Okay. We need to talk about this scene. Because it looks like they’re just joking, you know, end of the world again, why not have a laugh while we’re dying. But it’s so much more. Because they are serious. They are trapped on an impossible planet, but at this point they have a ride back to earth. Or what ever planet they want, so they will be okay, even if the TARDIS is lost. Because they will be together on that planet. They will buy a house together. They will pay that mortgage together. They will live together. And this time, The Doctor can’t run off into space, he won’t have to lose Rose, until she grows old and dies. And then, maybe he will die too. Because without his TARDIS he will have no where else to go. Maybe they will travel around the planets still, in a normal space ship, still have adventures, but ultimately, they will be together. They will grow old together. And. I think for the first time, The Doctor can actually see himself living as a normal human. Because he will have Rose. And he would take 1,000 mortgages if it meant he could have her.