First prize picture for my shipping contest of Vintage!

Gosh it took me FOREVER to get a pose that I liked and then when I found one and did the lineart I decided I DIDN’T like it and nknvdkfnvbsrtj.  I dunno why she’s doing this, but the pose turned out okay, so I hope you like it uvu

JUST ONE PRIZE LEFT AND I’LL DO COMMISSIONS!  I just need to message the 3rd prize winner and ask them to request a different pone… because the pone they picked does not have a ref and I can’t get a good enough ref in the pics.  :UUU))

Shipping Contestants, anyone?

Yuugi Mutou





Yami no Yuugi




Pharaoh Atemu





It’s simple, really. Just use this format, and send your vote for all three girls in one message, or reply to this post with your vote:

Ex. “Yuugi: honey-eyed-puppy / Yami: honey-eyed-puppy / Atemu: honey-eyed-puppy”

Only voting for one or two of the girls? No matter. Stick to the format and just leave out the girl you’re not voting for.

This list will be reposted three times a day, for a week or two, updated whenever we get another contestant, so check back!

Got it?

Apologies and Denouncement

All results of the contest are null and void.

I have miscounted three times so far, and have been informed of such. There was a three-way tie, in the end, after careful recount. Evidently, this was a bad idea, and, therefore, it is null.

Andy is still a fair, maiden princess who ain’t got no man.

May the odds be ever in your character’s favor. 

martotheavenger  asked:

I respectfully disagree with the post about Nat. I don't ship her with anyone but Bucky, but it's only logical for people to start pairing her with the character she's had most screen time with in the latest movie. BW and BP shared some great scenes, that's what people respond to. She and Thor never shared a word. I don't see racism here. But tbt I think Nat wouldn't be happy as a queen - not in Asgard, and not in Wakanda. She prefers being away from the public eye.

“I don’t see racism here” Gee, probably because you aren’t black but go off, I guess. 

None of this is relevant, so I don’t know why you felt the need to drop your two cents on this matter that you obviously have NO perspective on. It was written out clear as day in my original post so if you can’t understand THAT, then I’m not wasting time discussing this with a person who “doesn’t see racism here” like that’s an option 

But, I guess when you’re nonblack💁💁💁 

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The Winner of the Shipping Contest is....... BLACKICE!!!

Congrats Black Ice shippers your ship will be featured as the description blog icon:D It’s a great honor and you shippers should feel proud:3 I declare today and tomorrow to be Black Ice victory days!! Also, RotG Confession will celebrate along:D Anyway, thanks and congrats to the other ships that were really close here’s the list of top 5 and read more to see the rest. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!

1. Black Ice (JackxPitch

2. Frostbite (JackxTooth)

3. Jackrabbit (JackxBunnymund)

4. No ships:D

5. SweetTooth (BunnymundxTooth)

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You should have kissed her when you had the chance…

Massage Chairs

Heya! This is the second chapter of that tickle story I started. I was busy writing it and doing stuff with family so I haven’t been able to post it until recently. Currently I’m editting it so hopefully I’ll be quicker with updates. I want to get into a schedule if I can. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! And if you want to catch the first part here’s a link to it:

First Chapter:


The boat lay anchor on a nearby island. As they disembarked the ship the contestants had the two wrist cuffs placed on their wrists. A couple of them rolled their eyes and sneered at the workers as they inserted them onto their wrists. After they were all done, they gathered on the pier. The pink fennec fox girl was standing down the pier. She was tapping her foot idly.

“Hello everyone!” She greeted with a smile. Her tail waved back and forth as she looked upon them. Her audience seemed to greet her with less of an enthusiastic response, though. Instead, they muttered out a muffled groan. Unfazed, her grin shined on her face.

“Now I know you’re all eager to start the competition, but let me first give you an extra briefing.” She smiled and waved towards the island. “This island is where the competition will take place. On the island there will be many tools and secrets hidden on the island. These secrets can help you win! You may use them, as long as you don’t start any violence. If you break any of our rules, we will catch you! And if you’re wondering, we will be wandering around. So if you ever see any of us feel free to ask some questions. Some extra things will pop up during the span of the contest, but… we can tackle those things when they pop up.” Her tail swished around wildly as she talked.

“Now because you’re all in the same place, it would be too easy for all you to attack each other. That wouldn’t make for good television. So to get you all well aquatinted with the island, I’ll be giving you all half an hour to explore the island. Use it wisely~”

The fox girl smiled and bowed towards them. “Now go out there and try to win!”
The fox jumped out of the way. She camped out a spot near the edge of the pier. The contestants were eager to get far away from each other.  They bum rushed down the pier and charged towards the island. In the back, Duboce watched them all. He was not eager to get into their races. He felt tired and he wanted to stay away. This way he’d only be with all the other stay behinds. He hoped there would be somewhere to hide nearby.

Duboce trudged down the pier. As he walked he gathered his breath and his thoughts. He looked down towards the water underneath him. The tide was calm and the sun shined against the top layer of the water. If he wasn’t in a competition he would have enjoyed the sight. It would be a nice sight to see while listening to music he thought. However, this thought reminded him how he needed a new pair of headphones. He sighed and sulked as he walked.

“Hey why so glum buddy?” a high pitched voice said from behind him. Duboce shivered when he felt someone pat him on the back. He whipped his head around to see a stout right next to him. This stout was just as short as Duboce was if not even shorter. It had a mop of brown hair and wore a sweater-vest along with corduroy jeans. They had on a pair of sandals on their feet. Duboce sighed in relief when he noticed the voice belonged to an animal that looked weaker than he even did. He didn’t notice him earlier between all the tough looking competition. Maybe there were more like him.

“I’m not sure I can do this,” Duboce stumbled. His eyesight diverted away from the other contestant towards the ocean.

“Sure you can buddy,” the stout cheered. He pat his hand on Duboce’s back again and started to rub his back. “I’m sure you can make it through this.”

Duboce sighed and shook his head. The competition hadn’t even started, but his spirit broke.

The stout though nodded to him. “Look here buddy, how about we go relax before it starts? That way you’ll at least have some fun before it all?”

Duboce was skeptical. While he liked the idea of relaxing, he couldn’t trust that the Stout wasn’t going to tickle attack him.

The stout got closer to Duboce. He rubbed his head against Duboce’s side. “Come on buddy, you look like you need to have some fun.”

The warmth of the stout’s head comforted Duboce. That or he was just desperate for anything to hear him up. Shyly he nodded. “Sure,” he mumbled out.

“Yay~” cheered the stout. They grabbed Duboce’s hand and started running down the pier looking for the nearest way to the beach. As the stout kept his eyes out for a nice piece of sand they started talking again. “So buddy, what’s your name?”

“It’s Duboce. What’s yours?”

“It’s Buddy, buddy.”

Duboce’s face contorted and his head tilted. “But you were calling me buddy?”

“I call everyone buddy, buddy.”

“But that’s your name!”

“Yes it is, buddy!”

Duboce’s eyes resembled swirls with extra confusion added on top. He couldn’t follow the logic of the small little stout.

“My parents raised me on a healthy diet of friendship lessons and motivational posts.” Buddy responded. “They gave me the name Buddy, so I could be a friend. And I call everyone buddy so they can be a friend.”

Duboce tiled his head. He couldn’t believe the sweetness of the stout’s nice demeanor. Something had to be too good to be true.

“Oh look!” Buddy called out. He raised his arm and pointed towards a couple of chairs that were in the distance. “Massage chairs!” Buddy excitedly ran towards the chairs and started to look over the text on them. Duboce noticed that the chairs had a nice view of the ocean that surrounded the island. He figured it would be a nice relaxing atmosphere if there ever could be one on the island.
“It’s free buddy!” Buddy cried out. “All we have to do is take off our shirt and our shoes! The chair will do the rest!”

Duboce looked curiously at the massage chairs trying to see if they were a trap or not. He looked at Buddy, who was happily tearing off his sweater-vest and pulling off his sandals one by one. He eagerly jumped into the massage chair. As soon as he jumped into it the padding around it surrounded his body. Sensations started to push against his body, they rubbed up against his back and his sides. The padding of the chair covered up his feet and kneaded its machinery into his soles. It rubbed at the muscles there. He let out a loud sigh of relief and started to purr. “You should try this, buddy,” Buddy said. “It feels really nice.”

Duboce was in need of some relaxation. He swallowed his fear and slowly took off his sleeveless black shirt. He put it down next to Buddy’s shirt. He then took off his tennis shoes, leaving him in a pair of teal ankle socks. He stepped onto the chair himself. The chair wrapped around him like it did with Buddy and started to massage against his body. He could feel the bliss as the machinery massaged at his tired muscles. The machine eased the tension that was in his poor body.

The two boys relaxed in the soothing arms of the massage chairs. They let their troubles wash away by the relaxing arms of the massage chairs. The newfound relaxation engulfed Duboce’s mind. He missed relaxation like this for a long time at this point. He let out several sighs of relaxation. His content purring was loud and continuous. Among all this a loud bell rung across the whole island with an announcement in the voice of the pink Fennec fox. “It’s time to start! Good luck everyone!” The bell rung again. It had begun.

But for the two boys they were too focused in the relaxation of the chairs that they were in. The idea of the soothing quality was too much for them to ignore. The only way out would be overexposure, or dirty tricks by a dirty player.
Soon after the bell the massaged slowed down to a stop. Confusion hit the two boys when they stopped. Was this the end of the relaxation? Duboce tried to pick himself up. He was now content and relaxed but he found himself stuck in the binds of the massage chair. He opened his eyes and looked out towards the still calming beach. Only this time there was something much less calming in front of it. In front of him, there was a small creature with two red horns dressed in an oversized black hoodie. The body of the creature as far as Duboce could tell was also black. The appearance of another animal surprised him. He also didn’t recognize the new animal. Considering how he was stuck to the chair, this scared him.

“Hey new buddy,” Buddy greeted. “Would you like a turn on the massage chair.”

“Do I look like I’m here to play?” the dark creature shouted.

“Everyone should be here to play buddy.”

“Just what is wrong with you?” the creature barked. It too had a high pitched voice. It was painfully obvious the source of the voice was trying to growl their voice as much as possible to hide the timbre of their voice.

“There’s nothing wrong with positivity.”

“Well your positivity is going to make you the first one out of here, how do you feel about that. BUDDY?”

“Oooh you know my name!” Buddy happily cheered.

The dark creature rolled her bright red eyes. It kept quiet and leaned towards the massage chair. Within a couple of seconds Buddy and Duboce could feel the machinery of the chair, the same that had just massaged them, start to slowly drag across their back and sides. Duboce giggled out madly the instant the tickly machinery dragged against their body. Buddy let out a couple of chuckles and smiled towards the dark creature. “Is that all you got?”
Duboce squealed in fear. He didn’t want it to get worse. He didn’t want to be eliminated already.

“Oh I’ll show you what I got!” the hooded creature replied.

The machinery started to drag themselves along much faster. Sharp, fork like edges came out of the machine and raked down their sides. A couple of these fork-like tools appeared at their feet and dragged down the soles of their feet.

Buddy snickered a bit, but seemed unfazed. “That isn’t going to do much on me,” he cheered happily.

Duboce instantly burst into a cry of loud laughter. He wanted to move his body away, but  the confines of the machine trapped him. His laughter was loud and constant. It made it hard for the hooded creature to hear Buddy’s taunts.

“Wow. He’ll be really easy to finish off,” the hooded creature said pointing towards Duboce.

“He really is ticklish,” Buddy cheered happily. He kicked around his feet a bit in the machine and smiled.

“I’ll focus on you then,” the hooded creature said. They jumped onto Buddy and dug their fingers into Buddy’s ribs and belly. Buddy instantly laughed out loudly as the creatures soft fingertips teased against his soft belly. He tossed his head to the side still with that infectious smile.

“Now I have you too,” the creature teased. Her bushy tail flicked up against the massage chair with Duboce in it. This caused it to kick into overdrive. The tools of the chair raked against Duboce’s sides even faster. They dug into his soft fur and teased at his nerves. Duboce roared out in laughter. His eyes shut and started to water. Inside, he wondered just how much tickling he was going to be able to take in his small bunny body. This tired him out as much as the massage chair relaxed him earlier.

The hooded creature spun their fingertips quickly along Buddy’s belly and his ribs. They dug them into the soft fur and teased at the nerves that were underneath him. They wiggled a couple of their fingers at the meat between a couple of ribs. In response to this treatment, Buddy hollered out with laughter.

His screech blasted out a mile. The other contestants who were nearby shook in their footsteps. Even if they didn’t know concretely what it was, they had their fears. Those who could track the sound scurried farther away from it.

Meanwhile, Duboce was too concerned with his own situation to care about on Buddy’s ticklish laughter. He let out a loud row of laughs himself. At this point his eyes were completely tearing up as the tools raked up and down his sides and his feet even faster. His socked feet paddled as the tools dug into his soles and poked at the nerves all over his feet. Duboce could feel his voice starting to fade. He didn’t know how much more of this he would be able to take. He worried that his journey in this tourney might already be over. While he would be fine getting away from all the tickling he still wanted to win. And most of all he didn’t want to be in last place.

“You’re on the ropes!” The hooded creature shouted out. They dragged their fingers down Buddy’s ribs, causing him to squeal down a couple of octaves. “I will have you.” They teased a finger between a particular set of Buddy’s ribs. Instantly Buddy let out a loud cry along with a quick jerking reaction. His body was relatively still before, but this quick jerk was strong enough that it knocked the hooded creature onto the ground.  It also knocked Buddy free from the chair. The padding retreated and gave him the space to get up. He looked over at the hooded creature who landed on their back with the soles of their boots pointed towards Buddy.

“Now it’s your turn!” Buddy shouted.

The hooded creature grimaced in a pain. It quickly picked itself up and ran off. Buddy watched as the hooded creature made its mistake. Buddy turned over towards Duboce’s chair and scanned it up and down. Upon inspection, he noticed a large red button on the massage chair. It should have been hard for any pair of fools to miss. Buddy pressed it and the padding of the chair retreated. The tickling against Duboce’s sides and feet stopped. Duboce let out loud pants as he noticed the tickling stopped. He lay down in his chair and smiled as somehow he made it out.

He opened his eyes and saw Buddy looking over him, smiling and waving. “You’re all right, buddy,” Buddy greeted with a pure and innocent smile.

Duboce panted and relaxed in the chair. Somehow he had survived this first trail of ticklishness.