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Morgana ArMor in every episode |  2.06 Beauty and the Beast ll

Look at the way she is looking at him when they took the throne away from him and tell me she didn’t care…
Nothing after S2 between these two makes sense to me. How did she change her mind so quickly from caring to hating him and wanting the throne for herself?!

because our SoSoo ship went down so tragically, i’ll just choose to think about the parts of their moments together  we didn’t get to see

1.) in episode 14 when So took Soo out stargazing on her birthday, they probably continued to hold hands on their way to their spot (after Soo placed her hand on So’s hand like that, I can’t imagine So just letting it go)

2.) in episode 14 when they shared their first mutual kiss, none of us know how long that kiss lasted, just imagine their smiling faces after that kiss, with So being a giddy little puppy because finally she’s all his

3.) in episode 16 during their reunion, they spent two nights together and we only got to see 6 minutes of it, playing with shadows and feeding each other. what about their little talks in between? catching up on what happened to each other for the past 2 years? getting dressed in front of each other because that room was so small? So trying to sneak in some cuddle time every 2 minutes? because we all know his thing about back hugs

4.) in episode 16 during their stargazing, you can’t tell me the only conversation they had was about Pegasus. they probably just randomly mentioned trivial things that didn’t really matter but both found it interesting just because the person talking about it meant the world to them. probably laughing at each others’ stupidest jokes like a bunch of idiots. how long do you think were they intertwined like that before Ji Mong arrived?

5.) in episode 17 when Soo fell asleep in So’s room, she woke up lying down with a blanket over her when in fact it was So who fell asleep on her lap. imagine So waking up, carrying her carefully into a lying position and lovingly putting a  blanket over her, smiling sweetly at his love’s sleeping face before leaving for king/emperor duties

6.) in episode 17 when So would work in Soo’s room, or eat dinner with her, their conversations were so cute and full of fluff i bet that lasted the whole time So was there, because they bicker like an old married couple most of the time and it wouldn’t be a surprise. it would’ve been so cute to see So having to leave her room because it was getting late, and they say “good night” and “sleep well” to each other (ugh the feels)

7.) and just basically in the early episodes up until episode 8 when they would accidentally run into each other or when they go on little walks together, they never show us what happens before they part, but i’m 100% sure So walks Soo back to the palace or back to her room because he’s a gentleman like that and he is the sweetest little puppy ever

i choose to remember them like this, because i refuse to believe it was a love wasted

i know they’ll remember these memories between them forever and ever, and so will i

My ship went down in a sea of sound, when I woke up alone I had                                                                  everything.

LET ME TELL YOU A THING. Alex Gaskarth is one of the strongest humans that I know of. I know, a lot of people suffer from social anxiety, but not everyone has the courage or desire to do what he does. He doesn’t let his mental illness stop him from doing what he loves, with three of his favorite people, every day.

I have heard probably every single version of this song, (partially because I’m ATL trash, partially because I love its message and its helped me so so so so much) and this version is my absolute favorite. That’s because he almost sounds sadder than the other versions. Like, he knows that this is a problem for him, and he thinks he has it until under control until he gets in front of everyone and his lungs start to falter again. The way he sings /i’m flesh and bone, i’m a rolling fucking stone/ kills me in every version, but this one specifically because he recognizes that hes just human, and he cannot help feeling this way, and even though he can’t change it, he knows how to live with it.

Another thing, over and over again he says sing. It’s almost like hes afraid they won’t if he doesn’t ask over and over again, which again plays on his social anxiety. 

Therapy, you were never a friend to me. You can choke on your misery.



Sterek AU: Rise and Shine

Stiles’ brain never seems to cease nor slow down. There were times Derek wished Stiles would spend those precious few moments basking in their afterglow in silence, but he knows now that’s never going to happen; on the contrary, he’s grown to love those moments. 

Derek rolls on his side, entwining himself around Stiles, cuddling him tightly, ear resting over Stiles’ rabbiting heartbeat. Derek drifts in and out of sleep listening to his mate ramble about anything and everything, thinking that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Silence may be golden, but Stiles is a prismatic diamond dispersing light into the darkest corners of his void.

i had a dream last night about a dragon and a giant merman who were in love with each other 0__0 it was kinda weird but also really fantasy-ish and i lay in bed a long time afterwards just thinking about it…

((Also,,,, tfw there was like only one person in the genyatta fandom who U were friends with and then some drama went down and now they hate the ship,, I am BAMF (Bad At Makin Friends) y'all and I would love to talk to any o y'all about the ship n stuff if u wanna!? I can’t follow back bc this is a side blog jsyk, also letting u know I’m 17 in case you’re uncomfortable with that :) but yeah hmu I’ll try to be less awkward than I normally am ;u;

Someone fucking shoot me

Omg I hate myself. At lunch my girlfriend said she hated how small the pallura ship is and how few fanarts and fanfics there is so I just kinda look at her and scream “SHATT” but I go to a kinda conservative school so a teacher was like “please don’t use that kind of language in school” so I panicked and tried to explain myself by explaining what shatt is and then the whole table stared to explain shipping and everything just went down hill from there. I don’t think I can redeem myself to that teacher now.

One week in the Clexa tag

And we already went from

because of the kiss to

because of Lexa’s betrayal and now we’re kinda stuck at

(and also we’re all hoping the TWD spin-off fails because we’re selfish bastards and want our Commander Raccoon Heart-Eyes back, let’s be real)

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I love reading your analyses and theories so I want to ask you why you think Dazai dislikes Chuuya so much? Is it because Chuuya is so willful so he doesn't like blindly following everything that Dazai says (at least not with some initial resistance)? Or is it a because he's secretly resentful of Chuuya's physical strength and powerfully, destructive ability? Actually, I'm really interested in more of your thoughts on their partnership. With and without shipping goggles. :)

I went back down memory lane to look over everything I’ve written about their rivalry and I realised a lot of it has been pretty one sided in terms of Chuuya disliking Dazai, so I will hopefully attempt to balance that out? This is semi-spoilerish if you haven’t read part 4 of chapter 4, by the way. It’s also pretty ridiculously long and fairly incoherent, sorry in advance if you didn’t sign up for this.

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❌🌊💄 :D

❌- Something terrible that my muse has done, but frequently denies in the face of others (or themselves)

“I executed prisoners without command’s permission.”

🌊 - Have they ever come close to drowning (Or have they caused someone else to drown?)

“I once did. Ship went down on way to Eastern Kingdom during Cataclysm. Only way I survived was due to the druid on board.”

💄 - Would they seduce another person in order to manipulate them?


um idk there was like 0 fan art of them and so here i am to ruin everything by e