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  • jane/rafael (jane the virgin)
  • tommy/merton (big wolf on campus)
  • lane/rory (gilmore girls)
  • shawn/angela (boy meets world)
  • brittany/natasha (stuck in the suburbs)

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drybones98  asked:

Why do you diskike Malink?

Okay, so this is hard to explain since shipping is just a matter of taste and I cannot point why MaLink is part of my short list of notp.

Some people may see MaLink and think is perfect and it makes lots of sense, but I don’t particularly see that, I don’t feel Malon had more relevance to Link than other characters. 

About their “engagement” I feel was part of the original idea that Nintendo had that you would be able to choose your love interest at the end of the game, but they change their mind and those dialogues stayed. Aaaand they don’t have much development or interaction, no more than Saria or Ruto.

Actually MaLink became more a thing after Twilight Princess, where much of the material pointed that the Hero of Time married Malon and they founded the Ordon Village together (there are very interesting theories on youtube). But we also know that the Hero of Time was never able to settle down, his children were not interested on his legacy and his life was full of misery and regrets. And that doesn’t sound like a happy story to me.

So if you like MaLink, good for you, just keep it away from my dash and art.

anonymous asked:

I gave up on ouat such a long time ago and you're pretty much the only ouat blog I still follow lol but whenever I see sq gifs I feel like nothing will ever compare? like I've shipped clexa and shoot so hard but sq's lost potential will always make me want to fling myself into the sun lmao

Amen my friend. LGBTQ representation is hard to come by, and when it does we latch on SO HARD. Because we don’t get jack shit. But even if we did, even if the lesbians and bi girls did not die in these shows, they still wouldn’t be Swan Queen. Because SQ is the only one that shows us as family. It’s the only one that’s a fairytale with a happily ever after for something other than hetero. It’s the only one that shows an adult relationship between two women as something more than sexual. Ouat has the potential to mean EVERYTHING to the LGBTQ community and it CHOOSES not to. And that hurts. It’s been hurting all of us for a long time. To me, all I can hope is that we are the last generation to feel this way.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Carol and Daryl may reunite on Friday and I’m not okay. I’m not okay at all. Right after the mid season finale he went straight to the kingdom. Daryl loves Carol soooooo much. I ship them so hard that it hurts. I swear if GIMPLE decides to do something bad I swear I will cry and cry and cry. I AM NOT OKAYYYYYY… *internally crying*

anonymous asked:

what to do if you start disliking a member because of shipping? i tried so hard not to but every single time i see this member with my otp or one of them i can't help but cringe and wish he was not there. i am young so is this why i'm like this?

i’m sorry but that means you take shipping too seriously. if you honestly want to stop feeling like that, just try to think of your ship as a platonic option too, considering that all the band members are extremely close friends at the end of the day!

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Yess everyone has been really sweet! I saw the ship names last night and they made me laugh so hard. Please guys we need your help again, ask me and I'll answer [almost] anything you want! I'm so excited now - helpless Ham, at your service

I’m glad they made you laugh!! :D And yes, kiddos! Please send in any questions you have! :D <333

anonymous asked:

My friend ships me and my girlfriend so hard. She has drawn a anime style picture of me and my girlfriend sitting on a bench. She's laying with her head in my lap, our hands are linked on her stomach and its so cute. I got it on my wall! 😍😍


anonymous asked:

do you have any other ships besides ianthony? i personally love koah <3 (+ of course ianthony)

Ianthony is really the only one I fangirl about (publicly), but I do have other ships like Koah and Marhinki :) I do ship another ship so hard it hurts, but I keep that one private ;)