ships: snow and charming

Imagine the conversation Henry has with Snow and David when he introduced Jacinda to them.

Henry: Grams, Gramps, this is Jacinda, my wife

Snow: That’s wonderful but…

Charming:Do you know for sure that she’s your true love?

Henry: When we first met she tricked me into teaching her how to ride my motorbike, punched me and then proceeded to ride off with it

Snow: *looks to charming as he nods in agreement* she’s the one

Charming and snow: Welcome to the family! We’re so happy for you!

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

What I look for in OTPs is the emotional connection between the characters. Yes, physical connection is nice, exciting, and important. But it’s the emotional connection that sells it for me. Emotional connection is based on deep trust, honesty, understanding, love, and respect- it’s a difficult thing to achieve. I think that’s why I can’t ship every couple in every show I watch, not matter the gender/sexual identity/orientation. I need the emotional connection, that thing that tells me these two characters belong together, that the way they behave around each other is natural and not forced.