Follow My Lead was soooo good, but then when I finish the last chapter, and read what was below, I realize I couldn’t scape from the feels and the angst… ahhhhhh 

I’m fucked… lol @dimplesandcurlsss you are a bless and a curse to the ship  when it comes to really good Klance stories. “Hearts don’t break around here” is my new curse

(I wanted to post this a while ago but I’ve been busy lately lmao)

GRYFFINDOR: “Everyone thinks that courage is about facing death without flinching. But almost anyone can do that. Almost anyone can hold their breath and not scream for as long as it takes to die. True courage is about facing life without flinching. I don’t mean the times when the right path is hard, but glorious at the end. I’m talking about enduring the boredom, the messiness, and the inconvenience of doing what is right.” –Robin Hobb (The Mad Ship)