shippo cosplay

I’m proud of myself for this cosplay, so I’m gonna post about it.

I cosplayed Shippo yesterday, from Inuyasha. I think this may have been the most effort I have ever put into a cosplay. Save for getting my mom’s assistance on reading a pattern (which I had to modify heavily), I did everything myself and pushed my makeup boundaries. I tried contouring for the first time. 

In the convention scene, Inuyasha is a bit “dated” now…I was a little sad when people gave a look of confusion when I told them what series/character I was. But the reactions from the people who did know were fantastic. I was part of a group of friends, and we all cosplayed from Inuyasha and entered the cosplay competition as a group. We didn’t place for craftsmanship, but we received the judge’s choice for our personality and showmanship.

It was really nice to receive a lot of praise on my cosplay, makeup, and attention to detail. I spent the better part of two weeks every day after work making this cosplay (and a good 2 months prior planning), forgoing my free time to complete it.  


Despite having to reschedule due to my being escorted out of the BCC for having a metal bat like a true delinquent literally just as we were about to have the shoot, a huge shoutout to Illusionist Dragon Photography for doing our Inuyasha photoshoot. They were so much fun to work with and just lovely overall. A+, would recommend, would shoot with again.

Convention: Otakon 2016
Inuyasha: Ume-chan-sensei
Kagome: Mr. Boyfriend
Photographer: Illusionist Dragon Photography