
really its fine
its okay
its alright
youre good
dont worry about it
dont apologize
dont apologize
dont apologize
its not okay
im so tired
i dont want to hear about your guilt
if you feel it, then good for you
dont tell me
dont apologize
i dont care
actions speak louder than words
show me, don’t tell me
words mean nothing
stop it
dont say anything
dont apologize
be quiet
shut up
i cant stand this
i cant stand you
your fault
your fault
your fault
i made my mistakes
ive long since paid for them
im not staying out of guilt anymore
i dont deserve this
i dont
dont say anything
dont talk to me
i dont want to talk to you
i cant do this
im sorry
im done
—  i love you but i have to love me more {shira}

[Image description: Crocheted Aviva and Shulamit next to a paperback copy of Tales From Perach by @shiraglassman; the dolls are nose-to-nose with their hands touching]

Posting this before I over-think it some more. Valentines Day may not be the exact perfect time to post pictures of cute f/f Jewish couples*, but since I had my camera out already for the Owlentines pics, and I’ve been meaning to get a pic of Shula and Aviva with some of the new cover art, I figured I’d go ahead and make it happen. (That’s a different couple on the book cover, for those not yet familiar with the series. And if you aren’t familiar with it, I strongly suggest you give it a try; it is super adorable and heartwarming.)

* Since, IIRC, it’s the feast day for the Catholic Saint Valentine and all. I mean, it’s become pretty divorced from that context, especially in the US (in my own experience), but still. As a gentile, I thought it would be irresponsible of me not to acknowledge that context. If it’s a day to celebrate love in all of its forms, then absolutely Jewish people should be included in that; if it’s a day to celebrate Catholicism, then I am definitely not the person to be making that call.