shipyard town

the signs as guy fieri’s “63 ways to say ‘man, that’s good’”

aries: that’s duck-a-licious!

taurus: send me home and call me buford - that is money!

gemini: those are the culinary buoys in the shipyard of flavor town!

cancer: brother, that’s beyond working for me!

leo: that’s slamma jamma in Alabama!

virgo: that just kung-fued my palate, dude!

libra: that’s dreamy and creamy!

scorpio: that’s a mack daddy patty!

sagittarius: the flavor jets just turned on. they’re trying to shut down the flavor fire i’ve got in my mouth.

capricorn: i’m having a hash-licious experience!

aquarius: this is the state bird of flavor town, baby.

pisces: this is kind of like licking the volcano in flavor town!