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Popularity in Japan in regards to the big three

Because why not?

Just like we do in the west, search engines such as Google Japan and Yahoo Japan are pretty accurate when researching pairing popularity.  Check this out.

Google Japan:

SasuSaku (サスサク) – 203,000 results
NaruHina  (ナルヒナ) – 188,000 results
NaruSaku  (ナルサク) – 180,000 results

Yahoo Japan:

SasuSaku (サスサク) – 199,000 results
NaruHina  (ナルヒナ) – 187,000 results
NaruSaku  (ナルサク) – 177,000 results

For the hell of it… pixiv:

SasuSaku (サスサク) – 1763 results
NaruHina  (ナルヒナ) – 1072 results
NaruSaku  (ナルサク) – 920 results

You CANNOT get an accurate number if you search like this:

サスケとサクラ/サスケxサクラ (Sasuke and Sakura/Sasuke x Sakura)

ナルトとヒナタ/ナルトxヒナタ (Naruto and Hinata/Naruto x Hinata)

ナルトとサクラ/ ナルトxサクラ (Naruto and Sakura/Naruto x Sakura)

Why? Simple.  Same as regular google; a lot of the results will not be specific to the pairing.  For example, typing in “Naruto and Sakura” or “Naruto x Sakura” can bring up results related to the series in general, the characters (especially because they are the main ones), etc.  Do you get it? And the words could also be in different sentences looking at the search results (ie – “Naruto is cool. Sakura is awesome”); not pairing related. I REPEAT: This method will not generate pairing related results.

*Google and Yahoo change minute by minute, but the numbers are always more or less the same.

Popularity in Japan is as follows:
1) SasuSaku
2) NaruHina
3) NaruSaku

SasuSaku has always been the most popular het pairing in Japan. At one point, NaruHina and NaruSaku were neck and neck (NaruSaku could have even been a bit ahead), but NaruHina’s popularity has skyrocketed since the confession and chapter 615, surpassing NaruSaku.  I’m basing this claim off of THREE different searches (see above), and if you simply glance over at 2ch or twitter, there’s much more discussion in regards to SasuSaku/NaruHina rather than NaruSaku. Sorry, NaruSaku you will always be dead last. :P

Don’t even get me started on global results… We already know those. XD

Edit: hetareri informed me: there was one post on 2ch talking about popularity in japan too! I hunted it down and it’s basically the exact same thing you just said: 日本でも人気はサスサク>>>>ナルヒナ>ナルサク>>>>壁>>>サス香. It’s sasusaku>>>>naruhina>narusaku>>>>wall>>>sasukarin.

So there you have it! :D

"I'll never let my comrades die."
Neither those words nor the conviction behind them are lies!
It's not just you, Naruto...
We all hold those words and feelings in our hearts.
They're what bind our lives together...and make us comrades.

So, let's stand up together, Naruto-kun.
Because never going back on one's my Ninja Way too.

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"He was dangerous and you knew that, so why in god’s name were you hopelessly in love with him?" w/ Obito pls. Obito needs some more love :)

in ref to this post

obito just needs more love :c
OH AND if you aren’t caught up with shippuden around episode 364 then i guess you shouldnt read this bc it’ll contains spoilers ;^;

You tried your best not to stare for too long when Obito finally decided to take off his mask, it took a years worth of convincing until he agreed to show his face. So when his face came in contact with the warm air around you two, you watched in awe as he inhaled deeply. 

When you looked at him, you fell in love with the way the moonlight accentuated his dark eyes because you could see the reflection of the sky in them. So beautiful. Obito… Here he was, the man you’d fallen for who was in the grip of darkness. You’d thought about it for a long time, many times before. That he was so lost in the dark that no light could save him, no matter how bright it was. His mind was so fixated on this horrible goal to ruin the shinobi world.

He was dangerous and you knew that, so why in god’s name were you hopelessly in love with him?

“I want to be with you,” you thought. 

Or at least, that’s what you had thought. When you realized that you said that aloud while staring right at him, you immediately wanted to run and hide, but your inner-self told you to stay. And for once, you listened to your inner-self, allowing the pink boiling on your cheeks to cool down.

“[Name]?” Obito’s voice awoken you from your thoughts and you gazed up at him. He was probably going to shun you in some way, somehow neglect your want after hearing what you had just said. You were ready for whatever negative outcome that was to come.

“I want to be with you too.”

But you weren’t ready for those words.