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could you name all of the beauty and beast adaptions if you can?? I'd love to check out the ones I haven't seen yet! Also, which are your favorite?

I can name it! I got the info mostly from Wikipedia, so there are some movies I also need to watch. It was very entertaining to find this pictures and put them together!! 

UPDATED!! Now with the movies/shows/plays I found that weren’t included in the first post I made.

  1. Beauty and The Beast (1934)
  2. La Belle et la Bête (1946)
  3. The Tale of the Crimson Flower (1952 film) 
  4. Beauty and the Beast (1962) 
  5. Beauty and the Beast (1962)
  6. Kráska a Zvíre (1971)
  7. Beauty and the Beast (1976)
  8. The Scarlet Flower (1977)
  9. Panna a netvor (1978)
  10. La Bella y la Bestia (Cuento De Las Estrellas) (1984)
  11. Beauty and the Beast (1987)
  12. Beauty and the Beast (1987) - TV series
  13. BatB - Disney Classic (1991)
  14. BatB - Golden Films (1993)
  15. BatB - Networks Musical Theather (I think I accidentally took a picture from 2015, but I read the play is from 1993 and they performed in October)
  16. The Beautician and the Beast (1997)  - a comedy ^^
  17. Beauty and The Beast  (Birmingham Royal Ballet) - I would love to watch this live, it must be delightful.
  18. Blood of Beasts (2005) 
  19. The Beast and the Beauty (2005, Korean)
  20. Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale (2007)
  21. Spike (2008) - I saw the trailler and I wanna find this to watch online, it looks promising.
  22. Beauty and the Beast (2009 film)
  23. Beastly (2011) - based on Alex Flinn’s novel with the same name (in my opinion the novel is better, but I adored the movie nonetheless)
  24. Once Upon A Time (2012/2013/now) - TV series (Belle and Rumpelstiltskin)
  25. Tales of Faerie or Die Schöne und das Biest (2012)
  26. Beauty and the Beast (2012) - TV Series
  27. The Beautiful Beast (2013)
  28. La Belle et la Bête (2014)
  29. Beauty and the Beast - Birmingham Ballet (2014-2015)
  30. Beauty and the Beast - Disney 2017 (to come)

I do have some favorites, I can’t seem to choose only one :D

  • The Disney Classic: I just find it so incredibly magical, Lumiere is one of my favorite characters in the movie, I find his hilarious.
  • Beastly, I enjoyed how they played with the story and made it very actual and sensible at the same time.
  • La Bele et La Bete: The 2014 French adaptation of BaB is stunning. The story, the costumes, make-up, it’s a very beautiful movie, the photography as well. *I recommend this one first, if you haven’t seen it yet*

There’s a version who caught my attention, I’ve reblogged the short-movie a couple of days ago so I can watch it myself, but here is the link:

The Tale of the Crimson Flower

If you have anymore questions, please let me know ;) 

To Make You Remember

Tittle: To Make You Remember

Pairing: Rumple x Belle

Requested: Yes by the lovely Kay

Rating: None

Warning: None

A/n: I’ve decided to give her a name just because I feel like she needs on. Anyway she will be called Rose.

  “You are going to find Bae??” I asked my father, blocking his way to the town line.

  “Yes.” He chuckled, giving me a soft and patient smile.

  “Then you will come back?”

   “Yes little one. As soon as I find your brother I will come back.”

  “You need to promise.” I demanded, raising my chin as I stared at him. From the day he let Bae fall away, I have point blank refused to be out of his sight. It was my worst fear that he would leave me the same way he left my brother.

  “I promise dear one, I will come back for you.” He said softly, reaching up to push a strand of my hair behind my ear.

  “You have better.” I mumbled, giving him a soft smile before I threw myself into his arms. “You had better come back to me father.”

  “Always dearie.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to my forehead as he pulled back. He gave me one last smile before gently moving me out his way, pushing me gently into Belle`s waiting arms. “Take care of her for me?”

  “Of course. We will be just fine here.” Belle answered, giving him a soft smile as she pulled me tighter against her.

  “Good.” He said happily, nodding at the two of before he wrapped my brothers shawl tightly around him. He gave us each one last smile before he crossed the line. Instantly the magic wrapped around him, causing Belle and I to hold our breath.

  “Well?” I asked, trying to control the terror in my voice.

  “I remember. Now don`t look so scared my dear one. I`ll be back.” He said,  reaching over to cup my cheek. I nodded and turned away, breaking free from Belle so my father and her could say goodbye. The moment I did, I let out a scream. Stumbling out of the woods, a gun pointing towards Belle was Hook.

 His eyes flickered to me, raising a finger to his lips, telling me be silent. I nodded, before I turned back to Belle. The moment I did I jumped towards hers, the gun blasting at the same time. As I pushed her aside, a sharp pain rang through my shoulder, causing me to stumble over the town line into my father.

  Rumple`s P.O.V

   “No!” I screamed, holding my daughter to my chest as I slowly fell to the ground with her. “Rose. Rose.” I cried, picking her up to cradle her against my chest.

  “Who are you? Who is Rose? What`s going on?” She screamed, moaning in pain when she tried to free herself from my grasp.

  “It was never suppose to be the girl!” Hook screamed, pulling my attention away from my daughter. I looked at him, taking some satisfaction in the fact that he looked about ready to be sick. “It was suppose to be Belle. She was suppose to fall across the line and forget you. Not her. Not Milah`s little girl.”

  “What you’ve done can’t be undone.” I sobbed, glaring at the pirate.

  “Come on Crocodile do your worst, I wont fight back.”

  “Oh I intend to.” I growled, gently picking my little girl up and laying her across the line, stepping back over it myself. The moment we were across Belle was by my side, her hands running over Rose`s face, in a desperate attempt to calm the young girl down.

  I was just standing up, getting ready to throw a fire ball at the one handed Pirate when the car came speeding towards us. Instantly I threw myself over Belle and Rose, rolling my girls away from the on coming car. Behind me it honked it`s horn, a sickening thump telling me that the car had run over Hook.

 “Rumple.” Belle screamed, diverting my attention back to them. “She`s losing to much blood.”

  I snapped by head down to look at my daughter, my heart stopping in my chest. Her right shoulder was ozzing blood, the crimson liquid soaking her jacket and pooling out beside her. I blinked past the tears and raised my hand holding it inches above her shoulder. As the golden white light spilled out from my hand, I let out a sigh of relief. Slowly, the wound was healing, the color slowly returning back to her. The moment I moved my hand she started screaming, quickly backing away from me.

  “Rose sweet heart I am not going to hurt you.” I said softly, jumping when a hand was placed on my shoulder. I looked behind and breathed out a sigh of relief when I saw it was only Charming, something I don`t normally do.

  “What happened?” He asked, eyeing the crimson stained sweater and blood pool my daughter was laying in.

  “Hook was trying to shoot Belle to hurt me, but Rose jumped in the way. She fell over the town line. David she can`t remember a thing.” I answered, watching as he looked over at Emma and Hook quickly before looking back at Rose.

  “Sweetheart my name is David and I`m sheriff of this town, I`m going to call my wife over and she is going to take you to the hospital. Is that okay?” He asked softly, kneeling down the brush his hand gently across her cheek. Instantly she stopped fighting and nodded, calm washing over her features. I may hate the Charming`s but I have to give them one thing. No one can help but trust them.

  “Okay her name is Snow.” He said with a smile, turning away from Rose to wave at Snow herself. Instantly she hurried over, frowning when she saw Rose.

  “Rose this is my wife Snow she is going to take you to the hospital.” David said softly, ignoring the confused look Snow sent him. Rose nodded and slowly got to her feet. She staggered a little, still woozy from blood lose before she walked slowly over to Snow. The moment she was at Snow`s side she was pulled against Snow`s side as Snow led her to the car.

 “Look I know you want to kill Hook right now but from one father to another, go be with Rose. She may not remember who you are but she does need you. Now more than ever. I will see to Hook.” David said once he noticed that my gaze was locked on Hook.

  “He has a point Rumple. Rose is scared, she needs her father.” Belle said softly, linking her small hand through my own. “You choose power over one child Rumple, don`t do it again.”

  “Fine, I`ll leave him for now. But the moment she`s all better, I`m killing that one handed pirate.”

 Time Skip: Back at the Hospital: Rose`s P.O.V

  “Look my name is Belle and you my dear are Rose. I`m your step mother I suppose, I`m dating your father. His name is Rumple.” The brunette women explained softly.

  “Your awfully young to be dating that man.” I said slowly, earning her to chuckle.

  “You said that before, when he first told you.” She said sweetly, sitting down on the chair beside my bed.

  “I did?” I asked slowly, not daring to look at her.

  “Yes. You couldn’t wrap your mind around it. Saying it was insane for someone as young and pretty as I am to date your father. It took you months to get use to it.” She laughed, reaching over to gently grasp my hand. “He wants to see you, you know. I think you should tell Emma and David to stand down.”

  “No. I don`t trust him, he did something with his hands, he made a fire ball with his hand. He did something with my shoulder. I don`t want him anywhere near me.” I screamed, my panicked voice causing David to coming running in, Emma right behind him.

  “Belle I`m afraid I am going to have to ask you leave. We can’t have her panicking.” David said softly, giving her a sad smile as a sorry looking Emma lead her from the room.

  “I don`t want that man anywhere near me. I don`t care if he`s my father I don`t trust him. David you have to promise me that he won`t be anywhere near me. Please!”

  “Easy dear one, you know I won`t. You do need to calm down now.” David said softly, crossing over to the side of my bed reaching out to grip my hand. “I know your scared and confused but Dr Wale said he needs to be sure you won`t freak out in public before he can let you leave.”

  “I don`t know where I am or whats going on.” I said softly, finally coming down from my sudden wave of panic.

  “That`s okay. Your in a little town called Storybrooke. It`s very small as town goes, everyone knows everyone. As for whats going on, that is hard to explain.”

  “Can you try?”

  “I can try but you`ll need to promise to stay calm.”

  “I will. I trust you David.” I said softly. 

   “Okay, get comfy then and I`ll do my best to explain whats going on.”


  Time Skip: Out of the hospital~ Roes`s P.O.V

  “Where are you going to stay?” My best friend Henry asked the moment I walked out the hospital door. I chuckled and playfully bumped my shoulder against his.

  “I don`t know. Not with Rumple that`s for sure.” I answered, sending the man in question a glare before I stepped closer to Henry.

 “Well if you don`t want to stay with him come and stay with me. I`m sure my mother won’t mind.” Henry said quietly ignoring the looks he was getting Rumple and Belle.

  “Thank you.” I answered with a soft smile. He nodded and lead me towards Regina, David, Emma and Snow. All of them gave a confused looks, not doubt wondering why I was going towards them.

  “She wants to stay with us. Is that okay?” Henry asked the moment we reached the group of confused adults.

  “If she`s sure that`s what she wants then of course. She can stay in the spare room.” Regina answered, reaching forward to gently cup my cheek.

  “It is, I don`t trust them.” I said bluntly, earning a bunch of sad looks from the adults.

  “Very well, come on then dear one we`ll go and get you settled.” Regina replied, wrapping her arm tightly around my shoulder as she lead me to the car.

  “I`ll go and explain things to Rumple and Belle.” David said softly, patting me on my shoulder as he walked off towards Rumple and Belle. I ignored him, knowing that my protests of keeping my whereabouts a secret would only fall on deaf ears.

  “This is going to be fun. I just know it.” Henry exclaimed smiling happily at me. I smiled back and nodded, knowing that he would true to his word.

  Time Jump David`s P.O.V

  “Don`t worry Rumple, the whole town is trying to figure this out. We will find a way to bring back her memory. You`ll just need to bare with her in the meantime. She`s just confused and scared, this is a lot for her take in. She can’t remember who she is let alone magic.” I said firmly, reaching forward to grip his shoulder. “You need to give her space.”

  “She`s my daughter David, my daughter and she wants nothing to do with me.” He snapped. “I`m not giving her any space.”

  “I know she`s your daughter, and that is exactly why you need to give her space. She had just lost her memory, had no idea who she was or where she was and the first person she saw was you. The first thing she saw was you making a fire ball in mid air, then healing her shoulder. She`s scared and you don`t get much of a say.”

  “David you can`t keep me away from her.” He snarled.

  “I can and I will. It`s what`s best for her. The dwarfs are working hard on finding something to change this back, as is the rest of the town. It won’t take long.” I sighed, rolling my eyes at him, beyond annoyed with having to repeat this conversation. 

  “I don`t care!”

  “Rumple you need to listen to him. Rose is scared, don`t make this harder on her, don`t make things worse. Give her space.” Belle said softly, reaching forward to grab his hand. He stayed silently for a moment before letting out a sigh.

  “Fine. I`ll keep away from my own daughter, but you had better find a way to reverse this David. I lost one child already, I will not lose a second one.” Rumple snapped, giving me a hard look before walking off, Belle following closely behind him.

  “I need you to make sure he keeps his word, makes sure he stays away from Rose.” I whispered to Grumpy, not taking my eyes off Rumple`s retreating back.

  “You got it.” He answered coldly. “You can bet that I and the others will make sure he stays far away from the girl.”

  “The pair of them. She doesn’t want Belle anywhere her either.”

  “You got it. We won`t let anyone near the girl.”

  “Thank you, how is that potion coming along?”

  “Good, give me another day and it should be ready.” He replied, patting me on the arm before walking off. Once I was alone I let out a sigh, debating on wither or not to got back to the station and warn Emma of my plan. As much as I wanted to, I couldn`t afford to take her away from her job.

  “David darling, I think it`s time to head over to Regina`s. I`m sure she`ll need some help with Rose.” Snow said from behind me, startling me out of my thoughts.

  “Lets.” I agreed, reaching forward to wrap my arm through hers. Letting her lead the way to my truck.

   Time Jump: Rose`s P.O.V

  “Drink this.” Henry laughed, pushing a glass full of baby blue liquid towards me. I raised and eyebrow at him before lifting the glass to my lips, draining the liquid in one gulp.

   The moment the liquid flowed through me, a strange feeling washing over. It felt like a curtain was being pulled opened, and my memories came rushing back at me.

  “Henry where is my father.” I whispered softly, not daring to believe that I had treated my only family the way that I had. 

  “At the Pawn shop with Belle.” He answered, smiling brightly at me.

   “Thank you.” I cried out, smiling at him before I ran from the kitchen and out of the door of his house. I pushed past Regina and David as I ran down the stone walk way.

  It didn’t take my long to reach my father`s shop, maybe five minutes at most. The moment I reached it, I threw the door open and ran inside, screaming out for my father as I entered.


   “Rose?” He yelled back quickly, relief flooding his voice as he came out of the back of the shop. The moment he saw me he let out a cry of relief, crossing the floor of his shop and pulling me tightly against his chest.

  “Oh my Rose.” He breathed out, running his hand up and down my back.

  “Daddy I am so sorry.” I cried, hugging him tighter.

   “It`s not your fault my dear one, you can’t be blamed. At least you came back. At least you came back to me.” He mumbled, pressing a kiss to my temple. “At least you came back.” 

Other People: “Give up on Klaroline, they aren’t even on the same show anymore.
Me: "Nope. Never will. Klaroline is endgame no matter what.”

Other People: “Give up on Sansa/Sandor (SanSan), they will never be together.”
Me: “Nope. They’re soul mates, and I fully support the gravedigger theory. I’ll never give up on either of them. Individually or as a ship. My ship is flawless.”

Other People: “Give up on Belle and Rumpelstiltskin (Rumbelle), it’s a doomed ship.”
Me: “Ha! Nope, I’ll go down with this ship. They’re soul mates as well.”

Other People: “Give up on Carol and Daryl (Darol/Caryl). They aren’t even around one another and it looks like Beth and Daryl will get together.”
Me: “Nope. They’ll find one another again. It was Darol from the beginning. It will always be Darol for me.

Call me stubborn, call me delusional, call me whatever you like. I will never give up on my ships. Doomed or not, they are canon and endgame in my heart. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a Klaus, Sandor, Rumpelstiltskin or Daryl of my own ;) (These gifs are NOT mine)

The Sleeping Curse

Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t home. He had run out of straw to spin and gone out to the village to get some more, leaving Belle alone in the castle. Of course, she hadn’t really noticed she was alone until only a few moments ago. She’d been lost in the world of the book she was reading, having reached the climax of the story, and it was rather difficult to distract her when she was like that. Now, having finished her book, she noticed how quiet the castle was. Not that it wasn’t normally quiet, but it didn’t feel so big and empty with Rumpelstiltskin there. Now it did. Belle set aside her book and started wandering around the castle. She didn’t know why exactly, but she felt drawn to the sitting room, where Rumpelstiltskin’s spinning wheel stood.

Without him sitting there, the wheel looked so bare and lonely–almost as if it had a spirit, but that spirit had left with its master. Belle crossed to the spinning wheel and lightly ran her fingertips over the wooden parts, thinking of how calm and content Rumpel often looked when he was spinning. There were times when Belle watched him that she could swear that someone could give him a bale of straw and he could turn it into gold thread. Caught up in her imaginings, Belle didn’t notice her hand drifting closer and closer to the wheel’s spindle until the needle-sharp point pricked her finger. She gasped and jerked back, putting her finger in her mouth to suck on it until it stopped bleeding. Her finger had barely reached her mouth when she started to feel dizzy and collapsed beside the spinning wheel. Though the colour hadn’t left her cheeks, she had no breath and appeared to be dead.