shippy but snarky is kind of my favourite

Here it is! The commission piece I’d been working on yesterday.

The most gracious commissioner requested something based off of Jane and the Dragon: The titular character, Jane, and her rival from the series, Gunther, aged up several years and being ‘shippy but snarky.’

I can get behind that!

After watching a few episodes of the show, I kind of adore Jane as a character and knew she would be a pretty bad-ass knight. The armour was…fun to work out? Easier for her than for him. A couple of other details I decided to toss in for kicks and ended up working out:

  • The swords are coloured to match their opposite’s armor
  • Each of them is wearing the other’s favour; Gunther around his waist, Jane around her neck

I really like how the lines themselves came out. It was definitely a fun piece to work on. And I got to learn new things! Yayyy.