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How do you feel about forced fed animal products?? I'm vegan, have been since 4 years old (My mum couldn't breast fed me so I drank goat formula until I was 4). I lived very happily like this. When my dad died I developed anorexia (not that his death "caused" it, just kind of the trigger). I was hospitalised and it wa just meat twice a day, dairy 10 times a day (I'm not even joking) and eggs in everything else. Now I'm home they expect me to keep this up but honestly I want to kill myself. Help.

Of course I can’t tell people with ED or recovering from ED what to do with their diet - it’s ok to focus on recovery first and everything else second. But when you’re already a vegan, as you are, this must be difficult. I can’t imagine it happening to me, or how I would deal with it. 

But obviously this is bad for you - you’re stressing out over food for a reason unrelated to your ED, and at a time when you should be concentrating on fixing your relationship with food. If you have a psychiatrist or a doctor to talk to, you should try explaining this to them. I’m sure they will understand that this isn’t helping you. Can you do that?