A Cresswell-Tangled crossover! I started this thing over a year ago, but it wasn’t working out so I stopped and was like I can always get back to it later, knowing that that would probably not happen lol. I still had the unfinished piece in my drafts, so every time I went to drafts it was there glaring at me. And now I finally finished it because the shipweeks gave me a reason to pick it back up :p I finished most of the line-art last time, but I had to redraw a lot because it’s been over a year and I’ve improved since then, and obviously something wasn’t working out before. That I was able to make it work this time means I actually learned things last year, which feels good :) 
Anyway! Today’s shipweek theme was ‘lights’ and this thing accidentally fits because of the lyrics, so I waited till today to post it.

Lunar Chronicles Shipweeks: Library

Featuring Kaider

-Cinder hates the palace library

-She prefers the hanger where she can work on mechanic projects

-Her current works are the rampion as usual, and fixing the elevator

-She also is working on the hardware for a secret comm implant for Kai and the other rampion crew members

-Cress is doing the programming and dr nandez is doing the neuro-science

-Kai likes the library

-it was is refuge when he was young and broke a vase

-later it was where he hid when his parents died

-and he is determined to get cinder to like it too

-so when cinder needs to get a book he mets her in the library

-he does that dumb “guess who?” thing

-she just sighs, turns around, and kisses him

-and kisses him and kisses him and kisses him

-cinder decides she likes the library

-kai found out he was gonna be a dad in the library

-Peony took her first steps in the library

-they have a secret compartment in the back with pillows and blankets for reading and occasionally making out 

-the library becomes their good luck charm/room


Shimadacest Week. Day 2 - AU / Mythology

Oni Shimada Brothers.

Hanzo can disguise as a human… Meanwhile, Genji lost most of his demonic features after cyberization when Mercy thought he was human and fixed his face as human-looking as possible–

– are those broken horns? Nah, can’t be, those are just shrapnel stuck in his skull. Maybe…?

Had this idea for months now. Glad I was able to finally draw it out and got to use it for this event!ヽ(´▽`)/♪

since it’s shipweeks please consider:

  • Kai gets Cinder mechanic gloves for her birthday every year, she stops wearing gloves to cover her cyborg hands but still uses them when working on stuff for practicality
  • Cress and Thorne getting a pet cat. Like an ACTUAL LIVING cat. names anyone?
  • one year Wolf and Scarlet do a backpacking trip across Europe, the kind where they work odd jobs to earn money for food and stay over at random people’s houses
  • Winter and Jacin wearing sunglasses chillin at a beach somewhere, sipping drinks 
Lunar Chronicles Shipweeks: Day one: Home

Featuring Wolflet

-Scarlet and Wolf leave Luna after a month or so, after Scar recovers from her concussion
-Thorne and Cress take them to Benoit farms and gardens on the Rampion
-Scarlet gets teary eyed when she sees her farm&
-Then Thorne lands on her carrots
-“At least it wasn’t the tomatoes” “That’s not the point, honey”
-They wave as the rampion disappears into the sky
-Wolf brought all the military clothes that fit with him, while Scar had all her clothes there already
-Wolf follows Scar to her bedroom but then she turns around
-“The bed’s to small” “It looks big enough for you” “I meant for the two of us” “oh…OH”
-Because they are practically married anyhow and have shared a “couch” on the rampion many times before
-They go into Michelle’s room and poor Scar gets teary again
-But she ignores it and begins moving clothes around: Her dresser goes into their new room and Wolf gets Michelle’s
-Scars old room becomes the guest room
-When they finally collapse on the bed at night Scarlet whispers to Wolf:
-“Welcome home, Ze'ev"
-Then she hears Michelle’s voice: -“Welcome home, Scarlet”

Thorne looks sorta ooc… I originally wanted to have Kai call him cadet and Thorne respond with ‘that’s captain to you, pretty boy’ buuut I enjoyed Kai’s super done with Thorne look even more 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Lunar Chronicles Shipweeks: Satellite

Featuring Cresswell

-So Cress and Thorne are in the Rampion together in space because they have their first delivery

-This is the first time they have been truly alone together except for the desert

-Cress is looking out of a window and then she sees an earthen satellite pass by

-And she wonders what would have become of her if she hadn’t been rescued

-Because now she has some great friends, a nice spaceship home, and a man who would literally do anything and for her 

-A tear rolls down her cheek as she imagines herself as a grown woman in her thirties, still living in the satellite doing Levana’s work

-But then she pulls herself together and says “You are free. You are loved. You are okay.”

-She said it many times on the satellite but this time she isn’t pretending

-Meanwhile Thorne sees the same satellite from the cockpit

-And he remembers everything that happened between him and Cress

-Surviving the desert, working out what was between them, and the battle in the throne room

-He remembers his promise to Cress: “I will have nightmares about that moment for the rest of my life” 

-He reflects that that was the first promise he made romantically that he has kept

-Because he does, he wakes up at midnight every night in a cold sweat, sometimes crying

-He does now, softly at first, but then louder

-He tries to pull himself together because he is Carswell freaking Thorne 

-Then Cress walks in and doesn’t need to ask what he is thinking about

-She just kisses his forehead and hugs him tight, as if to say, “Hey, I’m still here”

-Thorne pulls himself together and they have a movie night and eat popcorn and watch net dramas

-From then on Cress plans their delivery routes to avoid satellites

Lunar Chronicles Shipweeks: Pirates

Featuring Jacinter

-Imagine after the war on luna is over, Winter going into her fathers room

-Levana kept it the way it was, minus the blood from the assassination

-Looking through the things, she finds some of Solstice’s clothes, which now fit her

-She takes these with her, a homage to the mother she never met

-On a bookshelp she sees a scrapbook

-Pictures of Evret and Solstice on their honeymoon, anniversary, pregnant Solstice and beaming Evret, all dated in a handwriting she doesn’t reconize

-After the pregnant photos, the handwriting changes, and so do the pictures

-Instead of solstice, evret is now with a baby winter reconizes as herself

-As the photos progress, she sees pictures or her on her birthday, her playing dress up

-Jacin becomes integrated in the photos, sticking his tongue out, blowing out Selene’s candles

-She sees a picture of him falling off of a bed, and her laughing with an eyepatch on her right eye

-”vile velamina, the infamous space pirate” she murmers,  

-”You better not have kidnapped my princess again”

-smiling she says “And if I did?” “then I will save her and be rewarded with great honor”

-”no mansion, sir clay?” “I only need the smile on my princess’ face”

-”that, you may have, sir” she beams and kisses him

-”Lets go to your operation-no more bleeding walls.”

-but that a tale for another day