*nibbles on cookie bigger than her* yup I feel better now~ oh and a bts X MysMe you say??? Fun fact- Mystic Messenger has these character profile sheets..and guess what I did?? I DREW BTS WITH THOSE CHARACTER SHEETS AHAHAHA (you can thank Sadie, Jessie, and Rhema for urging me to do them) and here’s Namdaddy’s sheet for you~~

Ahhhhh it’s cuteee omg the mirror selcA AAMAZING HAHAHA!!!

Under likes, your forgot one important thing tho. Here’s a hint: starts with an “S” and ends in “EOKJIN”


♥︎Mami K

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Prompt: Adeline and Lucy meet Shirley for the first time and Lucy's like "So I guess this is our future sister-in-law", and Shirley (over protective little sister) goes "No, I am judgement!"

Don’t mess with the little sister

really, never do that!

20min later they are bffs and Shirley starts to ship the couples so hard! the end.

dedicated to: @hntrgurl13 @scipunk63 and you anon


“Tell me what am I in your heart?” - Yan Da

“An enemy.” - Kong Shi

I’ve been watching the show for THEM AND HIM. FIRE PRINCESS AND ICE PRINCE (possibly half-siblings) =  STAR-CROSSED AND DOOMED = THEY OWN ME!

I mean more like I’ve been fast-fowarding it (the editing is all over the place, transitions are non-existent, the dubbing terrible, the script barely mediocre and let’s rather not talk about the CGs), only stopping at the scenes involving either one of them because Ying Kong Shi is so otherwordly gorgeous and dreamy in every scene and it doesn’t matter whether it’s his human persona or his epic white mane of glory. I’M PRETTY SURE LEGOLAS IS SOMEWHERE OUT THERE WISHING HE WERE THAT COOL AND PRETTY! I even reconciled myself with the possible incest because I ship them so hard but it probably won’t help me because things will only get worse. You know I made this classic mistake of every addicted and overzealous fan - I watched the official MVs and trailers. And even if I didn’t it still wouldn’t help me anyway, because, seriously, who reveals one of the biggest spoilers of the story in the OP which runs before every episode (obviously, Chinese do)!!!

I have already more dramas on my plate than I can manage so I definitely don’t have time for another one but it’s stronger than me! IT’S ALL KONG SHI’S FAULT!


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Ft 499 spoilers.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, In a polish group of Fairy Tail in facebook I see a spoiler of Ft 499. And I didn’t expect such a course of events, really Mashima, really bitch?

My reaction of the spoilers:

I was in very badly shock! Really? REALLY? You destroy the one of my belong ship? No! NO! Omg, I start to ship so hard Gruvia, and now they dead?! God.

I have my theory about Juvia. Yes, I have. She give him her blood, and people say, she come back, but I think this is not true. I mean, she dosen’t have any blood on her body anymore, so she will never come back? Yes, that’s right. And she say she, will always be inside him forever. What can I say more? Nothing. Really, I fell now, horrible. Juvia will not come back, and this make me fell horrible. I’m sorry Juvia’s fans and Gruvia, but you can have a hope. And PLEASE, stop spaming to Mashima about spoilers, this is so childish of you. 

But Trollshima is you will destroy NaLu and Jerza. I. WILL. FUCKING. KILL. YOU. LIKE. YOU. KILL. JUVIA. I swear for my collect of mangas!

It honestly annoys me so much that anti-shippers are so insistent that shipping something problematic somehow encourages behavior.

Like. They rally so hard against abusive/age gap/problematic ships, saying shipping it makes you an abusive and/or pedophelic person.

That’s honestly so disgusting? Let me break this shit down.

1) Calling people abusers and pedophiles for being interested in a fictional thing, severely downplays the severity of actual abusers and pedophiles.

2) it’s emotional abuse to harass people and suicide bait and put people down. It’s bullying. Suicide baiting is illegal. Its toxic and it’s hypocritical.

3) you’re putting all this effort into calling out internet bloggers. Every anti I’ve seen devotes all their time to tearing down people who ship problematic ships, but can’t be bothered to talk about the actual real life abuse/pedophelia. Does it only matter to you if it’s fictional?

4) You completely disregard actual abuse survivors who use these fictions to cope. You’re calling abuse survivors abusers, you’re calling csa survivors pedophiles, you’re calling sexual assault survivors rapists. That is emotional abuse, that is manipulation, that is gaslighting.

5) idk if anyone agrees (I’m sure someone does), but hearing all these people say shippers and artists and fanfiction writers are responsible for abuse and assault occurring is so horrifyingly offensive to me as a multiple abuse and csa survivor. The idea that my ships, fanart, fanfictions, my favourite characters, has ANYTHING to do with my abuse is so offensive and I’m tired of hearing it.

My abuse has had nothing to do with fandoms. My abuse came from ACTUAL pedophiles, ACTUAL people taking advantage of me, ACTUAL people feeling entitled to me. It’s been a result of misogyny, untreated mental illnesses, male entitlement, people excusing damaging behaviors, people not taking me seriously. It’s come from a lot of things, and not a single one of those reasons had anything to do with Steven Universe villains or Gravity Falls ships or some noncon fanfiction on Ao3 or a smutty drawing on Tumblr.

6) Even if an abuser used fandom as a tool to achieve the abuse, fandom was not a reason it happened. In case you guys forgot, but this shit has been going on since the beginning of time. Abusers will find tools in anything. They don’t need tools though. Abusers will abuse no matter what.

Stop trying to strip people of their ships/favs/art just because an abuser might be using it. Fight the CAUSE of the problem. You can take away every problematic part of fiction and there will STILL be abusers, because fiction is not the CAUSE.

7) Separate fiction and reality. Separate Tumblr from the real world. Fiction doesn’t represent what the creator condones in real life settings. If you truly want to combat these problems, fight the real life problems and stop harassing survivors and shippers and writers and artists. Your ‘social justice’ helps no one, all it’s doing is hurting people.

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oh, also, a lot of the anti bruce/"batkids" shippers also conveniently don't like bruce with superman or any other male superhero, but they are conveniently not homophobic at all. they just hate pedophiles and think people who don't ship according to their moral dictates should die. so that's another ugly side to the current fandom Discourse.

LOL YEA I looked at one of those lists of “bad ships” now and I laughed so hard because somehow almost all the het ships got a pass. GEE I WONDER

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omg HAI!!!! i love ur blog xDDDD i LOVE phan so much !!!!! i ship phan so hard THEY ARE DEFINITELY TOGETHER !! :33333 do u ship phan????? IF U DON'T SHIP PHAN I WILL COME TO UR HOUSE AND HURT U 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👊👊👊 i K N O W where u live.. lmao kk ALSO dan is SOOOO HOT (LIKE DAN DADDY PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES!!!!! EVEN THO UR TWICE MOST OF UR FANBASE'S AGES !!!!!! 👅 👅 👅 👅💦💦💦💦) lmaoo anyywayyyy kkk BAI!! if ur a DANGIRL then <333333 if u even think phil is CUTE then </33333 PHAN IS REAL !!!

HAII !!!!!! tysm for saying hello xDD i ship phan SOOOOO hard dan is my FAV !!!1!1!!!!1! 💦💦💯💯 im the biggest dangirl there is xD o_0 ppl who like phil better r SINNERS and r GOING TO HELL 🙅🙅🚫🚫👊👊😡😡 i luv ur blog too omgz thx for following :33 phan is so real i have a 172 pg essay with EVIDENCE🕵🔎 if u wanna read it ill give u the link ^.^ anyway im gonna go find out dan and phils address now BAI !!! 👋👋

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could you do some chestervelle (jo+dean) smut please?? i ship them so hard and it seems like no one else rly does and i can never find it thx!!!

There are a few kinks on my kink list that I am writing for them! Should be out in the next couple of weeks! XOXO

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top 3: femslash ships, tropes, and AUs?

💕 top 3 femslash ships:

This is so hard bc I love all of them so much. I guess if I had to choose:

1. Allison/Erica (Teen Wolf)
2. Emma/Audrey (Scream)
3. Allison/Lydia/Malia/Kira (Teen Wolf)

💕 top 3 tropes:

1. Bed sharing.
2. Clothes sharing.
3. Friends to lovers (or enemies to friends to lovers 😍).

💕 top 3 AUs:

1. College AU.
2. Neighbors AU.
3. Space or mermaids AU.

Thank you Hannah! 😘

Xander and Buffy talking about breaking in is cracking me up. You go guys!



“To read makes our speaking English good.” OH MY GOSH!!!!

Willow, don’t trust him!!!!


Thank goodness for Dave!

Moloch is creepy as hell.

Oh this suicide note. RIP Dave. You didn’t deserve this.

Buffy, your hair is better than mine.

Moloch getting creepy in the computer.