I can’t take my eyes off you.

                         You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

- Hannibal

when your ship finally gets a good episode, with lots of moments and possibilities

(yes this is totally about stydia, fitzsimmons and Bellarke)

Shadowhunters 1x04

Magnus: “Your artistry is beyond compare. The only other person I’ve known who could draw as well was Michelangelo, who was excellent in bed, I might add.” Magnus: *looks directly at Alec Jace: *has no idea what’s going on Alec: *is adorable Me: nyaaaaaaaaaaah so CUTE I’M GOING TO DIE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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On Bumbleby
  • I low key ship Bumbleby. I honestly think that it has good chances of becoming canon in the show - just look at the coming up next for 3.12! And the hinting in the 3.11 at Adam and Blake's confrontation!
  • The show has made strides from heteronormative and stereotypical ships - to make a lesbian couple canon would be a step in the right direction for Rooster Teeth in making their shows stand out.
  • Also, I ship Seamonkeys really hard, so if Blake and Sun were to stop dating... Good news for me.
  • If Bumbleby becomes canon, thank you, Miles and Kerry. And if it doesn't... There are some other choice things I would like to do, but that's beside the point.
  • Bumbleby as a canon ship would be opening the queer floodgates and would, in my opinion, make the show better and me a lot happier.

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top ten ships :)

this is so hard, i’m def gonna mess up buuuut

  1. stydia- teen wolf
  2. bellarke- the 100
  3. lucaya- gmw(my top 3 are the only definite ones, the rest aren’t really in order)
  4. dair- gossip girl
  5. westallen- the flash
  6. swarkles- himym
  7. bamon- tvd
  8. coliver - htgawm
  9. rilaya- gmw
  10. finchel- glee


honorable mentions: ben x leslie, PERALTIAGO, thomesa, newtmas, joey x rachel, like every marvel ship

ask me my top 10 anything!

I genuinely fucking love Lexa, it’s just so painful to see someone else with Clarke besides Bellamy. I ship Bellarke SO HARD, I want Lexa to get the fuck away from Clarke. It’s like back in the day when Blair was with Nate instead of Chuck. And when Oliver was with Laurel instead of Felicity. AS LONG AS BELLARKE IS ENDGAME I CAN SURVIVE WHATEVER FRESH HELL JASON DUMPS ON ME.

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That NSFW Anders pic is A+++ (categorizing it into things i didn't know i needed until this moment as well)

Amen, right?! I ship Nanders and m!handers pretty hard anyway so sign me the fuck up!

I’ve gotten a bunch of new followers over the past few weeks and I just wanna say howdy! :D I am Clexa trash. I love Lexa and I love Clarke and they are just so amazing together. However, all my new Clexa friends should be aware of a few things:

  • I will randomly post from other fandoms.
  • I started as an Officer Lunchbox blog/fic writer and I still ship them pretty hard so they do still appear and I do still work on their fics.
  • I tag spoilers for the 100 as “the 100 spoilers” and have started trying to include the name of the episode.
  • I make dumb jokes.
  • I am very nice and very dorky. Never worry about saying hi to me. :D
  • I love talking about headcanons and theories if you ever wanna chat.
  • I am the artist Lambodoodle.
  • I find weird shit funny.
  • Aside from a comment or two or a joke or two, I tend to try to stay away from fandom hate because it just makes me sad.

I hope you enjoy following my blog otherwise I understand and hope you have a great time on tumblr.