Voltron AU where everyone is whatever age I want and I ship whatever I want

No one can stop me no one

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Honestly I’m sorry all this age bullshit all of the sudden is stupid, but someone has to address and we are fandom and we live off AU’s. So I am here to feed your sad little brains, because this is seriously stupid, its bullshit people. Just my opinion, we are the Voltron fandom, it didn’t matter if everything was labeled a group of teens till the last week and it shouldn’t matter now. I do not care I shall ship it and no one except maybe my own sanity can stop me (and my mom, who doesn’t know how deep in this shit I am). I have a thing i reccomend to all you people with the repressed ships, UNTIL IT IS CANONLY CONFIRMED SHIP IT, SHIT THE HELL OUT OF IT IF IT IS YOUR SHIP SHIP IT!! Voltron is a place of happiness and shipping what we want. Can we please go back to that? 

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Love isn’t when you can name a million things you love about the person…Love is when you can’t even find words to describe how you feel about them.

Back with the Misawa polaroids!!! :D 

I’ve been curious

What actually happened that caused Tumblr to actually promote AO3 as a better fic site than say…

Like did something happen with a bunch of people on here that got fed up and migrated over?

Is it something having to do with the way the filters are setup over there?  I have no issue with them but some might

Is there an issue that I am not currently thinking of that made people go “Man sucks we need to go over to this site!” because as someone whom has fics over on I never have had an issue with uploading fics over there…hell I find it less complicated than using AO3 not to many any ships that I have had I was able to find more fluff fics for them on vs. the other

So I have to ask the question again

What happened?

If I send you a post,i do not care if you’ve seen it already, I don’t care if you’ve seen it a thousand times, I will show you because I can and you WILL join me in Klance hell there is no escaping it. None. J O I N M E

Came back to tumblr....

i finally finished all my projects and now waiting for summer vacation, i thought finally i can open up tumblr and see whats going on…

its not like that old voltron i saw with dad but THIS

i spent the rest of my day watching all the videos that we out and now i am semi drowned in Voltron Legendary Defenders…!! (im still in a jaytim hell hole)

i bet you guys know who my ship is

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BYE they've took another step in their relationship and went on a date. Holy hell, I swear joeck is getting more real each and every day! I can't handle it, it's to much. Imagine them going back to Joe's house after and snuggling together, I am in love with this ship.

i know omg. and joeck snuggling :((( i feel like itd be cuddling with a lot of quick kisses thrown in. like joe would be trying to get comfy on the couch but jack would already have his arms wrapped around him, pressing small kisses to joes cheeks and the underside of his jaw. and itd kinda tickle so joe would laugh as he tells jack to fuck off and tries to push him away (jack also does it whenever joe is trying to get up off the couch and joe gets all annoyed bc he cant move so he does it back to jack as revenge but jack loves being pinned down and kissed by joe so it doesnt rlly have the same effect)

also i can see jack always going up to joe with his arms outstretched saying lame things like “can i get a hug from my sugg?” and joe rolling his eyes before wrapping his arms around him (and when i say always i mean always bc jack would be so needy lbr)

also also like,,,domestic!joeck where jack tries cooking in joes kitchen one morning and joe comes up behind him and wraps his arms around jacks waist, pressing the side of his face into the back of jacks shoulder (he also reaches up and rests his chin on jacks shoulder and sleepily watches him cook until he bursts out laughing, suddenly wide awake, and says “wait what the fuck are you even cooking??” and jack shrugs like “idk i was trying to make something romantic and also i dont rlly know how to cook”) (and joe cant stop laughing at his dork of a boyfriend and he fondly presses kisses to jacks neck until jack suggests that they forget breakfast and just make out instead) 

tbh whenever I hear Eliza say the words “ships” or “C/exa” or “Bellarke” I just go right ahead and shut my earholes because I am 100% sure that whatever comes out of her mouth will be of absolutely no use to me and 90% of what she says is going to be more about PR or calming the antis than her actually being genuine about how she feels or speaking true to the narrative. it’s nothing against Eliza, she’s awesome, and - hell - I’d be fucking scared of receiving hate from the antis too if I were her but when it comes to her talking about ships? welp, sorry, but i ain’t wasting my time. I can appreciate all the other things Eliza does/says without listening to that

Went and saw Ghostbusters today.

As a HUGE fan of the first two, I just have one thing to say about this one:


I dare say I like it better than the original two *GASP!* I was laughing so hard from the get go and it was just such a great time at the movies. We were sitting with this big group of ladies who were having the time of their lives so it made it so much better. I can’t recall anything triggery. I don’t remember any transphobic or homophobic jokes but don’t quote me because I just saw it the once. (BUT FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS AND LADIES SUPPORTING EACH OTHER AND OMG THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE)

Also, I am in love with Holtzman. I ship the hell out of Patty/Holtzman. Like I legit though they were gonna kiss at the end. I want them to kiss so bad! Maybe in the sequel.

But seriously, if you want a good time at the movies, go see it. And stay until way after the credits, after the music, after the SONY logo, sit in your seat until the lights come up because the last scene is YAAAAAAAAAASSSS!

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Prompt where Sara has to pull Leonard out of the time force sort of like Iris pulled Barry out of the speedforce

(Okay, Anon, the crazy thing about this is that I thought of Sara saving Leonard this way the day before you submitted it, so hell yes I am going to be doing this!)

“You’re sure this is going to work?” Sara asked as Cisco fiddled with some device.

“It worked with me when we needed to get Barry back,” Iris reassured, smiling at the assassin. “I’m sure this will work to get him back, Sara.”

“That was through the speed force that we got Barry out,” Cisco told her. “This is different. It’s like…a time force. Totally new territory here.”

“You said you could see him when you grabbed his gun,” Mick said from where he was leaning against the wall. “He’s out there. There’s gotta be a way to get him back from wherever the hell he is.”

“Time force,” Cisco corrected, rising to his feet..

“Yeah, whatever,” Mick grunted before turning to Sara. “You sure you’re okay doing this, Sara?”

She nodded. “I can do it. I’ll bring him home.”

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I need to ship 369 kitties to Katmandu by Saturday. They need to be shipped comfortably, and need people to feed them, change their litterboxes, cuddles them, and tell them they are pretty kitties and good kitties. Can it be done?

For kittens and Katmandu? Hell yes. I swear to god though if these are for a troll to eat I am going to cone for you.

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1) I am sorry for bothering you with this ask, which is not even a real asked. But I don’t understand the Magi fandom anymore. Why are so many people acting as with we were in a warzone. Were he hell is this so called “shipping war”? When I look into the AliMor tag I see people being happy about it, and I see people being disappointed about HOW it had happened. (Is this already hate? Do I get other post in the AliMor tag then the rest of the fandom?).

2) When I go into the HakuMor tag, I see AliMor supporter telling how happy they are and that the HakuMor Fans should not post hate into the AliMor tag and they should clam down. (Again, were is the hate in the AliMor tag? Is it the dissatisfaction with how it was handled?) And in the Magi tag I see people mocking non-AliMor shipper. (And I see AliMor supporter, trying to convince other that AliMor is the best ship and how great it was developed and how toxic HakuMor is… and so on…).

3) I am sure, there is anon hate (for every party), but I don’t see hate in the AliMor tag. (Why are AliMor the only ones to be allowed to write their opinion and be happy? If someone was to complain, then let that person.)I don’t know why people make drama about drama, when there is not drama. (Again, I don’t see real hate in the AliMor tags – or I am I too stupid to see it?)Unfortunately, I am getting so sick of this fandom.

4) It was my first fandom in which I really was into, but the constant Hakuryuu bashing and now the whole AliMor thing are getting so annoying. I am disappointed by Ohtaka – she can do better, she proved that she can good relationship, but she was not able to it for the main ship. I am really disappointed and sad. And I am disappointed by the fandom and how it is so one sided and hypocritical. Sorry, again, for bothering you with my rant. (Just ignore it, if you want.)

To be honest every time I hear about a “shipping war” in the magi fandom I get confused. I follow lot of Hakumor and Alimor fans (and ofc Alikou fans,too) and yet I fail to see where these offensive posts are. What I see in my dashboard are people expressing their opinions in a civilized manner and leaving their most extreme reaction posts untagged, which is absolutely fine. Also, the criticism is always directed towards the story and the characters and not the shippers, which again is a good thing.Perhaps there is hate somewhere but at least I’m following the right people.

I haven’t looked much to the ships tags or the main tags but after your ask I did a little research. From what I understand, the people I see complaining the most and being offensive to others are fans that never posted in the magi tags prior to chapter 214 and my prediction is that they won’t post again after that chapter. Some of them even admitted that they aren’t following magi regularly and they only checked the chapter because a pairing became canon. Obviously, everyone is entitled to have their own reasons they read a manga/or part of a manga but personally I don’t care what those kind of fans think or do.

Meanwhile, the people who frequently post in the tags are expressing their joy or their disappointment in a polite way without trying to start fights or being rude to other fans. So, in my opinion the fandom is still a nice one - especially if we compare it with other manga’s communities where shipping wars actually exist and they are scary (aka Naruto, Bleach, Snk etc).

With that being said, I’m glad you send me that ask. Because while I consider the fandom one of the nicest ones I think we shouldn’t be blind to its faults. So yeah, if there are fans out there bashing others and crosstagging then that’s something we need to acknowledge as an not okay behavior.

I do believe though, that in a while things will get much calmer. So perhaps if it’s bothering you, you could avoid the main tags for a few days?

@undercovermcdfan tbh?? i understand people sometimes change their minds (i used to ship katelyn with girls only before travis came along lmao) but i thought everyone kind of already knew im stubborn as all hell and if i fixate on something i wont let it go at all lmao but tbh i do say it everytime its brought up to me, i shouldnt be surprised i still get zanvis asks even when i’ve asked not to do that and i even delete them like damn i am not an exam why r u testing me

I’m off for a while!

From the Internet and such, that is. My hand (or wrist, more exactly) still hurts like hell and the more I sit by the computer and try to type, the worse it gets. 

So I’m going to take some time off and do other things for a while, in hope that my hand will recover. I am terribly jealous of anyone who can write and draw right now, so don’t waste it!

Take care and be creative, my lovelies!

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Hi! I absolutely adore your pharmercy art, you're the main reason I fell absolutely in love with this ship and I can't go back. >.< I have a question, I've read lots of stuff about Mercy and that she uses nanobiological technology to keep herself from aging and what not, but is this canon or only speculation? And if this is canon would you be able to link it? ^^ Thank you so much! Please continue to create such wonderful art pieces <3

Thank you for the question, although I am not really that well versed in the lore (⊙﹏⊙)

I don’t think there was ever a direct mention she used the nano tech to keep herself from ageing. Bloody hell can you imagine how loaded Angela would be if she have her own skin care product XD

And 37 is not that old. There are so many people still looking fabulous well in their 40s. 



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Woop! I'm living for how into pepperjack you are, I'm all about it now thanks to you! I mean, Jack's such a lil cutie, but I weirdly don't ship him with anyone else? Do you? Are you going to introduce me to any more new ships that will send me to the endless fiery vortex of hell?! (Please do, I am a faithful child to the mother of sin...)

I like Jack with Dan now because of @brianrekt (their ship name is bangtheintern) and I think that’s cute! I could also get behind Arin and Jack because how purely emotional and loving Arin was when Jack surprised them by coming home. 

Pepperjack is by far my fave though! 

(Also I would not be opposed to Jack/Green Jack)