aaron sitting at home like “love is a myth and robert can go fuck himself and tbh i never wanted to be married anyway i’m gonna be a free man you can’t change my mind no mum i don’t want to talk about it just let me eat my tea in peace look rob can go 👏🏼 get 👏🏼 fucked 👏🏼 for all i care which i clearly do not i am well rid” and then getting into bed and not being able to breathe because he fucking hates not sleeping next to his husband

so anyway aaron and robert are probably lying in separate beds hundreds of miles away from one another rn both staring at their silent phones and feeling empty and lost good night

Ugh waiting for the postie to arrive b4 I do the welshcakes. Bought a Welsh dragon shaped cutter 🙈 I kno… but thought it would b nice n it’s due to arrive today but ugh. Might have to use another cutter at this rate.

Also someone called Chandra bought me an absolutely stunning Trifle bowl 😍 but it arrived smashed so we called Amazon who sent us a replacement. That 1 also arrived smashed 🙄 gutted 😭 would’ve loved to have used it cos it’s honest gorgeous n I can’t thank her enough lyk. Did not expect that. Hopefully when we order again it’ll come intact. 3rd time lucky 💜

Just waiting for the jelly to harden for the Jaffa cakes n waiting for the scones to bake 💜

Making Welsh cakes next n then the trifle 💜

Got the 1st 2 done w/in the hour so proper happy w that.

Couldn’t find some ingredients for the savoury yday tho so also need to shop to find them again n clean like a lunatic round the house 🙈

lmao but do u think about the fact that Robert has accidentally made himself a break up playlist on YouTube?

Just a playlist that YouTube put together based on his most recent listens. He’s got all these love songs and break up songs, and somehow still into you plays and oh god, he’s on the verge of tears again.

Because no matter how much they denied it, every time they heard that song, they thought of each other. They would give each other sly looks and small smiles…and now Robert is alone. Now Aaron is gone, and Aaron doesn’t feel like that anymore. Even though Robert still does. And it just hurts him because it doesn’t matter what happens and how much times has passed…he will always feel that way.

Recovery Thoughts: Day 195 of 362

It’s funny looking back at how many things I thought were the end of the world. Gaining
.2 lbs from one day to the next, accidentally consuming something that had more calories than i thought, a waiter forgetting to keep the dressing on the side… I guess I’ve learned not to take life too seriously and that you can find something ridiculous or funny about any given situation. You can pretty much always count on the fact that things are going to be okay in time.