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Had the honor and pleasure of exchanging art for fic with my dearest catchclaw​ again for cockles week! Here are her gorgeous words below:

Sing Into My Mouth

Jensen is a man of few words. 

Part of it is that he’s spent his whole life talking, it seems like. At least in front of the camera. You spend all day saying the same thing over and over again from three different freaking angles and suddenly silence seems like a pretty good deal. 

And part of it, too, is personality. He doesn’t feel the need to jabber. Never did. Hell, even as a kid, he could say more with an eyebrow than Kerouac could in ten pages.

This is actually a good thing, Jensen learns, in modeling. Acting, too. It’s a gift. But in his day-to-day, those few precious hours he gets to spend away from this set or that one, it’s a little trickier, his inclination to keep his mouth shut. 

To girlfriends, to best friends, to his little sister, his dad: there’s so much that Jensen wants to be able to say, to express in some way that’s more permanent than a smile, even one that’s captured on film. 

But words aren’t his thing, never have been. At least ones that he has to come up with himself. 

So it’s not Misha’s fault, Jensen’s anxiety over his twist tie of a tongue. No, Misha just brings it all up there in neon. Won’t let him ignore it anymore. Because Misha has a way with words, a way of making the English language seem foreign and exquisite, and this is true, always: but sex makes it doubly so.

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AcPreference: They Have Allergies

Altair: You were working with Malik, helping him make maps for the other assassins when you heard a loud sneeze coming from the spare room. You stopped your work and walked in and saw Altair laying on the pillows sneezing and sniffling a lot. “What’s wrong, are you ill?” You asked him. He sniffled a few times before saying “Allergies.” And sneezing four more times.

Ezio: You woke up to loud sneezing and coughing. You turned over in the bed to see if Ezio was ok but when you opened your eyes he wasn’t there. You sat up in bed and saw him drinking some wine but then coughing and sniffling right after. “Ezio? What is the matter?” You asked him getting out of the bed. “These stupid allergies won’t even let me take a drink.” He said trying to take another drink but sneezing before he could “Dammit.” He muttered.

Connor: “ACHOOO” you jumped in surprise looking around the living room trying to see who the sneeze came from. You got up and started walking around to try and find Connor when you heard sniffling coming from outside. You opened the door and saw Connor trying to keep his sneezes in, “Connor?” You asked taking a step towards him. “(Y/n), you should be inside.” He told you before breaking out in a fit of sneezes. “Are you alright?” You asked him putting a hand on his shoulder “I am fine, just some allergies.” He said picking up the saddle for the horse, he sneezed and dropped it though.

Edward: “Ah dammit.” You heard from your captain and lover. “What is it?” You asked him looking at him with a raised eyebrow. You jumped back when he sneezed very loudly which was then followed by a series of sniffles. “That’s what.” He told you before going back to steering the ship while still sniffling. “Are you sick?” You asked him looking at him worriedly. “No, it’s something with allergies I’ll be fine.” He assured you before sneezing him again and almost crashing the ship into a sandbar.

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It's a crit, your argument is invalid

Context: After many failed attempts to get our ship unstuck from a sandbar, the party resorted to some rather unorthodox measures…

Dragonborn Barbarian: Um…I’m gonna try getting out and pushing the ship.

DM: *chuckles and sneers* Well if you think it will help, roll an athletics check.

Barb: *rolls natural 20* I think I did it!

DM: *Looking skeptical* I’m sorry but the ship is too big and I don’t thi-

Barb: *clears throat while poking a finger at the die*

DM: *sighs* Fine…flavor it…

Barb: *stands up triumphantly* With a mighty roar I lift the ship over my head and taking off running across ocean towards the next destination!

DM: *facepalm*