Remember when people didn’t care much about ships and used to think:
-The leader of the Akatsuki was the fourth hokage.
-Tobi was madara.
-Tobi was danzo.
-Tobi was izuna uchiha.
-Tobi was a time traveling sasuke.
-Tobi was the second hokage.
-That itachi was the cruelest character ever.
-Whether deidara used his hands to give himself blowjobs.

Good times :)


Seriously? NARUTO’s wedding, NARUTO anime and whatever and the episode is 70% Iruka. Not that I dont like Iruka but?????? I know Naruto’s request was important, but still… 

Also they almost didn’t show the wedding.. I understand that they had to show InoSai and ShikaTema, but they could’ve done that differently.. If they showed the ceremony or something more than a couple of people drinking at the backyard it would have been so much more beautiful and meaningful…

And just dont get me started on that RIDICULOUS SasuSaku moment. That’s SP for you. Trying to show some kind of SasuSaku bond by having Sasuke not attending the fucking wedding and sending a one word note (that says congratulations btw) to Sakura that is meant for Naruto. WHY? Why not send it to Naruto instead?? Or write to Sakura something like “on my way” or i dont even kno… And Sakura getting all blushy and happy after that note… I’d be seriously confused on her place. It almost sounds like Sasuke thinks Naruto is marrying Sakura lol. Being late might be fashionable, but not attending your best friend’s wedding is wow :D I know that he’s probably not able to be there, but I still find it kinda shitty.. 15 years and Sasuke gets 2 seconds screen time and Sakura gets to say one word…  Honestly the whole episode doesnt make any sense. 

SP you fucked up.

Overall, I’m ultra disappointed, because that was not an honorable ending to such long and amazing anime that has been a part of so many people’s childhood. It was weak and somehow feels unfinished. There isn’t even a reasonable amount of Naruto in the ending of NARUTO.  Hope Boruto isn’t the same way… ugh

This whole thing probably sounds super messy, but I’m just so mad..


Kakashi giving Sai a soft look when Sai’s worried/sad is what really makes me happy (’:

Sai may not have been an original team member but Kakashi still loves him all the same. He gets Sai even when Sai doesn’t get himself. He knows Sai is capable of great things. He trusts him a lot.

The fact that Sai belongs to the group of ppl that Kakashi has a soft spot on makes me feel great things.