mermaid au mermaid au
manbun jon manbun jon

im calling this au Sirens and Shipwrecks.

Jon’s boat gets broken, his friends disappear, and he’s stuck in the middle of the ocean, by himself, in a tiny rowboat with only a little food.
Sock is a lonely siren who got seperated from his group, (the demon cast)
He finds Jonathan, and messes with the tired, grumpy castaway for quite some time before taking pity, and deciding he wants to help the human instead of drown him and eat his heart.
(Sock still snarks off though, and sort of playfully shows off how easy it would be to murder him)
He has a ring of purple scales around his waist, his tail is brown, with the fins being a bright green, (like his eyes.) His scarf is made of red kelp.
After a while, he leads Jonathan to a deserted island, with a convenient cove area.
Sock ends up falling in love with him, and with a guilty conscious and a selfish mindset, he frightens away the boats coming to rescue the human.

Bonus points if Sock makes him a shell necklace, even more points if Lil is adrift, and talks to mermaid(not siren) Jojo, who tries to flip her boat.
Infinite bonus points if sock gets Jon to put the Siren’s hair up in a bun, and if sock can do the httyd dragon teeth thing.
(Human teeth in front, terrifying sharp teeth behind them, both can be retracted.)

Essentially, Demons are Sirens, and Angels are Mermaids.

Water & Fire babes para ti anon!! ((i love this ship)) para el “Chem´s cute Valentine´s ship marathon”

Little adventurers, by Carlosmacr

I have a very contrary feelings when i look to this image. The big joy i felt travelling with family and discovering new places with my kids is eclipsed by the great drama of the children dying in the Mediterranean sea while searching in search of a better life or better said, in search of just “a life”. I am immensely lucky to only have to deal with that in my mind :( Con esta foto tengo sentimientos muy encontrados. La alegría que me supone recordar los buenos momentos viajando en familia y descubrir nuevos sitios con los niños queda totalmente eclipsado cuando me viene a la mente el gran drama de tantos niños fallecidos en el Mediterráneo por buscar una vida mejor, o acaso debiera decir simplemente “por buscar una vida”. Me siento inmensamente afortunado de sólo tener que lidiar con eso en mi mente

Wandering Hearts (9/?)

Fandom: Frozen AU. Set after shipwreck but before coronation day. 17th Century.
Pairing: Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna)
Rating: M (this part is not really awful, all things considered, but the story as a whole is meant for adult audiences)
: this universe just keeps growing.

 not even close to proof read.

[ part one ] [ part two ] [ part three ] [ part four ] [ part five ] [ part six ] [ part seven ] [ part eight ]

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Character Tag Meme

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Full Name: Gwynhwyffar Trahaern

Gender and Sexuality: Cis female, and I still don’t know. I’m starting to think straight with curious tendencies, but I really don’t know XD.

Pronouns: She/her

Ethnicity/Species: Half Sea Wolf, half Hellsguard, all Roegadyn.

Birthplace and Birthdate: On the deck of her father Brynnan’s brigantine (back when he was still a filthy pirate, of course; her mother Painted Desert insisted upon giving birth under the stars if they were to be stuck at sea); 14th sun of the 3rd Umbral moon (June 13th, a Gemini) and is 34 years old.

Guilty Pleasures: Horribly cheesy, smutty romance novels/plays/shows; frivolous clothing and jewellery; good-luck charms. She views all three as necessities but is still somewhat ashamed of them. 

Phobias: Anything to do with shipwrecks, although she’s quite at home on the water; drowning; getting lost.

What They Would Be Famous For: She’s semi-famous for being a journalist, so probably something to do with writing. I’m also working on opening her high-end  restaurant, so maybe that!

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Nothing yet, though she should’ve for something that only @diskwrite-ffxiv knows in character. Probably now for running her mouth (or pen) at the wrong time, wrong place…I’d love to see what happens with that. Libel, slander, disturbing the peace, etc.

OC You Ship Them With: Hmmm…no concrete ships just yet, but I’m liking what she and @thegoddamnhawkman ‘s Spenssyr and, uh, don’t-think-he-uses-tumblr’s Cardre’a have going on. So far I’ve really enjoyed the interactions I’ve had with literally everyone, and Gwyn is a huge derpy flirt, so WATCH OUT ;3.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: I have no idea. Anyone who gets annoyed with her, which is…a lot of people.

Favorite Book Genre: Aside from aforementioned smutty nonsense, Gwyn enjoys a good true crime story, and mysteries in general. She was first to volunteer editing the Eye’s stories about the famed detectives Hildibrand and Briardien. Lately she’s also been heavily into arcanamia, although she doesn’t think this fits with her “image” so she doesn’t mention it too often.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: The sulky anti-hero. She’d probably take a piss on any story about Estinien.

Talents and/or Powers: She’s very good with languages, both spoken and written. She also lives up to Trahaern’s “like iron” definition…with her stomach. She’s nigh-immune to food poisoning and will try literally anything; she may hate the taste, but she’s never, ever gotten sick from food or drink (including alcohol, though she does get mild hangovers sometimes). Gwyn is turning out to be a rather accomplished chef, with a creative mind and a world of experience to bring to the table. She’s also got nimble hands, and as such is fairly useful for patching things up, tying knots, etc. As far as powers go, she’s a mediocre conjurer (level 60 WHM be damned), and a slightly-better arcanist. Both take considerably more effort than her talents do.

Why Someone Might Love Them:  She’s got a fairly bubbly and infectious personality. She sparkles in social events, wanting everyone around her to feel the joy she’s feeling at just being there, especially at @crescent-ffxiv events.She loves to treat people to special meals and drinks, and is enthusiastic about what’s important in most people’s lives. Somewhere in there, she’s quite capable of love, and will lavish her full attention on those she cares about. She’s a good listener, and loves to write about YOU and YOUR story.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s ridiculously frivolous and pretty emotionally immature. She’s blunt at the worst times, it seems; her social aptitude is far from perfect. Gwyn can come across as haughty, selfish, and needy…which she is, to a point. She’s prone to mood swings and self-indulgent sulking, along with dramatic exits. Seems she’s read ten too many of those romance novels, really.

How They Change: I’m not quite sure, yet, as I’ve only been playing her since November, but I’m sort of hoping for her to temper her negative traits as she experiences their positive counterpart in RP with others.

Why You Love Them:  I’ve been roleplaying for 12 years, and Gwyn is an entirely new character type for me. I love a challenge, and I love writing those challenges into a character and making them believable. Playing such an extroverted, surface person is not something I’ve ever played online, and only once or twice as NPCs in larps. To get a little mushy, I think forcing myself to get in character for those massive, social RPs has really helped me and my grumpy hermit nature. I also enjoy playing a Roegadyn that’s a little different than your average Roe, with all the flaws that includes (not strong or straightforward being the biggest of them). Basically, Gwyn is kind of a mess, but also kind of cool, and I’m enjoying working with completely new territory as far as RP writing goes.

Tags: Uhhh I’ve been off tumblr for a few days, so I’m sure I’ve missed who has done this or not… @percevains , if he hasn’t, @codecies-zujier , @o-hteco , @fhawnmillahn and @vhas-ya-ffxiv . ALSO LITERALLY EVERYONE, I’m pretty behind as usual. Gonna copy Thunder and say if you do this after seeing this one, please throw me a tag (or a reblog with a tag) so I can read it! This is one of my favourite memes to date and I read every single one I come across.

does anyone have any book recommendations? i have a trip coming up at the end of the month and i wanna pick up a few books to read on the way.

things i am into & enjoy reading about:

  • creative non-fiction
  • survival; shipwrecks, lost in the woods, etc.
  • true crime, mostly serial killers & cannibalism, especially if there is discussion of why they turn to this
  • natural history, esp. about animals

uhhhh i dunno. im currently reading “in the heart of the sea” & another book i really liked was “the devil in the white city.” i don’t really read a lot of like, novels? in the classical sense? fictional fantasy/sci-fi etc. i’m just not big on


anonymous asked:

What's your ultimate otp song for Cullen/neb?

Definitely “Harder Than Easy” by Jack Savoretti!!!! Like, seriously.

So you think that I’m harder than easy,

And you find me as strange as the truth

I’m as guilty of judging as you are,

But the difference is I don’t judge you

You believed in your fairy tale endings,

Now you find yourself down on your knees,

Like a rock that’s been changed by the ocean,

Or a shipwreck lost out at sea

Sing me a love song,

I’m your man

I will always love you

The best I can

Oh man I’m getting super emotional just thinking about it. ;w;


Meenah is making a really legitimate point here.

I think she’s aware of how much (Vriska) has changed since they got together. I mean, getting a tattoo immediately after saying she’d always thought they were dumb? Suddenly being okay with horses after having professed a long-lasting hatred of them? Immediately changing tacks and saying she’s okay with going to fight Lord English in order to get Meenah to stay? Being with Meenah makes (Vriska) happy, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for her.

Meenah is the equivalent of six years older than (Vriska), and even if their relationship started out with them on equal footing, Meenah now has a significant amount of power over (Vriska), to the point where (Vriska) will do things that she’s uncomfortable with in order to keep Meenah happy. And maybe straight up breaking up with (Vriska) isn’t the best way for Meenah to encourage independence and happiness for her girlfriend, but as we saw when Meenah was talking to John about the ring, she’s yet another Homestuck character who’s afraid of her capacity for evil.

When Meenah says that she’s “bad,” she’s not trying some half-assed “it’s not you, it’s me,” and she’d definitely not fishing for compliments. She’s pointing out that in her mind, she is a dangerous person for (Vriska) to get so attached to, because she has way too much power over her and can’t really be sure she’ll use it wisely. The method is painful, but ultimately I respect her a lot for breaking off this relationship.

I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” - Charlotte Brontë

How incredible is it that we got Ashley Clements to play Charlotte Brontë in Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

You may know Ashley from her work in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Muzzled the Musical, and the upcoming romantic comedy feature, Non-Transferable.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party NOW ON KICKSTARTER!


(via Shipwrecked.)

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

As if the premise of a literary murder mystery dinner party wasn’t enough, look at all the amazing writers that will take part! And check out all those wonderful ladies as well, have you ever seen George Eliot portrayed in a film? Emily Dickinson in a comedy? I definitely haven’t and I’m so looking forward to it!

So, fellow English literature enthusiasts, philologists, what you will, support this great project and back it on kickstarter. Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Clue?