Hinny Ship Week anger

Okay so I have been trying to wean myself off tumblr. This week ,And quite successfully may I add, however I was unaware that it was in fact my OPT’s ship week. Now having finally given in to temptation to search for tangled, Hinny and Frozen fan art I realised that my Dashboard seemed to be full of Hinny fan fiction and fan art(more than usual) so I scroll through reading the occasional one when I finally realised that it is in fact Hinny’s ship week. Now as you may be able to imagine, the amount of feels cooped up inside if me all week suddenly burst out in a wave if rage, depression, excitement, disappointment and utter Annoyance all at once. I was crying screaming and stomping with rage all at the same time, one because I couldn’t believe no one had told me, secondly because it’s now Thursday meaning Hinny Ship week is almost over and because I know that I would be up all night scrolling on tumblr. to see if there is any good new fan art! So now all my emotion is gone and I really don’t know what I feel! To Many feels to function! #the life of a fangirl

if theres duplicate shipweeks you need to band them together or nobody’s going to draw for either week

such as the neprezi shit where i saw all of like 5 neprezi art over a two week period