Sakuraga Mei's next story..

So Mujihi na anata has just ended. the WARUI series’s still on going though.

I want another Kuon x Nanao arc but it’s not likely to happen.. So which couple do you think will make an appearance soon?  ^^

I want a story in which Kimiko sama and Hisa-ni are involved!! These 2 getting together sounds interesting somehow. Too bad Kimiko is a girl in Sensei’s BL world it’s not going to happen *sigh*

If you’re wondering who is Kimiko sama, she’s Nanao’s older sister

So Kuon went to Nanao’s house and was determined to come out greeted Nanao’s sister. lmao this man seriously has no shame at all he made Nanao way too embarrassed XDD

But Nanao knew his sister’s always been supporting him and that’s all that matters <3

SO CUTE <333333333333

I know sensei will draw some smex extra in the tankoubon but

I can’t decide what I want better: the continuation of the smex in the classroom or the smex at the night Kuon stayed at Nanao’s house..hmm..