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Spoilers for your show reveal a SUPER SHIPPY moment between your OTP and you literally can’t stop theorising what is going to happen

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We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

Ships Galore

Here are all of the shippy moments from Thomas’ new video because I’m polyamsanders trash, fIGHT ME
General polyam:
1.  "I don’t know, I’m just trying not to bring everybody in the group down, here" - Virgil
2. “I don’t need to belong to a specific Hogwarts house in order to belong with you, guys” - Virgil
1. Patton’s excitement about seeing Virgil
2. Patton’s snapping when Verge appears, like “yas baby, work it”
3. Patton: “You only help to lift me up, you sweet and sour, misunderstood Shadow Link”, Virgil: “What?”, Thomas: “Just nod and agree, he has a lot of love to give”
4. “You don’t have to be mean to him” - Virgil to Roman about Patton
5. “If you keep talking bad about yourself, I’m going to physically fight you”, “Nobody talks about my child like that” - Patton
6. “I talk badly about myself”, “I WILL PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU”
7. mumbled “I will fight you” (you notice a theme here?)
8. Patton’s “SAYS WHO?” when Virgil said he doesn’t fit in
9. “Awwwh, I’m proud of you!”
10. Patton fangirling so hard over Verge’s new clothes he starts choking
1. “I want to see what good old Panic! At The Everywhere has to say about this!”
2. Roman’s “Yas boy” when Virgil appears
3. Roman deducing what is truly bothering Verge and not being rude about it
4. “Noooo, hey…” Roman looking genuinely sad, “Not this time around, relax, I notice the effort, you’re good” Roman sighing in relief
5. Roman admitting that Virgil is right
6. Virgil very obviously checking Roman out after he changes
7. Roman’s expression when Virgil changes literally says “Damn”
8. Roman’s cute little escape - “hog-wild”
9. Virgil’s little chuckle because of “hod-wild”
10. Just Roman genuinely trying to be nice to Verge, it’s so sweet
1. Logan’s annoyance at Thomas patronizing Virgil when summoning him
2. Logan noticing that Virgil is making an effort to not be too distressing and acknowledging it
3. Virgil’s side glance at Logan when Thomas was making his speech
4. Logan saying he’s willing to participate if it will help Virgil feel better about himself
5. Logan complimenting Virgil’s honesty
6. “If anyone else here was going to be Ravenclaw, I would think it would be you”
7. Logan’s face of protest when Virgil say he’s not a problem solver
8. “Wonderful. I hope that you feel more like a part of the group, Virgil”
9. Just Logan being calmly and quietly nice to Verge
1. “You’re the softest little puffball we got, padre”
2. Patton gushing over Roman’s words
3. Roman thinks Patton’s puns are witty
1. Logan complimenting Roman for being on a smart streak
3. Roman complimenting Logan’s pun
4. “Oh, that’s nice” - Logan about Roman’s new outfit
5. Banter while they sink out
6. Just, Banter in general. It’s so good.
1. “Because he’s my hero”
3. This has the least amount of moments but it’s also got the shippiest moment of the entire video, so
Now, I know some people ship it (I kinda do too from time to time) and to be honest there’s a lot of material in this vid so here are two bonus ships:
1. “That was great”
2. “Why not” smirk, Thomas was 100% flirting here, it’s pretty obvious
3. “Roman, make it work!” suggestive look
4. “Aw, Prince 2.0h my goodness”
5. Thomas was really flirty, damn
1. Thomas summoning Virgil in a baby voice
2. Thomas being awkward and messing up when trying to talk to Verge
3. “And that’s okay, what’s up?”
4. Thomas scolding Logan for calling Virgil odd
5. Thomas working hard to make Virgil feel included
6. “And that is a great example of what we are not going to do with Virgil”
7. Thomas glaring at Roman when he was going to say “paranoid”
8. “Verge, how you feeling?”
9. Thomas’s worried look
10. Thomas at Roman after Virgil changes: “Get on HIS level”
11. “Great new style, Virgil”
12. “That was cute” Vigil
13. Damn that one has the biggest amount of moments actually
In other words, all ships are valid and should be respected.
And I ship everything, I’m not even sorry.

In honour of Star Wars Rebels’ final season, I will be wearing Hera for another day tomorrow at SWCO. If you know the contact of this Kanan, link me up!

Update! This fantastic Kanan is one half of @astonmartinivictorvoyeurcosplay!


all that’s coming to mind right now is the sailor moon theme song and honestly you guys better be glad i’m not making one of my questionable audio posts like that

I’ve re-read some of my favorite Naruto chapters and I’m still bitter over the fact that there weren’t more moments between Gaara and Naruto.

Like GDI Gaara was so protective about Naruto and his happiness:

1) he was willing to give Sasuke a chance to redeem himself when all the other Kages were more than ready to kill him just because he knew that this would break Naruto’s heart,

2) he made this speech in front of a thousand ninjas making it more than clear that Naruto was his primary reason to wanting to protect the world in the first place because, without his influence, Gaara wouldn’t have given a single fuck and would have murdered everyone left and right

3) then he gets exasperated that Naruto managed to get into the war but he’s more than happy to be fighting alongside him,

4) afterwards, getting frantic when it appeared that Naruto was killed, putting his life on the line to get the other to safety

5) asking Naruto to drink a cup of sake with him when he becomes Hokage, as a symbol to strengthen their bond

6) FINALLY, the freaking dream Gaara has about his ideal world, where all his family is alive and well (which still makes me teary eyed) but the crowning moment is Naruto arriving to have a play date with him, implying he wished that they grew up together *sobs*

Just… fucking everything about these two



F1’s Niki Lauda: “Wait! It gets worse!”

from minute 7:38 on

Interviewer: Niki, tell me about the time that you and James shared a flat in London.

Niki: We didn’t share a flat. I slept a couple of times in his flat because I had no flat at the time. 

Interviewer: Where was that flat?

Niki: Don’t remember.

Interviewer: Earls Court somewhere?

Niki: Yeah could be. But we never shared a flat. I slept, I asked him, I have no-, nowhere to sleep, can I stay with you? 

Interviewer (jokingly): Of course, Lauda, no problem! Of course Lauda!

Niki: Yeaaah, we had a fun. With girls and whatsoever. This I remember very well. 

Interviewer: This would have been when, ‘72? '71, '72?

Niki: This must be… Formula 3 times. 

Interviewer: '71 then.

Niki: 71, yeah. Yeah. That started our kind of relationship. 

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Ok so I've seen some Kataang shippers admit that Kataang was forced and one sided, but they also say that they see no possible way of Zutara happening either at the end of 3 Books, I disagree with them of course I still think there is enough moments b/w the two where they could've been made the endgame couple even if Ehasz didn't get do his Book 4, plus even if they weren't end game at the end of Book 3 they were gonna be together by Book 4 if Ehasz was able to do it, what are your thoughts?

It will always be my opinion that Book 3 held more natural zutara development than kataang development. 

Outside of the Headband, I cannot think of a single episode in which Katara shows feelings towards Aang that don’t breach the motherly realm. And, from other criticisms, we know that the Headband was a last minute episode thrown in to make kataang seem less forced in the finale, and it replaced an episode giving us further backstory for Aang.

Additionally, the dialogue between Katara and Aang, outside of the Headband, takes a downward spiral. [All screenshots by @araeph; if you click the link, it will take you to the better, original images ]

Aang becomes increasingly belligerent as she tries to help him:

He becomes more and more expectant of her returned feelings: 

And, he shouts at her before vanishing in the face of his responsibilities, when she was simply trying to help him and vouch for him: 

Believe it or not, this screenshot is their last conversation before the finale!

This spiral is even worse (and abusive) when you include the dialogue and behavior from Love Is A Battlefield, a comic set during their time at the Western Air Temple, after Zuko has arrived. [Love is a Battlefield starts at page 190 if you want to see more than my bits and pieces below.]

Do you see that? He explodes on her because she doesn’t want to address the kiss or her feelings for him… and then pouts away and says he’s the one who should be scared of getting burned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aang is the boyfriend who doesn’t hit you…. he hits the wall and smashes plates to show you how bad it will hurt if he does hit you. 

So, yes, you and the few kataang shippers are right… this relationship was extremely forced, one-sided, and down-right unhealthy by the end of Book 3. 

I disagree with you, however, that making zutara as obvious a couple as kataang in the book 3 finale wouldn’t have been forced or out of left field. 

They did have a lot of cute, shippy moments: 

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And some major emotional development together: 

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However, in total, we saw Zuko and Katara together as friends for only a handful of episodes. In order for Zutara to not seem forced at the end of the series, we needed one of three things: 

1) Zuko joining Team Avatar earlier, giving us more bonding between Zuko and Katara, more conversations, and more subtle moments like those pictured above and in this post I did. A finale kiss between them would’ve seemed reasonable if we’d had an entire season of Zuko and Katara together. 

2) Book Four, like Ehasz wanted. Book Three could’ve ended with everyone single, then picked up in the next season with Zuko and Katara spending time together outside of a war-torn environment.

3) If Book Three had to be the end: a moment where Katara expresses with finality that she is not interested in a romantic relationship with Aang… followed by a moment, framed very similarly to the kataang finale kiss, in which Katara joins Zuko on the patio of the Jasmine Dragon, and says a lot has changed. He agrees with her, they briefly touch hands, which morphs into a hug, and the scene fades out. 

For me, any of these possibilities would’ve made zutara a natural endgame, whether it was confirmed in Book 3, or post finale with comics/Book 4.





This page is so crazy I mean Armin just killed a human being and is internally and externally suffering to the point where he is literally vomiting and sweating and crying and as soon as he asked Mikasa that question right away he regretted that shit because how dare he make her feel sad so he started apologizing to her immediately to try and make HER feel better while I remind you he is the one who is physically and mentally in anguish.

So just try and tell me Mikasa & Armin don’t have the purest relationship in this series I fucking dare you.


So…I started the PD comic I was thinking abt doing a while back! Here’s some (very) rough sketches of the title page and snippets of the first 5 pages! I’m aiming for about 15 pages total but god knows it’ll probably end up longer than that haha…

Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Presenting, the future Hokage and her Right Hand Man in the making:

Not actually that shippy~ BoruSara moment but I really like it whenever Sarada bosses Boruto around. Boruto complains but always ends up following her orders which is funny and cute at the same time LMFAO. 

I can’t wait for Sarada to become the Hokage, she’s just so perfect for the role. She is the mothafuckin’ law guys, THOU SHALL NOT DEFY HER SHANNAROOO!!!


I also like the fact that all other guys are scared of her when she’s mad lol.

  • Akashi, thinking: I'll be fine as long as I follow these simple words written on this note.
  • Kuroko: *walks by*
  • Akashi, erasing the words "Keep It Straight: " Apparently that's not happening.
Love Makes Her Stronger: Thoughts on Daisy Johnson and Quakerider

So I’ve been thinking (okay, obsessing) a lot about Quakerider since that finale, mostly kicking myself for not shipping them during the first half of season four. And judging by the reactions to this post, I’m not the only one who was surprised to find themselves suddenly all in for Daisy and Robbie. Now, when I say I was surprised, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I was surprised to see all these cute, blatantly shippy moments between the two of them in the finale because, back in the Ghostrider arc, any romantic moments they may have shared were much more subtle. And for any other ship, this might have felt rushed or forced, but with Daisy and Robbie, it didn’t feel that way at all because they’ve been through so many heavy, intense situations with each other already. When I say I was surprised, I mean that I was surprised that I never shipped them earlier, because, after watching them interact in the finale, it’s so obvious how great they are together, how good they are for each other. 

When we look back at Daisy’s previous two relationships, it becomes even more clear that Quakerider is a very natural progression that matches Daisy’s evolution as a character. I don’t think Daisy could have become who she was without Ward or Lincoln, and I don’t think Quakerider could have happened without Skyeward and Static Quake setting the stage. And even though they’re separated again by the end of the season, I think it’s open-ended enough that it feels more like see you later instead of goodbye. 

But before I get deeper into it, I want to look at how we got here, so let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look back at Skyeward and Static Quake, shall we? Quakeriders, it’s gonna get wordy but I promise the payoff is worth it. 

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