So now I’m thinking about the OUaT ships and their potential for hidden foils.

CS and Snowing are both built on the characters’ commonalities, so no.

OQ was probably the best example in the show of “opposites attract,” but since that was never used as a characterization tool (yeah, still a bit annoyed about that), I don’t think we can call them foils.

RB has some potential. Hm.

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Shippity Ship Ship: Derelict x Enambris x Revarik for that oreo sandwich of deliciousness!

Enambris.exe has stopped responding. Her face has become a mixture of utter embarrassment, confusion, exasperation and a lot of red as her imagination takes over to try and sort out the logistics of such a thing and she is forced to very quickly shut those thoughts down. “What– why– NO!”

Derelict snorts, folds his arms indignantly, and despite his black-in-black eyes being nearly impossible to read, one would get the distinct impression that he is very much rolling his eyes. “Fancy a go, then? Sod it, that idea. I don’ share. But iff’n ‘e wants, ‘e can watch.