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Buzzer Beat

So I watched this back in 09 while it was airing and this drama was, The Japanese Drama that proved that Yamapi was in fact a hella sexy kisser. Cause I’m sure that before this drama came along he was branded as another “Wall” kisser.
Plus the way things started with his long term gf didn’t really give us much hope I meant come on.

I’m sure everyone was like “Seriously Pi, you’re almost 25, man up”

Then this thing happened
And I as like seriously bro, Ito has more game than you and he’s not even the Main guy.

Then this:

At this point I was seriously like “Welp, looks like that’s the hottest kiss we’re getting from Yamapi……

Jesus, this shocked me so bad I choked on cheese! Like no.facking. way. Years of Drama’s with strange romances involved and the best we could get out of him was awkward peck and suddenly
He grew up. I was so happy.

This just casually added Pi to my list of Hot Japanese kissers With Kimu Taku on the top followed by Hideaki Takizawa,Osama Mukai and Ikuta Toma.

I want to add Miura Haruma (last Cinderella) and Sato takeru(Romeo and Juliet) when put in the right situation.