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and let’s begin the 2nd chapter! :3 so they will play beethoven’s violin sonata no. 9 ~kreutzer~ 3rd movement~ i really like the whole piece but the 3rd movement is so quick and cheerful, i think it’s perfect for them to see if they can work together~

1st chapter

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Yondu and his toys

a pidge and allura friendship headcanon: through a lot of trial and error, pidge learns how to style allura’s hair for her. pidge likes that there’s a method to it, multiple somewhat-complicated steps that lead to a spectacular end product.

allura is always stressed but finds it relaxing for someone to do her hair for her, as no-one else has really touched it since altea fell. she loves that pidge is sharing this tiny fragment of earth culture with her, and she loves getting to be better friends with her youngest paladin. they agree that once pidge’s hair grows back out, allura can try to learn how to style it as well.


Guess who’s back with another animatic >:D This one’s a work in progress, hopefully I’ll have time to polish it,,

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So, I saw this picture of the Diamond’s ships, all together… 

 Isn’t weird how White and Pink’s are the most big?… 

(I’m editing this lmfao, I felt like I could comment more about this pic)

So, just normal information rofl

Alright so I was thinking about how the ships were placed. So, White’s the head, on top, Pink’s the legs, on the bottom, blue’s the left hand and Yellow’s the right hand.

This caught my attention, lmao, it’s probably obvious, but anyways, just putting this out here.

I started searching what the meaning of this would be, I searched for the feelings/thing they can do, so:

Yellow has the right arm, the right hand. It appears that the right hand (that is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain) controls:

  1. Speech, 
  2. Language,
  3. Writing,
  4. Logic, 
  5. Mathematics and 
  6. Science.

Blue has the left arm, the left hand. So, the left hand (which is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain) controls:

  1. Music,
  2. Art,
  3. Creativity,
  4. Perception,
  5. Emotions and
  6. Genius

White has the upper part of the body, so she has the head. The brain is the boss of the body. It runs the show and controls just about everything you do, even when you’re asleep. 

Pink has the lower part of the body, so she has the legs. Legs supports the body when standing and provides the ability to walk, run, jump and other movements.

Idk, lmao, it just seemed interesting, I think it helps us know each diamond better :^P

(Credits to the author)