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Throne of Glass


Crown of Midnight

Me: OMG CHAOL. Marry me. Love me 4ever! I’ll carry ur babies. 

Heir of Fire.


Rowan: Follow me.

Me*falls to her knees and whispers*: To Whatever End.

Voltron prompt

When the apocalypse happened Lance had to watch helplessly as the world he knew was destroyed.

It started with burning buildings all over town, then neighbors and friends being killed and turned, and finally his family.

He watched every member of his family die by the hands of the infected.

First his grandparents,
Then his younger siblings and parents, and finally his older siblings.

All of them dead.

After that he refused to join anyones group, and if anyone ever came to him for help, he would force them out as soon as possible. Never again would Lance get attached to someone, would he care for someone, just to watch them die at the hands of the dead.

Never again.

Months past and Lance continued to live by that rule. Never talking to the rare surviver and avoiding people as much as possible.


He had been planning it out for a while. Collect supplies, find a boat, and get the heck out of there.

He had everything he needed to get to the the nearby island, everything was packed and he was just about to leave when he heard screaming and gunshots nearby. He grabbed his pistol and sprinted down the road towards the sound of screaming.

There were seven people in total, all surrounded by the dead.

Lance rose his gun and fired six shots, each bullet embedding itself into the sculls of the intended target.

When he lowered his gun, all eyes were turned towards him and without a word he turned to leave. A small hand wrapped around his upper arm and when he turned he saw it was a young girl.

“Please, help us.” She said. She turned back to the group and Lance looked at the faces of each of them.

When he noticed the largest man out of the group had a hand wrapped around his arm and blood dripping down, he instantly pulled out a hatchet from his belt and walked toward him.

He only got a few feet before he was stopped by another man about the same height and age as himself.

“What are you doing?!” He demanded roughly

“If you don’t let me do this, your friend will die.” Lance responded

They all looked at each other before letting Lance pass.

Lance gave the man a rag to bite and a small look of sympathy before he cut his arm off in one quick swing.

The man had passed out and with nowhere for these people to go, Lance led them to the boat he had prepared and made it clear to each of them.

“As soon as we get there, and your friend is healed, you’re on your own.”

Okay, why do we not have fandom historians who record the various events, ship wars, and discourses? Like:

“And to this day, the red-or-blue discourse of the Artemis Fowl fandom is still spoken of in hushed tag-whispers, but never directly invoked.”

“ ‘JALEC!’ cried Jace/Alec shippers. 
‘MALEC!’ yelled Magnus/Alec shippers, which were considerably larger in number. 
‘CLALEC!’ called the Clary/Alec shippers, and they were met with expressions of confusion, horror, and ‘wtf?’ and vanished into the shadows of the TMI fandom, hiding…biding their time…”

“Even now, the Wander over Yonder fandom waits patiently and impatiently, declaring their existence to Tumblr every time the tags trend with eager cries of ‘Is it back? IS IT BACK??!’”

“While the Kierark-Marktina ship war was going on, unbeknownst to the majority of the TDA fandom, a new ship had been born, thrice as strong as either: Kierarktina.

“And while half of the Check, Please! fandom wept in joy from the tooth-rotting fluff in the new update (God bless Ngozi), the other half was more preoccupied with something else: ‘Guys! GUUUYYSSS! FRY GUY’S BACK!’”

“Every once in a while, The Song of Achilles fandom will hear the mournful sobs of those who oh-so-bravely ventured into the book thinking they would survive, and converge as one in consolation and shared grief - ‘We thought it would be okay, too.’

“And as the years passed, Rick Riordan’s books became progressively more queer and diverse, and the fandoms (from Percy Jackson to Magnus Chase) clutched them to their chests and bawled as a collective whole. The words they sobbed out were mostly incoherent - all but the sentence ‘Gods bless you, Uncle Rick.’”

And the ending: “Though all fandoms are alike and different in various aspects, there is a joint warcry that all know: 


(but like seriously. Fandom historians, yo.)


the sp discord had a drawpile session but i ended up drawing camp camp instead?? actually no i just ended up drawing nerrison, like, repeatedly, these are my favorites

Look make whatever metaphorical shipping posts you want, but I feel obligated to point out: flowers are planted in darkness and grow towards daylight. And ~someone~ who has light-related powers and whose name means “light” is now the heir of the Day court. So idk. 👀

The Titanic wreckage is disappearing. Sunk in 1912, the ship has survived for over 100 years, but it’s gradually being corroded by a unique type of bacteria that’s eating away at its hull. Scientists estimate the great ship might only have 12 years left before the tiny organisms have consumed it entirely and it’s gone forever. source

image via wikipedia