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Instead of a gigantic time loop that the Trés Horny Boys are going through, they’re all just hopping planets? The Hunger spans beyond dimensions, so it must move well beyond one galaxy.
Magnus, Merle, and Taako might all be from different planets. They were picked up by The Red Robe people in that silver flying ship and became liches.
As long as the ship survives, they can too because it must hold more clones. If the ship escapes The Hunger and gets to another planet, then the liches can probably follow it, given their incredible powers.
Then they just go into the new bodies and forget those important things.
Just my working theory for now. Any comments appreciated!

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Thoughts on the NASA discovery?

OMG I AM FLIPPING OUT. SERIOUSLY FLIPPING OUT. I wrote about it in my journal. This is even better than that em drive thing that defies the laws of physics but still seems to work. ONLY 40 Light years away! Holy moly. Now it kind of messes up the science fiction story I’m writing in which humanity is trapped in Sol System, trying to eke out survival on ships and space stations and domes and asteroid colonies, because if there are habitable terrestrial planets that close, and it takes THOUSANDS of years to terraform a planet like Mars, then why the heck wouldn’t they head out for those neighboring planets?

Of course my mom reminded me that even though they are in the habitable zone and might have water, we don’t know. They could be completely unlivable. They could be poisonous. They could be incompatible with human life. They could already be inhabited. (!!!!!!!) 

THEY COULD HAVE LIFE ON THEM OMG. They could have sentient life. omg. omg . o. m. g. 

SO yeah, I’m flipping out. 

Science is so awesome. 

Throne of Glass


Crown of Midnight

Me: OMG CHAOL. Marry me. Love me 4ever! I’ll carry ur babies. 

Heir of Fire.


Rowan: Follow me.

Me*falls to her knees and whispers*: To Whatever End.


(Left to right, like always o3o)

*violently explodes a door while screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I actually don’t ship Soriel very much… the simple reason is that the Dreemurr are such a perfect family, and seeing Asgore alone and Toriel with Sans… it’s too sad, you know ;w; (I don’t hate it tho. I love seeing them as friends, and they’re shipable in some AUs, like Altertale. They’re so pure aaaa)

I wanted to show the relation between Sans and Toriel in weeabootale, and I thought it was the perfect occasion ;w; (even if I failed at that occasion lol)

None of you will understand the hokuto no ken reference so I’ll explain.

In the 90s, Animes started coming in France. But every animes were supposed to be for kids, even violents manimes. So the dubbers always tried their best to reduce the drama by acting like idiots.
But since some french dubbers didn’t like animes, they absolutly ruined some animes. For Hokuto no ken, they hated that anime. They wanted to stop dubbing it but the tv channel wanted to keep this show. So they made a deal: they keep dubbing the anime, but they can say anything they want as long as it’s not vulgar.

Hokuto no ken became a legend in France because of this.

Every dialogues were so hilarious. It was like a huge middle finger to the original anime. Every bodybuilded evil characters had a stupid high pitched voice, every dialogues had horrible puns. For example “Hokuto” sounds like “haut couteau” which means “high knife”. So every attacks were like “ATTACK OF THE HIGH KITCHEN KNIFE!!!!”. None of the dialogues were serious, so much that we couldn’t understand the story.

There are a lot of Best of of these dubs. I watched them all and I couldn’t stop laughing. I still watch them very often actually x’D it’s just so epic that I needed to add this in this troll AU :)

Btw all the dialogues that Toriel and Sans are saying here are ACTUAL QUOTES from the french version of Hokuto no ken. I just translated them word by word.

Ah yes. I love making cruel endings. My humor is so nice and stuff.

So yeah. In this AU, Sans and Toriel both like manimes. Especially Hokuto no ken. They’re very good friends. :^))))
Eventually Sans tries to flirt with Toriel sometimes.
And fail.

Hey pssst… si vous comprenez le francais, je vous conseille fortement de regarder les best of de ken le survivant… c'est de l'or…x’D

Imagine Loki is a lighthouse keeper on a small, uninhabited island. One day, he spots a small boat approaching the shore and sees two bodies within it. He runs to the shoreline, and discovers you and your brother inside. You have both survived a terrible ship accident, yet your brother has died in the many days that you have been at sea. He finds that you are unconscious and the lighthouse keeper hastily brings the boat ashore. He carries you to his cottage to save you, and later offers his sympathy after he discloses what has happened to your brother. 


favorite videogame ships (in no particular order) Corvo Attano and The Outsider.

“You fascinate me”.

Would The Ship Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

NamJin: Yes. They’ll be prepared with food, shelter, and destructive guns for days

Yoonseok: Yoongi will keep Hoseok alive

VKook. Yes. They’ll hide in the deepest part of the forest and pretend to be bunnies

JiKook: Jimin: “I was born in Busan first.” *Pushes Kookie*

VHope: Nope. I , 100% , think they would die within the first hour of the warning

Sugamon: The Apocalypse ended as soon as it started.

Vmin: :( They die trying to get Jungkook

i have one of those “i survived the sherlock hiatus 2014-2017″ stickers but now that i think about it it should probably be more like

i survived sherlock series 4,

i survived car seat boy, and ajay, and that fake death and go to hell.

i survived churros holmes and that hospital.

i survived john beating sherlock.

i survived shermit. hell, i ship shermit.

i survived the spoilers from that bfi screening.

i survived clue theory. i believed in clue theory.

i think i believed in every single theory.

i survived watching the fucky problem in russian.

i survived watching the fucky problem on a big cinema screen, in english.

i survived the clown and those paintings and the umbrella sword gun.

i survived that singing drone and that ridiculous explosion scene with fire that doesn’t burn anything.

i survived churros holmes and her violin and i survived that horrible molly scene.

i survived azkaban.

i survived the shock proof elephant glass.

i survived dog-bowl-victor.

i survived john’s missing feet.

i survived ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘platonic’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ parentlock.

i survived that horrible posthumous video subscription, i survived ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘mary’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ telling me that who i really am doesn’t matter.

i survived moffat bullying a fan and gahtiss saying he doesn’t give a shit about criticism because we’re all just stupid.

i survived

i hope i’ll survive the arg.

i am optimistic and pessimistic at the same time, seeing what i’ve survived before.

pull the trigger, moftiss, pull the rug.

give us that special.

and then please, PLEASE, finally put us back on hiatus.

Like i think that would be a big sticker but compared to what’s going on right now tarmac hell was actually tarmac heaven.

rip in pieces larmau and garmau, 6ft under and lost the race

but also

hello garrance, welcome to the big leagues

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“You could be a person I look to, pour my hopes and dreams into. Someone I would fight and die for.”                                                                      

                                                things her heart whispered against her ribs