The Garrison trio runs into Shiro.

I have a lot of notes on this au, but here are a few pertaining to this scene:

  • Hunk, Pidge and Lance are out exploring when they see a shark (Shiro).
  • He was captured by the Galra and he lost his arm in the ring, but instead of getting a prosthetic arm their experiments made his fins glow an unnatural purple.
  • The trio is kind of scared because a) he’s a shark and they can be really dangerous and b) his fins are glowing purple and they know that means Galra.

Shipwrecked AU

The ninja meet when they are aboard a luxury cruise. It’s a paradise until the ship is damaged and begins to sink, leaving all of them drifting aimlessly in the ocean. They awake on the beach of an island none of them recognize.  It seems that they are the only survivors. They must survive on the island until they can find a way back home, or until someone finally searches for them.

Lloyd is from a wealthy family that bought their way onto the boat. The Garmadon family is well known for their huge business, which Lloyd’s father spends most of his time running rather than being with his son. This has created a rift between them, and Garmadon had hoped that maybe bringing Lloyd on a cruise for some family time could help mend it. Unfortunately, they only spend their time on the boat together, as when Lloyd wakes up on the shore his father is nowhere to be found. 
Lloyd doesn’t exactly dress like the traditional wealthy boy. He wears green hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans rather than his father’s clothes of a tux and dress pants. 
Lloyd doesn’t know anything about survival, but he does know martial arts and self-defense. 

Zane, while not near as wealthy as the Garmadons, had been rather content in his life. He had a great paying job that he enjoyed (building inventions and robots for a company that his father passed down to him). He was able to board the cruise thanks to the captain. Zane had met the captain when he was a younger boy, and the captain may as well have been a godfather to him. The captain had thought Zane was overworking himself in his workshop, so he insisted Zane go on the cruise. 
Zane dresses more formally than Lloyd, wearing a white button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up and dark grey dress pants. 
Zane is very experienced in survival, having lived in the forest with his father for the first quarter of his life. He’s very experienced in navigation thanks to his memory, is excellent at crafting things due to his resourcefulness and can make a rather good meal out of almost nothing.

Kai told Nya that she was wasting her time when she bought the ticket. Needless to say, he was quite surprised when she won. She was able to bring one person, and through a lot of begging and persuading, she managed to get Kai to join her on the cruise despite his fear of water. 
Nya wears her best dresses, the ones that go a little past her knees but no further. She still wears tights in order to feel comfortable. It has no sleeves and has a golden phoenix on her back.
Kai wears his favorite sweatshirt with their blacksmith shop’s logo on the back and a pair of torn jeans (Nya yelled at him for not looking more professional).
Kai’s exceptional at starting fires and gathering sources. He’s also good at staying out in the heat for longer periods of time without suffering from heat stroke. 
Nya is good at telling what water is drinkable and what water isn’t. She’s also exceptional at looking at the sky to tell what time it is or what the weather is going to be like. 

Cole’s living on his own as a runaway from home. He has a low paying job, but it’s enough to live in a small one-room apartment. He won his chance to go on the cruise through a competition held at his workplace. The person who worked the hardest that month would win the trip, and Cole had never worked so hard in his life. 
Cole just wears a pair of black shorts and an orange wifebeater. A relaxing outfit for a relaxing trip. 
Cole’s extremely experienced in every form of survival, having lived on his own for a few years in both the wild and the city. His greatest strength is… well… his strength. He works out every morning, and because of that, he’s immensely strong. 

Jay’s from a rather poor family who owns their own rather small business (a mechanic shop on the outskirts of a big town. They don’t get a lot of business). Jay had been visiting the big city when he saw the contest, and despite money being tight, decided to take the chance. After all, if he won then he’d have the experience of his life. Needless to say, he was extremely excited when he found out he won. 
Jay dresses in his favorite pleather jacket (the blue one in the show), a sleeveless shirt that’s a little grease/oil stained (but honestly, it’s his best shirt), and a pair of jeans that are torn and stained as well. 
Jay’s not too experienced in survival but knows how to build things. He’s one of those kids who can make a time machine with an apple and a paperclip. 

What happens to a shipwreck when it rests on the ocean floor? 

It gets overrun by marine invertebrates, like this wreck in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary! Sponges and anemones start out as small, free-floating larvae. These larvae float around until they sense a good habitat — including old shipwrecks! Once they settle, they grow into bottom-dwelling creatures that form the backbone of amazing biodiverse communities. 

(Photo: Deborah Marx/NOAA)


Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Greece


              The Ladies of Shipwrecked Present: Vintage Disney Villains!

We had so much fun on our Gotham Sirens shoot earlier this year that we wanted to do it again, only this time embodying our very favorite evil Disney ladies. Thanks again to our resident photographer/photo editor David Cater and his lovely wife Genevieve Swords for helping us bring Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent to life in this way! Who shall we vintage-ify next? Only time will tell, you poor, unfortunate souls!