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shipwreckedcomedy: Writing session for a very real project that isn’t at all fake.

After much photo editing and squinting I was able to make out almost all of it:

Story ideas

- Kill HG Wells for good
- Instead of murders… (I have no idea what the rest says but I’m pretty sure it says back massages??)
- They are just a theater group getting really into character
- Joe the director murders everyone off screen
- CGI mustache
- REVEAL: Hemingway is Poe’s father
- Eddie is Hemingway’s father
- Poe is Eddie’s father
- You heard me!
- Kevin Spacey IS Keyser Soze
- Rachel got off the plane!!
- It was New York all along
- Rosebud is the… (again, no idea what that last word was)

Calling all Australian Shipwrecked fans!

So later this year VidCon is coming to Melbourne, and it would be so so amazing if the Shipwrecked team could come! For this to happen, the VidCon organizers have to invite them as creators. If you live in Australia/Victoria/are coming to VidCon/have a free five minutes, please consider filling out this form before March 15. You can submit more than once, so feel free to suggest Shipwrecked Comedy as a whole and/or the individual members.

It would be so amazing if Shipwrecked could come to VidCon Aus, and I know it would mean a lot to their Aussie fans (including myself). Please consider submitting a suggestion, and hopefully we’ll be able to see these amazing people in person. Thanks!

I am a shipwreck

But this life just keeps on testing me,
throwing me into each passing tidal wave and somehow keeping my head afloat.

This life is playing games,
bringing me back to the surface each time before I take my last breath.

This life cannot see that I am ready to take my final gasp of this cold air and




Dear @shipwreckedcomedy … thank you.

Le Petit Prince II.

à peine - barely, not even

le sable - the sand

un(e) naufragé(e) - a shipwrecked person, a castaway

un mouton - a sheep

l’humeur (f.- the mood

l’humour (m.)- humor, sense of humor

stupéfait(e) - stunned, stupefied

encombrant(e) - bulky, cumbersome

un bélier - a ram

griffoner qc - to scribble, to sketch sth

entrevoir qc - to catch a glimpse of sth

s’enfoncer - to sink

la confidence - the confession, confidential information

aller droit devant soi - to go straight ahead

peser - to weigh

hausser les épaules (f.) - to shrug

se remettre à qc - to pick sth (a habit, hobby etc) back up again, to brush up on sth.

la taille - the size

au hasard de qc - in the course of sth

e.g.: Ça venait tout doucement, au hasard des réflexions.

un arbuste - a shrub, a bush

jusqu’à ce qu’il me prenne fantaisie de faire qc - as soon as it comes to my mind to do sth, as soon as doing sth occurs to me

e.g.: Elles dorment dans le secret de la terre jusqu’à ce qu’il prenne fantaisie à l’une d’elles de se réveiller.

s’appliquer à faire qc - to make an effort to do sth

le paresseux/la paresseuse - someone who is lazy

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​"I’ll forget the taste of that 50,000 yen dinner, but I’ll never forget the taste of the rice ball I ate after that shipwreck.“ "I’ll forget the person I spent every night with in bed when things were going well, but I’ll never forget the person who simply held my hand when I was in the pits.” I consider this kind of attributional error another one of those beautiful human glitches.
—  Fafoo

Steve Callahan took off from the Canary Islands in 1982 to sail to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean… Eight days in, a whale rammed into and sunk his boat. Steve managed to escape to a life raft with supplies and drifted across the Atlantic for 76 goddamned days before he was finally rescued.

5 Things I Learned About Survival (While I Was Lost at Sea)

#3. You Go a Little Bit Nuts

My dreams changed dramatically out there. Every time I slept, I dreamed of what my body needed. It wasn’t just food, but oddly specific food. I never dreamed of steaks; it was always fruit and fats and bread. This is probably because I had plenty of protein from the fish, and also the ocean’s notable lack of orchards.

My sense of taste also changed, and by that I mean I started to see fish eyes as candy.

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thinking out loud | Week 0 | a trip to the motherland

In which I try to work out some thoughts on China.

THINKING OUT LOUD is a new series project attempting to capture weekly visual snippets of what’s on my mind for a full year.

Some might call it “vlogging”. Others might be more pretentious filmmaker types who feel the need to title their vlogging and mentally legitimize it as an artistic endeavor. Guess which category I fall into!

Really though, I struggle pretty hard with the practice of vlogging, but I love the idea that YouTubers have managed to create little time capsules of their lives in a way that’s kind of particular to this community. The wonderfully eloquent mrtimh talks about this at length in his Collage 2014 video, I highly recommend checking out his thoughts and his channel

I personally find talking into a recorder much easier than talking into a camera, so I’m scraping together my little time capsules the way I best know how. The focus of my channel has been and always will remain on my filmmaking work. So I’d be lying if I said this project wasn’t a departure into a whole new terrifyingly self-conscious territory for me, but hey, it’s a new year, why not, let’s roll up our sleeves, finish our drinks, and get kinda sorta personal with it for a change.

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

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We were nothing, nothing at all, but a lot of what could have been. We where never here, we went under. We capsized, drowned together. The wave of life was too fast, too hard to stay afloat. And when we washed ashore, there was no air left to restore what wasn’t there to begin with.
—  We’re a shipwreck - 23:16pm
People say life is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs , but if you ask me it’s more like a shipwreck with a person trying to keep their head above the waves.
—  sincerely-tm