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top5 Hyde/Jackie kisses ;)

Prepare for hot cuteness. This part ½. Part II here.

1. When he basically admitted he loves her, too

This one is kind of obvious for me, I mean, look at my icon lol.

I love the way he closes his eyes, and holds onto her as if he was afraid she would go, probably thinking “she can’t be serious. Me? From all people?”, but she is dead serious. And he knows is true, like I said, he realizes she truly does wants him the moment she lets him be afraid and still stays with him. I love this kiss and what it means. And I love that he isn’t wearing his sunglasses, that they yelled at each other, and that they were able to talk it out instead of just fighting and breaking up like writers always did with them after.

He reminds calm after that, I really like the way they hold each other after that first big fight, it shows that things are serious and growing between them, and that is meant to last and they work out pretty good. She loves him, and he loves her back. I liked the detail that he says perfectly: “I’m not saying it back” when he could have said, “I don’t” or a simple “whatever”, or honestly? ANYTHING ELSE, even nothing. But by saying that, he implies he does loves her, but is not ready to say it out load yet. And I think she gets that, and that’s exactly why she tells “I don’t care”, she already knows. She knows him, and knows he is afraid, and all this is new for him, and she loves him for good: she is his chick, and she is with him, and the only person she will fight for, is him.

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I’ve been reading @incorrectknb all day

it’s funny because I’m shorter than both of them … not in their junior high days tho