So I Got My Mom Interested in Yuri!!! On Ice!

I have been bragging about it for nearly ten weeks and because she loves skating like I do, she said she wanted to watch it with me! 👌👌👌 👏👏👏😎😎😎

We are 3 episodes in and she’s made some comments in response to some people’s remarks at the beginning all those weeks ago.

“I’m a virgin to the show and I could see it easily.” 💗💛💚💙💜

“If that’s straight, it’s the most crooked straight I’ve ever seen!” 💋 🍜

(On Yuuri)“I like him most because reminds me of someone I know, *looks tellingly at me* and he has a lot of talent but his lack of confidence trips him up. He’s a good egg though. I love underdogs.” 🍙🍣🍤


Happy Holidays!!!

Sleep Baby

Anon Requested:  I’m excited for this lol, Jungkook with 24 🙏

Yay I liked this one cause it was super fluffy! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Pairing: Jungkook (Jeongguk) x Reader

Word Count: 442

“Go to sleep baby.”

You flipped onto your side for the hundredth time in the past hour. You were having trouble sleeping and you just couldn’t get comfortable. You let out a silent huff as you flipped to your other side once again. 

“Go to sleep baby.” Jungkook groaned out, arm slipping around your waist and pulling you back to him. Your  back pressed against his chest while his head found it’s way in the crook of your neck. In seconds your body molded to his own yet you still couldn’t fall asleep. You didn’t dare move though, you knew how tired Jungkook was and his sleep was what was most important. You could hear the light sound of his breathing which relaxed you in a way. You were always worrying about him, if he was eating well, if he got enough sleep, you just wanted him to be healthy and happy with everything he was doing.

You let out an airy sigh soon closing your eyes and trying to fall asleep. His grasp around you had tightened, his chest rising and falling into your back, both of your breaths in unison. 

You loved to touch him, but this wasn’t in a sexual way. Moments like these you just loved to touch him and be touched by him. You loved his face grazing against yours as his head stayed put in the crook of your neck, you loved his hands which were firmly wrapped around you and placed gently on your stomach, and most of all you loved his chestnut hair that fell in tousled locks over his face. His warmth would seep into you and he comforted you without ever opening his mouth. You’d melt into him like you belonged next to him, like he belonged next to you. 

 Your eyes felt heavy behind your lids telling you that sleep was on it’s way. Right as you were about to let sleep take over you heard a groan and Jungkook’s head slowly lifted from your neck giving you goosebumps where the cold air had now hit your skin. 

Turning to face him his dark brown eyes opened and closed slowly, drowsiness clearly evident in the exhausted boy. You smiled at him and looked at every feature. His dark eyes looking almost black to you, his soft skin, his ruffled hair as mess upon his head. “Go to sleep baby.” You cooed to him, he just grumbled and nuzzled himself in your shoulder, his hair inches away from your nose. You could smell his hair, which was too good for words. After a few minutes you felt him go limp and soon after you did too.


Anon Requested:  hello!!! May I have a BTS drabble please with number 37 and Yoongi?😊

Anon Requested:  “Open the door before I break it down.” With Yoongi please

Thank you for requesting! This was a lot of fun♥

Pairing: Suga (Yoongi) x Reader

Word Count: 570

“Open the door before I break it down.”

Your dark blue eyes looked as if an ocean had been encased inside of small glass marbles. “Please don’t leave me.” he said from the other side of the bathroom door, his voice was weak but still had a fire behind it. Then the smooth spheres appeared to be cracked; the ocean had started to leak, little water droplets streamed down your cheeks. The door knob jiggled as he tried to turn it once again but with no avail the door was still locked and your back still was pressed against it.

He was sniffling in his sleeves while the sounds of both yours and his sobs echoed through the house. A pair of slow tears trailed from your unblinking eyes and gradually dripped into your shirt. Pulling in your knees to your chest you replayed what just happened between you and Yoongi. The fighting, the screaming and yelling and lastly the flinching

You knew Yoongi would never hit you. You knew what he did but it had still scared you. The simple motion of running his hands through his hair wasn’t scary, he did this all the time whenever he became frustrated with anything but the fact that you two were arguing and you were so close to him when he did it scared you. You brought your hands up to your face and immediately cowered down and retreated to the bathroom. Tears immediately spilled while you slid down the door to where you were now. Yoongi knew what you thought he was going to do and his stomach instantly turned and his blood ran cold. He paused until he saw the door slam shut and heard the lock of the door and soon the muffled cries that came from within the bathroom. 

“(Y/N) open up.” Yoongi’s voice cracked from his throat raw from crying. Still no answer from you, your cries faded as all you could so was sit on the cold floor in silence. “Please.” 

You sighed, extending your legs to stretch them out before wiping your tears that had stained your cheeks.

“(Y/N), open the door before I break it down.” Yoongi’s voice got louder but in no way threatening. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you, you knew he didn’t mean to cause you any strife. 

Scooting over from the door and now to the wall you reached up and unlocked the door making a ‘click’ sound. It was a few moment before Yoongi actually opened the door. You didn’t look up, you couldn’t look at the pain you’d caused his because of a simple thought tat ran through your mind. You just stared at your hands, waiting for him to make the first move.

He closed the door and slid down it where you had once been. Neither of you said a word yet you both wanted to say so much. You closed your eyes and sighed, resting your head on his shoulder. He took your hand in his desperately and squeezing tight. He was scared now, you knew it, he was scared you were going to leave him.

“I’m not leaving.” You squeeze back in a reassuring way. “I wouldn’t leave you Yoongi.” After you spoke you heard a sigh escape his lips as his hands stayed around yours. You brought it to your lips and kissed it gently. “I know you didn’t mean to scare me. I love you.”

“I love you more.”