I don’t know if any of y'all have fun ship names for any of the characters, but most of Junkrat’s are pretty fun. Case in point: Junkrat/Mei is “Meihem”, Junkrat/Lucio is “Boombox”, Junkrat/McCree is “High Boom”, and Junkrat/Roadhog is “RoadRat”.

Personally I’d put Junkrat/Symmetra is “Dis/Order”. Can anyone else think of others?

Full confession: “It really irks me to no end when fans claim that Seth, Roman, and Dean are gay for one another. Like I’m all for loving seeing them interact with each other or perform matches together but when you insist that they are literally having sex with each other, that is going too far. For one, Roman is married to a WOMAN and has a daughter with her, Dean has been in a relationship with a WOMAN for over a year now, and Seth was ENGAGED to a WOMAN and had been with that woman for like six or seven years. People especially take it too far when they call these woman their beards. Like can you be more disrespectful towards not only the woman, but the boys as well? And it’s not even like being gay/bisexual in the wrestling community is uncommon anymore; look at the likes of Darren Young and Rosa Mendez. All I’m really trying to say is some of y'all need to calm down and realize that if one or all three of them were gay/bisexual, we would at least have an idea if it were true by now.”

Greenhouse gases from shipping

Although the Paris agreement reached last fall to attempt to limit the impacts of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions is a step in the right direction, one issue notably missing from that agreement relates to transportation. Both airplanes and ships emit greenhouse gases at sea, but neither of these was explicitly included in global emissions limits.

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look ok tumblr has gotten into this Thing where if you want to ship something it has to be groundbreaking in ten different ways and you have to prove just how it breaks stereotypes and societal norms in a five paragraph essay (double spaced) and if you ship the obvious ship or the ship that might have some issues with it you are Supporting the System™ and look i get that groundbreaking is good like keep it up but sometimes i just want the stereotypical leads to get together and have their stereotypical happy ending and sometimes i want the shitty people to get together and lead a shitty life together and i am honestly just Tired of having to prove my ship is worthwhile when literally nothing matters and i am dead inside and sometimes i just want to ship That Thing without having to justify its importance outside of the fact that their relationship makes me feel a little bit less dead

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I feel like people are getting really tired of the witch hunts over shipping on tumblr. the voltron fandom is getting a taste of it rn and people are fleeing the fandom as fast as they can

yeah that’s me essentially. 
It’s just so stupid. Most people on tumblr have absolutely no grasp on what reality is like when it comes to relationships and age differences. They just see a number and immediatly assume it is ‘problematic’

Tumblr is full of shitty ass people thinking they are the best and other people that are being manipulated into thinking they do something bad. So I keep out of it. At least in the Dragon age fandom i don’t have that problem because all the characters are grown ass men and women haha.

I feel bad for the voltron fandom but that’s one of the reaosns i’m staying out of it. That and I odn’t like the popular ship. I ship sheith but there’s little content so I don’t feel motivated to really get into the fandom at all. I’ll just like the show privately. maybe draw some fanart at one point. I’m rambling again sorry.