ships i went down with

…Be still…

…my heart…

…I’ve grown…

…on you…

What went down in Volpina
  • Thomas Astruc: are you ready for an epic season finale?
  • Everyone: yes pls
  • Thomas Astruc: with a new fox superheroine who teams up with the heroes to take down Hawkmoth?
  • Everyone: yes pls!
  • Thomas Astruc: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Thomas Astruc: ALL WILL BE SUFFERING
  • Everyone: oh noes
  • Gabriel: *on phone* hey Hawkmoth! how's it going with you not being me and all that?
  • Adrien: whoa this must mean that he's not Hawkmoth bc this is defs not a staged thing
  • Gabriel: imma just leave the door to my secret safe open so that my son can peek in and see that the Moth Miraculous isn't in there
  • Adrien: oh cool let's look inside there
  • Gabriel: I should probs be careful bc if he steals that book he'll learn all my secrets
  • Adrien: hey Plagg let's steal this book!
  • Plagg: you know you're the most gullible person right?
  • Adrien: ye
  • *later*
  • Alya: so Marinette there's a new girl who's flirting with Adrien
  • Alya: wait wot
  • Alya: I thought you'd go into full-on Adrienette mode
  • Alya: do you not like Adrien anymore
  • Marinette: no I still like Adrien
  • Marinette: but this new person is such wow
  • Alya: you're not going into a fit of jealous rage?
  • Marinette: I'm totally fine with either of them dating other people as long as they're also up for dating me
  • Marinette: healthy polyamorous relationships are the greatest thing and solve so many problems
  • Alya: that's possibly the most reasonable thing I ever heard you say
  • Alya: who would have guessed you'd be able to have an unproblematic character arc
  • Marinette: imma activate the nanobots I snuck into Adrien's clothes so we can hear what they're talking about
  • Alya: dangit I jinxed it
  • Lila: so Adrien I'm a fox superhero
  • Adrien: oh cool!
  • Lila: also did you know that the Earth is flat?
  • Adrien: what really
  • Lila: yep and it's ruled by lizard people from the center of the planet
  • Adrien: it makes so much sense
  • Lila: also the moon landing never happened, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, Shakespeare never existed, and Chloé is a nice person
  • Adrien: wow I'm learning so much!
  • Lila: and Season 2 will be out by December
  • Adrien: ok now you're defs f**king with me
  • Lila: dangit ya caught me
  • Lila: anyway imma go get akumatized now so I can help Hawkmoth
  • Adrien: why do you wanna do that
  • Lila: bc I'm just that chaotic neutral
  • Adrien: fair enough
  • Thomas Astruc: wait what about the straight people love triangle
  • Marinette: it wasn't necessary
  • Thomas Astruc: oh
  • *meteor happens*
  • Ladybug: imma stop it
  • Volpina: how do you expect to be able to do that WHEN I GOT TO IT FIRST
  • Ladybug: omg who are you you're beautiful
  • Volpina: I'm a person who is defs not an akumatized villain and is defs a new hero who's here to help you out
  • Chat Noir: sounds fair enough
  • Ladybug: are you actually just that hot girl who looks exactly like you who said she was a fox superheroine and then said she was gonna go get akumatized
  • Volpina: nope that's not me
  • Chat Noir: see, that's absolutely convincing!
  • Ladybug: no it isn't!
  • Ladybug: also Volpina are you doing anything Tuesday evening?
  • Volpina: I thought you were interrogating me?
  • Ladybug: yeah I'm multitasking
  • Volpina: coolio while you're doing that can you also chase Hawkmoth around?
  • Hawkmoth: I am here and defs not an illusion!
  • Ladybug: but what if he's an illusion
  • Chat Noir: he says he's not so we're fine
  • Ladybug: ok then let's do this
  • Volpina: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Ladybug: you're not gonna fire those
  • Volpina: why not
  • Ladybug: bc you're within the blast radius
  • Volpina: I can survive a missile blast
  • Ladybug: you're no tougher than I am, so if they don't kill you then they also won't kill me
  • Volpina: oh f**k that's a good point
  • Jacques the Pigeon: HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY
  • Jacques the Pigeon: *rescues Ladybug and defeats Volpina*
  • Ladybug: ok Jacques let's not get carried away
  • Ladybug: all you did was show me where the illusions were and then I did the rest
  • Jacques the Pigeon: fine
  • Volpina: imma go to Adrien's house
  • Ladybug: and imma meet you there
  • Adrien: can you maybe not have a big fight scene in my bedroom
  • Volpina: ok that can be arranged
  • Volpina: *dangles Adrien off the top of the Eiffel Tower*
  • Volpina: so Ladybug give me your Miraculous!
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *ice cream bar happens*
  • Ladybug: hey Volpina I'll give you this ice cream bar if you save Adrien and don't take our Miraculouses
  • Volpina: deal
  • Hawkmoth: no wait you're supposed to be evil
  • Volpina: nope I'm just v chaotic neutral
  • Hawkmoth: dangit
  • Marinette: *walks into Master Fu's place*
  • Master Fu: hello Ladybug!
  • Master Fu: sorry I gotta go do something
  • Master Fu: wait right there and I'll be back in a minute
  • Marinette: *waits right there for twenty-one months*
  • Genji: So Angela, what is your passion? What do you like to do?
  • Mercy: Since losing my parents to war, I've always wanted to keep people safe, healthy, and alive. I became a doctor and field medic because I want to give people second chances, and truly become the guardian angel they need. I earned my MD and PHD as well as built my first response Valkyrie suit myself.
  • Genji: Nerd

How I imagine the first klance kiss went down

“This was supposed to be a simple extraction mission!” Lance shouted and crouched down next to Keith “l doubt we’ll make it out of this unharmed, let alone the prisoners, you’re already useless” he huffed motioning to Keith’s injured leg.

“If you weren’t the only one to get us out of this mess, I would give you an injury to match mine” Keith growled

Lance glanced around the corner and imedeatly pulled his head back when heavy fire started bouncing off the walls near them. Lance turned towards Keith

“Do you trust me?” He asked Keith, who looked a little skeptical.


Lance was a little surprised by such a straightforward response. Since becoming his right hand he knew Keith valued his opinion, but had never heard him vocalize it.

“Alright here’s the plan, I’ll go ahead and clear the area, you cover my back. When I find an exit I’ll head back for you, should be easy for this sharpshooter” he winked to mask his nervousness. He made to get up but was stopped by keiths hand on his shoulder.

“You promise?” Keiths voice wavered a bit and Lance could see a shimmer of fear in his eyes, or maybe Keith’s eyes were reflecting his own fear.

“I promise”

“Good” Keith pulled on Lance’s shoulder bringing Lance closer and gently pressed their lips together. Lance tensed in suprise but quickly relaxed and melted into the kiss. As quickly as it had happened though, the kiss was over. Lance could feel his cheeks heat up as he looked into the purple eyes that were now really close to his own. His thoughts were jumbled and he could barely focus on one thing, except that he wanted more.

“Jesus Keith, what was that for?” Lance breathed. Keith smirked in a way that made lances heart skip a beat.

“Incentive” Then Keith pushed lance forward into the open. Lance smiled then gave Keith a quirky salute before running off. He would definitely be back.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the SeiAki-ship went (a little) down with this chapter?

Hey Anon :) And I don’t know, you tell me…

After such a chapter…

with Seidou deciding that he now wants to live for the sake of Akira, which is basically confessing to being completely in love with her (and which is why he definitely intends on bringing Amon home to her), I really wonder if you can say that this ship went down. ;)

More seriously though, if you’re asking because Seidou thinks Akira is in love with Amon then I’ll just say one thing…

‘Cause Seidou proved to us readers that he definitely grew up but yes, somehow he still thinks that there is no way Akira could like him, especially after everything he’s done as a ghoul (he doesn’t see himself as an investigator anymore, as this chapter confirmed).

See, this is Takizawa talking about Amon in the new chapter…

And this is him talking about himself:

which means that for Seidou, Amon >> himself, so Amon is more worthy of Akira + “Akira would always look at him anyway”… So, “it’s okay”, Seidou can agree to this situation, he’ll live for Akira’s sake even though she’s obviously going to choose Amon at the end………….

But Anon, the thing is, Seidou isn’t in Akira’s head

So he never noticed that Akira looked at him as much as she looked at Amon, even if she felt like he had a grudge against her, just like she would smile at him too, even if he didn’t see that either. 

And she endangered herself to protect him from Mutsuki in the last arc, which is also a huge proof that he isn’t someone random in her life.  

Finally, Seidou still sees Amon as a true investigator while he became nothing but a killing ghoul…

but, Amon aside…

Akira probably won’t be able to call herself a ghoul investigator anymore so… it surely doesn’t matter if Seidou isn’t an investigator either. :)

This is a redemption arc for Seidou, he’s trying to make amends for all the people he killed so there is no way he’d just accept Akira’s love since he doesn’t believe he deserves it after everything that he did.

We’re passed the inferiority complex, it’s not that he sees himself as a failure inferior to Amon, but he doesn’t want to “taint” Akira because he loves her, which is why he’ll simply live for her sake while she’ll be happy with someone who didn’t dirty their hands as much as Seidou did (aka Amon in Seidou’s opinion). 

Except that, again, Akira’s feelings are probably different from what Seidou currently imagines. 

TL;DR Anon, Seiakiramon is true love <3 and both Seiaki and Akiramon still rock because no ship went down in this chapter, on the contrary! :D 

Thanks for passing by and have a nice weekend Anon!

See just above Anon-chan :D :D <3 

Have a nice weekend!


Morgana ArMor in every episode |  2.06 Beauty and the Beast ll

Look at the way she is looking at him when they took the throne away from him and tell me she didn’t care…
Nothing after S2 between these two makes sense to me. How did she change her mind so quickly from caring to hating him and wanting the throne for herself?!

Player character backgrounds

Nice reference for role-playing, so many options.

“I got it on good authority you’re some kind of troublemaker. Or at least you were in your old life.”
> “For some I was. I fought for a rebellion.”
- “We lost. I am exiled from my own homeland.”
- “We won the war, but the new government, the one we bled for, ended up being much worse.”
- “I’ve had my fill of war and bloodshed.”
> “You might say that. I was a spy for a time.”
- “I was caught, but I managed to escape and some old friends got me passage out.”
- “I double-crossed my employer, and my employer is as powerful as they come.”
- “They gave me a job I couldn’t bring myself to carry out. That’s not something they were agreeable to.”
> “That’s why they put me in jail.”
- “I served my time. I didn’t want to be reminded of that place another minute.”
- “I got loose. Far as I know they’re still looking for me.”
- “I was released. Was supposed to report back every few days or they’d haul me in again. That’s just another kind of jail.”    

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Sterek AU: Stiles finally witnesses the moment Derek shifts back from his full wolf form.

Stiles: Did you just say something or was that your *motions to Derek’s crotch* 

Derek: Does it really make a difference?

Stiles: …….

Stiles: N-no. Good point. Reeeally good point. Awesome, actually.

Derek: Stiles.

Stiles: Yup?

Derek: Shut up and get over here already.

Stiles: Can do, Big Bad. Can. Do.


TITLE: Promises

SUMMARY: You’re a nurse and you’re engaged to Farrier before you get drafted to help in Dunkirk. You were on the ship that goes down in the beginning and Alex, Tommy and Gibson help you. There will be a happy ending


FANDOM: Dunkirk

WARNING: Fluff towards the end. Long ass imagine. Shitty writing 

“Everything is going to be okay, love. We’ll see each other soon.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

You were currently on a ship, surrounded by wounded soldiers. It had been two weeks since you’d last since Farrier, your fiancée, but in that time you had managed to help many privates.

  However, you’d seen a Spitfire go down just before you go on the ship, and you were petrified that it was Farrier. Even though you knew that there was a huge possibility that Farrier wasn’t even in one of those Spitfires. That didn’t stop you from worrying.

You could see the German planes and quickly covered your ears, knowing that in about three seconds you’d hear the dreaded boom of the bombs. A bomb exploded near the ship but you weren’t sure if the bomb had hit the ship or not. You soon found out.

“Abandon ship!” A private yelled as one side of the boat started to sink down.

Springing into action, you jump up and make sure that the stable, wounded soldiers had lifejackets on, and that someone helped them off the boat.

“Miss, it’s hopeless, they’re going to die. Save yourself. Jump.” The green eyed soldier, who had been sitting across from you, told you.

You did as he said and grabbed your lifejacket. The soldier helped you over the side of the boat and as you hit the water, you heard a splash beside you. The green eyed soldier, that told you to jump, helped you to swim over to the wooden beams where some other soldiers had already taken safety.

 A young solider helped you up and you thanked him over and over. Looking around, it looked like you were the only nurse that had survived from that ship. A lot of privates had lost their lives as well and you could see bodies and stretchers floating atop the water.

“We’ll get you on another ship.” A Lieutenant called down to us. The soldier that helped me looks at his friend, and then they both dunk themselves into the water.

“Here, have a blanket. Go down there, there’s tea and food waiting for you.” A nurse smiles at us.

Alex, the green eyed soldier, goes down first and I follow, eager to get out of the cold air but no so eager to go into a confined space on a ship. I notice that the young private follows us but not his friend.

“ Oi, where’s your friend gone?” Alex asks the young solider, with a mouthful of bread and jam.

“Charming Alex.” You mutter.

The private shoots you a cheeky grin.

“Looking for a quick way out, in case we go down.” He replies, walking towards the only door that has already been shut. Alex goes back for four more slices of bread and somewhere in that time I learn that the young soldiers name was Tommy. Suddenly, the floor is covered in water. Panicked shouts of soldiers start to fill the air.

“We’ve been hit. And we’re taking on water quickly.” You state the obvious. “We need to get that door open now.”

The three of you start to make to the door but before you can get close enough to open it, you’re submerged under the water. Alex tries to keep you close but you lose both him and Tommy. You can see a light up ahead and you figure that someone opened the door. You start kicking upwards, trying to get out the door. Air hits you and oxygen fills your lungs as a private helps you up out of the water. You barely have time to catch your breath before he helps you over the side and yet again, you’re back in water. You don’t see Tommy or Alex anywhere but you know that you have to get out of there quickly before the ship goes down or explodes.

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