anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm really loving your ships meme edits and I was wondering if I could the meme list? I would love to do it too and I can't seem to find it anywhere on tumblr.

Hi! I’m not sure what the original tag was (I can’t find it either!) but it only had like ten prompts on it, some of which I omitted (like ‘favorite fan fic,’ and stuff that didn’t pertain to me), so I added a bunch of other ones. 

So here’s my list:

- A Ship Where One Half is Dead
- A Warrior Ship
- An ‘I’m Trash for it’ Ship 
- A Time Traveling Ship
- A Ship From a Book
- My All Time Favorite Ship 
- A Ship From My Childhood 
- A Ship I Never Thought I’d Ship
- A Ship With Great Chemistry 
- A Not Yet Canon Ship 
- An ‘Opposites Attract’ Ship
- A New Ship
- A Historical Ship 
- A Canon Ship That I Adore
- A Ship On An Actual Ship