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Hi there, Doyle! I've been asking Chira about your beautiful coloring work on STW! I was wondering what brushes and textures you've been using because I'm absolutely in love with the watercolor look of the pages! I know that you normally use Photoshop, but I'm still (sadly) working with Paint Tool Sai. Would you happen to have any suggestions to get or replicate that watercolor look?

Ah, thank you so much! 

I use Kyle’s Real Watercolor brush set for Photoshop. Unfortunately, I’m not really familiar with SAI so I wouldn’t know how to replicate those textures there. :/ This looks like a pretty good guide on getting that watercolor texture look in Sai, though:

If/When you ever get Photoshop, I definitely recommend looking at Kyle’s brush sets - They’re worth the price, and he frequently offers discounts.

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So! I've been obsessively researching Beauty and the Beast since October of last year since an idea for a comic/illustrated book hit me! I can't believe I haven't stumbled across your page or your comic before! I managed to read through the entire thing in one sitting and I am LOVING it so far! Both the leads are super compelling and the Beast himself is adorable when he still has a good grasp on his humanity. Keep up the good work with both the comic and your lovely blog! (salutes)

Oh, Thank you so much Shirabara! Before I started BATB I also did my round of obsessive research (*cough*for ten years*cough*), and I was just petrified someone else would already be in the middle of a webcomic. I’m not sure if I would have done BATB if there had been an active one out there at the time, I’m so nervous about stepping on someone else’ toes. Be sure to keep us abreast of what you decide to do!

Third things thirdly! Here’s an art trade I’ve got done recently for a friend that I met at this year’s Anime Expo, Shirabara. This handsome devil is named Cheshire and MAN does he make those stripes look good.

This means I haaaaave….3 Art trades left, 4 art pieces owed, and BLUH until I can hard co’ get started on my pop up again / open up commissions! Speaking of which, how many of you pleasant folk would be interested?

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Hi Blue! Will you be going to Anime Expo this year? As an artist or otherwise?

yes, i have a table!!! and fanime!! there’s 99% chance i will not be returning after this year though, i’m already sort of burnt out on the whole con thing

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Hello there! I wanted to ask you what resources you used for your language of flowers in BatB? It's such a prevalent thing throughout the series and I got super curious because your use of the language of flowers is fascinating!

Hey Shirabara!

I think I’ve touched on this before, but I try to cross-reference a lot of resources to make sure the meaning I want is a common one – there is so much variation in what this book or that website has to say about meanings! If I can only find it in one place, even if it’s perfect, I won’t use it, because it’s either so uncommon you Dear Readers won’t get it, or that resource is makin’ stuff up.

Hey guys! Shira here! I know I know, this page has been comatose for a bit. 2014 was one crazy nutty year! OMG, Gloscicle, and I have been bombarded with change and life for the past year and haven’t found too many opportunity to post, but we still have a lot of weird, giggle-worthy moments in store and we hope that 2015 gives us the chance to start updating again!

In the meantime, sit tight, raise your glasses, and prepare for a shiny New Year!

Give Shirabara a hug please!

Could everyone give Shirabara a hug? The container of her whole life decided to completely stop working. The container of her life is her usb that contains all her artwork, projects, homework, etc. Unless someone knows how to fix a usb that won’t even light up, then she’ll just stay really sad :(


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If you snuck in my room I would:

  • [x] Go back to sleep
  • [] Kick you out
  • [] Cuddle with you
  • [] Be like wtf?
  • [xxxxxx] Let you sleepover
  • [] Beat your ass
  • [] Sexy time

If you kissed me I would:

  • [] Kiss you back
  • [x] Smile & laugh
  • [] Be shocked
  • [] Slap you

You are:

  • [x] Cute
  • [x] Adorable
  • [] Pretty
  • [] Beautiful
  • [x] Okay
  • [] Sexy
  • [] Hotass Motherfucker
  • [] Ew

I Would:

  • [] Smash
  • [x] Pass