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Do you think the SeiAki-ship went (a little) down with this chapter?

Hey Anon :) And I don’t know, you tell me…

After such a chapter…

with Seidou deciding that he now wants to live for the sake of Akira, which is basically confessing to being completely in love with her (and which is why he definitely intends on bringing Amon home to her), I really wonder if you can say that this ship went down. ;)

More seriously though, if you’re asking because Seidou thinks Akira is in love with Amon then I’ll just say one thing…

‘Cause Seidou proved to us readers that he definitely grew up but yes, somehow he still thinks that there is no way Akira could like him, especially after everything he’s done as a ghoul (he doesn’t see himself as an investigator anymore, as this chapter confirmed).

See, this is Takizawa talking about Amon in the new chapter…

And this is him talking about himself:

which means that for Seidou, Amon >> himself, so Amon is more worthy of Akira + “Akira would always look at him anyway”… So, “it’s okay”, Seidou can agree to this situation, he’ll live for Akira’s sake even though she’s obviously going to choose Amon at the end………….

But Anon, the thing is, Seidou isn’t in Akira’s head

So he never noticed that Akira looked at him as much as she looked at Amon, even if she felt like he had a grudge against her, just like she would smile at him too, even if he didn’t see that either. 

And she endangered herself to protect him from Mutsuki in the last arc, which is also a huge proof that he isn’t someone random in her life.  

Finally, Seidou still sees Amon as a true investigator while he became nothing but a killing ghoul…

but, Amon aside…

Akira probably won’t be able to call herself a ghoul investigator anymore so… it surely doesn’t matter if Seidou isn’t an investigator either. :)

This is a redemption arc for Seidou, he’s trying to make amends for all the people he killed so there is no way he’d just accept Akira’s love since he doesn’t believe he deserves it after everything that he did.

We’re passed the inferiority complex, it’s not that he sees himself as a failure inferior to Amon, but he doesn’t want to “taint” Akira because he loves her, which is why he’ll simply live for her sake while she’ll be happy with someone who didn’t dirty their hands as much as Seidou did (aka Amon in Seidou’s opinion). 

Except that, again, Akira’s feelings are probably different from what Seidou currently imagines. 

TL;DR Anon, Seiakiramon is true love <3 and both Seiaki and Akiramon still rock because no ship went down in this chapter, on the contrary! :D 

Thanks for passing by and have a nice weekend Anon!

See just above Anon-chan :D :D <3 

Have a nice weekend!


Morgana ArMor in every episode |  2.06 Beauty and the Beast ll

Look at the way she is looking at him when they took the throne away from him and tell me she didn’t care…
Nothing after S2 between these two makes sense to me. How did she change her mind so quickly from caring to hating him and wanting the throne for herself?!

Welp, my potatonet scuttled my stream a few bells early.  Didn’t exactly stay on task today… but I did stay busy alongside @couchcrusader, @atowncalledbedlam and @ncmares before my ship went down. :D  And I probably wouldn’t have drawn at all, or at least not as much, otherwise.  So, a win!

Speaking of ships, it seems I’m gonna try a few of these giant pones with bits of ships on them.  : |  What am I doing, I have no idea – but it is fun, to be sure.

  • no but imagine matt whispering to the Sorting Hat “Gryffindor, Gryffindor. I am a Gryffindor.” Because of course he wants to be, his father was part of the D.A.
  • he ends up on slytherin
  • he is angry
  • then he meets foggy, a friendly hufflepuff who is always bullied for the Ranskahov brothers who also are slytherin
  • matt ‘talks’ with them
  • anatoly just said ‘'whatever'’
  • vladimir is all ‘’fuck off, pretty boy'’

My ship went down in a sea of sound, when I woke up alone I had                                                                  everything.

LET ME TELL YOU A THING. Alex Gaskarth is one of the strongest humans that I know of. I know, a lot of people suffer from social anxiety, but not everyone has the courage or desire to do what he does. He doesn’t let his mental illness stop him from doing what he loves, with three of his favorite people, every day.

I have heard probably every single version of this song, (partially because I’m ATL trash, partially because I love its message and its helped me so so so so much) and this version is my absolute favorite. That’s because he almost sounds sadder than the other versions. Like, he knows that this is a problem for him, and he thinks he has it until under control until he gets in front of everyone and his lungs start to falter again. The way he sings /i’m flesh and bone, i’m a rolling fucking stone/ kills me in every version, but this one specifically because he recognizes that hes just human, and he cannot help feeling this way, and even though he can’t change it, he knows how to live with it.

Another thing, over and over again he says sing. It’s almost like hes afraid they won’t if he doesn’t ask over and over again, which again plays on his social anxiety. 

Therapy, you were never a friend to me. You can choke on your misery.


The Little Princess: Chapter 11

A/n- First of all, Dean and Jo is pretty much the only ship I have for SPN (and I went down with that one HARD). But for this story, it worked well to have her bitter and angsty. Secondly, a huge thanks to @petrovadixon for getting my creative juices flowing! Because of her, I was able to get this chapter out and down on paper, and have two more planned and started! It would have taken me FOREVER to get anything out if it wasn’t for her creative ideas. Thanks hun!!!

*EDIT: I realize that the way I worded the talk about adoption and abortion made it sound like that’s something I am against. I don’t believe adoption or abortion is selfish or wrong by any means. I am a pro choice activist. It is a decision to be made by the woman carrying the child and no one else. So please, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. Your decisions are your decisions and there will never be any judgement from me. <3

Word count: 2,294

Warnings: Tiny little bit of angst, fluff, Jo being a bitch, TW: some self-doubt/self-bashing. Minor amounts of cussing.

Chapter summary: Ellen meets Mary, and you have an interesting encounter with Jo.

Characters: Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Dean Winchester, OFC Mary Winchester, Reader

Need to catch up? HERE is the masterlist!

Chapter 11

As you pulled into the parking lot of the roadhouse, Jo came outside. She had heard the heavy rumble of the Impala. She seemed completely oblivious to you and your daughter in the backseat. Dean climbed out of the car after giving your hand a squeeze and was thrown off balance when Jo jumped into his arms. You watched from the car with jealousy and anger as she shamelessly flirted with your boyfriend. She wasn’t taking his hints to get off him and finally he pushed her away as she let out a whine and stood there clinging to him. Jealousy overcame you as you climbed out of the car, clearing your throat when you were in view of them. Jo scowled at you.

“I thought you left him. What are you doing here? Trying to mend his shattered heart?” She almost spat the words at you.

You put on your best fake smile for her. “Actually little girl, I’m here with him to introduce our daughter to friends.” Jo’s face paled. “Wanna meet her? Or are you gonna continue throwing yourself all over my man?”

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So I was tagged by @alittlepixelofheaven​ for the Sims cosplay tag! It’s a slight spoiler for my story but we all know it’s coming don’t we?

I decided to dress Courtney and Oliver up as Asami and Bolin from Legend of Korra. I may be the only person who ships them but I WENT DOWN WITH THIS SHIP A LONG TIME AGO AND I’M A LIL’ SALTY FROM THE OCEAN WATER (Opal’s only purpose was to be a love interest, which makes her a pointless character). Like, for real, they were so close when Korra and Mako were busy, Asami was the only one who cared about Bolin’s work as Nuktuk: the Hero of the South!

Guys this was actually sooo much fun, I have a few more pictures to post of these two in character so those are coming up!

I tag @sillylittlesimblr​, @deggdegg​, @acquiresimoleons, @nornities and @ice-creamforbreakfast if they haven’t already done it! Go forth and geek out!

um idk there was like 0 fan art of them and so here i am to ruin everything by e

its been a few years i wonder how Fairy Tail is doing