ships are non cannon

Unpopular opinion:

Maybe part of the reason celebrities don’t like it when fans ship them with people that aren’t cannon or in gay ships is because that’s not how they’re trying to portray a character. Absolutely still write fanfiction and Fan art and stuff because that’s YOUR artistic interpretation of the characters. But asking the actors about it and being adamant that a relationship is real when it’s not is like telling a painter that their portrait of an apple actually looks like a banana. It’s just kind of rude and upsetting.

reasons to watch firebringer

-its on youtube and its free
-its a musical about the stoneage
-the songs are sooo good
- they remind me of disney in some places
-end game w/w ship
-multiple w/w ships in fact
-cannon non-binary char (Chorn uses it/its pronouns and its gender is never discussed)
-cannon bi/pan characters
-female dominated cast
-fucking destroys both the bechdel and mako mori tests
-just??? please do???

DC comics asks

1. “Duet” from the Flash or “Mayheim of the Music Meister” from Batman the Brave and the Bold?
2. Do you like the arrowverse? If so what’s your favorite show?
3. First comic read?
4. What introduced you to the DC universe? Was it a show, comic or movie?
5. Favorite character?
6. Favorite cannon ship?
7. Favorite non-cannon ship?
8. Pre-N52 or N52?
9. Rebirth or N52?
10. Death in the Family or Death of Superman?
11. Favorite live action movie?
12. Favorite animated movie?
13. DCEU or DCAU?
14. Favorite member of the trinity?
15. Dark trinity or trinity?
16. Outsiders or Titans?
17. Teen Titans or Young Just Us?
18. Favorite animated show?
19. Favorite superhero family?
20. Young justice(show) or Teen Titans(show)?
21. Do you watch Teen Titans Go?
22. Favorite Robin?
23. So you prefer Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman and Wonder Woman, steve Trevor and Wonder Woman or does it even matter?
24. If you had total control what would you change?
25. Batgirl or oracle?
26. Whos your favorite batgirl?
27. Batgirl and the birds of Prey or Redhood and the Outlaws?
28. Favorite comic run?
29. Favorite comic artist?
30. Favorite comic writer?
31. Do you like the joker?
32. Who do you think is the most overused or overrated characters?
33. Batman the animated series or Superman the animated series?
34. Legion of Superheros or Batman Beyond?
36. Justice league or Justice league Unlimited?
37. The Batman or beware the Bat?
38. Who do you think is the most overlooked or underused character?
39. Do you watch Gotham?
40. Do you like marvel?
41. Jon kent or Damian Wayne?
42. Renee Montoya or Vic Sage
43. Kate Kane and Renee Montoya or Apollo and Midnighter?
44. Barry Allen or Wally West?
45. Kara Zor-El, Stephanie Brown or Cassie sandsmark?
46. Kord Industrues, Wayne Tech or Lex Corp?
47. If you could have any characters powers who’s would you have?
48. Favorite villain?
49. DC Bombshells, Injustice or Kingdom come?
50. Injustice or the Arkham Asylum?
51. Justice League or League of Assassins?
52. Are you excited about the upcoming titans show? What about young justice?

You can ship what you want. But you can't automatically expect it to be cannon, and if it isn't made cannon don't fucking harass the creators. Don't start stupid petitions. Don't harass those who like the cannon ship. Just accept it. Even if it's non cannon it's okay. Just go enjoy your ship.
Concept: Fan Art Museum

Ok, so, concept: Fan art museum. Think about it. People will finally get back for all the hard work they put into drawing fan art.

There will be sections for the different fandoms and that section will be parted in cannon and non cannon ships, and there would be all kinds of different ones. Johnlock, Drarry, Hinny, Romione.

And then there will be a small gift shop there where you can buy mini versions of all the pictures, and posters and even maybe a bit of merch if you’re feeling like buying that.

What do you guys think?

I wish…

I wish all ships were treated equally.

Where others can SEE the potential why people couple up two or more characters.

When others can RESPECT your choosing of couple and stop posting “I hate ____ ship and why:” posts.

To NEVER stop making art or fiction of your favourite couple just because someone told you it was “disgusting”

That NO-ONE bitches or whines about the ship “not being cannon”. It’s a fictional ship! Have an alternate reality where this ship happens for all I care!

To STOP posting “This is the BEST ship and if you don’t like it then I hate you bla bla bla!”

And finally. We are obsessing about fictional characters from a franchise we adore! Why ruin other people’s fun?

Ya’ only have one life, why waste that with constant bickering and hate…over fictional characters?

Edit: to clarify this is based on non-cannon ships and the hate they receive. I respect cannon and non-cannon ships and want everyone to get along 💖

Can I just say that while Bellarke has always been a possibility, it hasn’t felt as real as it does now, where it feels like its actually gonna happen. Like there were always the little moments but now Bellamy is so obvious with his feelings and it really felt kinda cemented when Clarke wrote his name on the list. Idk, it just feels more certain. Like its not just one of those non-cannon ships that everyone knows there is no possibility of happening.

wwater-witch  asked:

What is your favorite Warrior Cats Ship (cannon or non-cannon)


OK ive got a weakness for these kind of ships were the guy is such a huge flirt but actually really likes this amazing kickass grumpy gurl and she also likes him too duh… but like never admits it? or would rather die than admit it? AND LIKE BEHIND THAT FLIRT LAYER THERES SUCH A NICE GUY WHO TOTALLY DESERVES MORE LOVE BUT AND I JUST AAAAA

Okay, this is gonna make people hate me, but I’m gonna say it anyway.

Okay, so, Supercorp. I get it. I really do. They are both stong beautiful women and would be great together. But, I don’t think it will become cannon. And I get it, i have non cannon ships who i legit ship more than the cannon ships (Alex x Sam vs Alex x Maggie). And you are free to ship whoever the hell you want! But, like Caity lotz and Chyler leigh said in their livestream, it is not the actors fault if sometimes the writers make decisions that you don’t like. So hating on actors/actresses because of something they have no control of (the character’s choices, love interest, etc), isn’t okay. I get if you guys don’t like Chris, he can be a dick at sometimes (so can you and I and literally anyone). But, everyone who has a camera on them all the time is going to eventually say something stupid and it’s gonna blow up. We do that, but we don’t have a camera on us so it’s not noticed by the entire freaking world. We all have flaws. Even celebrities. Also, remember, just because your followers/people you follow are hating, you don’t have to join in. And this goes to the Karamels too. I have seen you hate on Katie McGrath, and that’s stupid! She hasn’t done anything, she even said that Mon-el was the love of (Kara’s) life. I see hate everywhere, and I’m putting my foot down! Be brave and stand out. Call out the haters. Choose love.



Guys I am all calm and stuff but this has gotten way to far.

I mean come on guys it CANNON, its literally a real ship! Its not a non fic ship. Ania loves Clive in our world so;

Real Ania x Real Clive = Clive x Ania

Please don’t tell anyone to kill themselves. I have anxiety and depression so you don’t know how much this hurts me.

All I can say how I feel right now…

Its like someone shoved a white hot branding iron dowb my throat while laughing.

So please think before you post and if you don’t like what I ship or post.

unfollow and block. Simple and done.


I see everyday that people keep complaining about the amount of ship kids that afterdeath has

Yeah, they are a lot

But non of them are cannon, and usually they are not more than one in their own timelines

The only thing that people do when saying “there are too many” is making people who has an idea for an afterdeath kid feel bad for wanting to create it

And stopping their creativity

So just, stop

I don’t see the problem on creating a lot of them

We have a lot of sanses in the fandom, and i don’t see you saying something

And what about poth? They are not much different

I was one of those artist who really wanted to create a child, but couldn’t because of the stupid idea of “too many”

Idfc if there are too many, that doesn’t mean they are all canon and the parents need to stop f*cking

So, if you have an idea, do it

Don’t be afraid like i was

I did it, so can you

Sorry i needed to get this out of my chest-

I’m gonna delete this later ;;

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why no zenyatta x orisa? they would be cute together

look buddy idk if ur being sarcastic but heres my thoughts on it

i’v been worried about blizzard making a female omnic character for a long time, mostly because i know that people would immediately ship her with zen. and it just, really goes against everything i see him as character-wise, and I just. cannot possibly see him as straight. Maybe thats because I’m super fuckin gay and i relate to him in some ways. or maybe its because honestly a lot of times when people ship a non-cannon m/w couple to me they always make the male character seem like. gross and hyper sexual and creepy? like i can’t be the only one who has noticed that happen. and Honestly? when it comes down to it if i didn’t ship him with genji as much as i do i would see him as celibate, which i think is the most plausible option regarding any relationships i see him in.And of course he can be in relationship with genji and still be celibate, i enjoy both and also i enjoy shipping them as plutonic, but i digress.  i guess what I’m saying is that i really don’t want him to get swept up into a typical hetero relationship dynamic, even if the potential ship didn’t follow that dynamic (and y'all know what type of dynamic I’m talking about), it would still probably happen. Also, it would be so forced!! to ship him with like any potential female omnic because like unless theres this suddenly developing backstory where they knew each other in the past its so groundless, like “were gonna throw these two together because they’re both robots and also its gotta be straight” like its so fuckin typical man!!! I’m tired of it!! Like i guess, he’s my favorite character from Anything rn , and don’t get me wrong i absolutely adore orisa!!! but i really hate to see zen mischaracterized and i feel like shoving him into a het relationship would be totally out of character for him. (much like another certain heterosexual relationship blizzard has been pushing on us as of late HM)

edit: also she’s one entire month old i don’t think she’s ready for a relationship yet. 

anonymous asked:

For your shipping meme, who would be the best non-cannon pairing for Kira Nerys? I never thought any of her boyfriends on the show were right for her, even Odo who I otherwise love. Thank you for doing the awesome work you are doing, my shippy heart is so into Lorca/Cornwell right now and I love your writing for them.

Eee! Thank you, I am sliiiiightly (completely) obsessed with Lorca/Cornwell and have about 500 ideas so I am pleased to hear you like what I’m doing. 

I agree, Kira’s love interests were no good. I think she didn’t know what she wanted in a relationship so she went with what was offered, but if she was maybe satisfied, she never seemed excited. Part of it, I’m not sure she’s attracted to men. But definitely not the basic men she dated? And while Odo isn’t basic, I think their relationship was based on the love that already existed and not any kind of attraction on her part. They seem more like family than romance to me.

So! My gut says: Jadzia Dax. 

Real talk, in this last one they are getting married.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it and/or write a scenario