And because I couldn’t fit Rei in here… HERE IS REI.

Rei Murasakibara - Pink-headed Fruit Dove - 3rd year

The Pink Crusader

And now, starting from the top, going left to right:

Samishi Sato - Nicobar Pigeon - 3rd year

I’ll paint you like one of my French Pigeons~


Tiyosuto Imai - Dovekie/Little Auk - 2nd year

The Devious Yaoi Writer


Burri Hazukashi - African Congo Black-Collared Lovebird - 2nd year

I’m not a burrito!!


Ren Takahara - Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher - 1st year

Short as pwee Baseball Captain


Rekkusu Kigai - Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - 1st year

Making Gardening a High Speed Hobby


Hisoka Yasushi - Jacobin Pigeon - 1st year

The Dandelion Princess – but why can’t I be a prince???


Prince Mori Takehiko - Button Quail - 1st year

The Prince of PigeoNation’s


Jei Oshiro - Gray-cheeked Thrush - 2nd year

Stony-eyed Knight-chan


Kavita ‘Prem’ Nashite - Java Hill Mynah - 2nd year

You ruffled, bro?


Sullivan Walter Hawthorne - Little Raven - 3rd year

What gender even is this asshole


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The rooftops are silent during classes– To be expected, all the good little kids where sitting in the rooms, idly writing or listening to a teachers lecture. Not that Sullivan really cared. Attendance may be mandatory, but he could still easily slip out and skip classes, taking breaks for a smoke.

It’s relaxing, until the door shut’s behind him, startling the Raven. Spinning on his heel, his features draw into a dark frown, a small snarl on his lips.


New Birdies

“Tiyoyo-kuuuun~” The older bird called out to his best friend through the new cigarette he placed in his mouth. He was grateful that Tiyo was tolerant enough about his habits, especially since he was helping Samishi kick them. That was what the millet for, after all, but even then the habit dies hard.

“Glad I caught ya without Ren-chan and Burrito-chan hanging around. They’re really vicious about my smoking, ya know? So, what’s up?”

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Oh! Tatiana had seen this bird around school. He hadn’t talked to him before but he seemed nice enough. If not a little crazy. But that was okay. The swan took careful steps when approaching Tiyo, writing as he went.

‘Good afternoon.’ He wrote, holding the paper up to the other bird.

Akane Yamamoto was on a mission. A mission… of love. Of course it was cliche; cliches are the lifeblood of reality, or so the delinquent believed. 

She had plotted this out extensively. First, disguise self as a news reporter. Check. Second, make sure Jei wouldn’t recognize her. Check, she supposed. Her disguise was flimsy, but Jei wouldn’t expect her to have dyed her crest to the bright red of a male Okinawa woodpecker! Third, find that pink-headed Murasakibara guy her friend was fawning over lately and ask him a few questions about his “special somebirdie,” if he even had one. Jei had told her not to do anything like this, but it was for his own good! 

Anyway, she, with her sub-par sense of direction within the confines of human-style architecture, had no idea where to begin looking! Admitting defeat, she pulled over the first bird she saw; many were rushing to clubs, it seemed, but the first bird she could get her wing on was a particular Dovekie. 

“Hey,” she greeted cheerfully. “You know where I… a manly man like me could find a dove called Murasakibara? Pink guy, friends with Jei Oshiri?” Friends… for now, if she prevailed. The Murasakibara guy seemed like the type to need some assistance realizing his feelings…

shippingeverybirdie replied to your post: “Good afternoon Yukio! I guess it’s time for a kiss. Here, I’ll even set us up~” With that he swept the other birdie off his feet (c: )

“I’m very sorry, little darling. I wasn’t aware you were frightened of this as well. Fear not though, I shall not drop you~” Gentle, he placed the smaller bird down on his feet with a delicate pat on his head.

As he was placed back down onto the ground he fixed himself seeing as how his feathers had, in fact, been ruffled. “D-Don’t worry yourself Tiyo. Although perhaps a small warning would have been rather er,…nice.” he said smiling sheepishly before placing a hand on the back of his neck. “But, If you don’t mind. I’m sort of bothered that I may have been not very successful(?) in giving you your kiss. Seeing as how rushed it was. S-so… here.” He tip towed to close in the three inch distance between them and kissed him yet again on the cheek for a longer time before shrinking back to his original height. “Was that better?”

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It had been a while waiting for the opportune moment, and then finally! He had it! Tiyo had filled a small bucket with those glitter sparkle things for arts and crafts for this sole purpose! As Sullivan turned the corner Tiyo had been long waiting in, he tossed the sparkles all over him. Success!!!

You could probably guess the singers reaction to being covered in glitter.

“…Tiyo. Why did you throw a bucket of glitter at me?” His voice is controlled, bordering on annoyed.He shakes his hair out, glaring at the Dovkie. If he paid attention, he’d notice that it’s sticking to his face, and chest, and people had begun taking pictures of the glittering Raven.

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"You still look like a Vampire you know. Pucker up, bloodsucker,I'm asking." (Hi when did I wander in here?)

“…"Mumbles something akin to ‘I’m not a fucking vampire…’ and leans in, lips gliding across the Auk’s, while a stray hand moves to hold the back of his head in place. Once Sullivan is satisfied  he leans back, dropping his hands into his pockets with a smirk.