Keep Voting Fandom! You’re doing awesome!

Just a reminder to keep voting in the MTV Ship of the Year! We have a strong lead, but this war is not won yet. The Cl*xa fandom plans to try and catch up to us these last two days. They are betting on us being tired. 

I am betting we’re not.

So let’s do this fandom!!! Reblog reblog reblog reblog! Keep up all your hard work! It’ll pay off in TWO DAYS.


So I’m doing this multi-fandom giveaway because I’ve sold 100 of my Certified Fangirl T-shirts on Redbubble.

I’m giving away one of the above three shirts:

  • Certified Fangirl (There is a version that says “Fanboy” and the winner can specify that they want that one)
  • We’re My OTP
  • SuperWhoLock Venn Diagram

You are having it your way:

  • Any color
  • Any size
  • Unisex or Female T-shirt

I will pay for shipping and will ship to anywhere.


  • You must be following this dork
  • I will have the drawing on May 10th at 9 PST cause that’s my Tumblr Birthday and I’m sentimental like that
  • Only reblogs count, but you can reblog as many times as you like
  • This has to get at least 500 notes or its not happening
  • I will pick one winner and message them about giving me their preferences and shipping address

Now I highly doubt this will ever get that many notes, but if it does this is what I will add:

  • 2,500: I will make you a necklace based on your blog
  • 10,000: Pick another shirt from my store. Whatever the hell you want. Just has to be a T-Shirt
  • 20,000: I will write you shitty fan fiction of whatever the hell you want. Any pairing, you name it. I can just promise you it will probably suck.

I may add more stuff. I don’t know. Just spread the word

I’m here for you - Afterdeath

This is an interesting couple? X3
Geno is so aammm adorable and interesting XD
and Death is so hot! I mean, Is adorable XD

Sorry, If you don’t like it :’v, But I hope you like it!!! <3
Link DA -

Geno (Aftertal!Sans!) Belongs to @loverofpiggies
Death (Reapertale!Sans!) Belong to @renrink

7u7 @meeperspeeperslovecandy

Process: (why no?)

The Winner of the Shipping Contest is....... BLACKICE!!!

Congrats Black Ice shippers your ship will be featured as the description blog icon:D It’s a great honor and you shippers should feel proud:3 I declare today and tomorrow to be Black Ice victory days!! Also, RotG Confession will celebrate along:D Anyway, thanks and congrats to the other ships that were really close here’s the list of top 5 and read more to see the rest. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!

1. Black Ice (JackxPitch

2. Frostbite (JackxTooth)

3. Jackrabbit (JackxBunnymund)

4. No ships:D

5. SweetTooth (BunnymundxTooth)

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Updated Masterlist!

He Tries To Get Your Attention But You Shy Part 1

He Tries To Get Your Attention But You Shy Part 2

You Get Hurt or Are In Danger With Happy Ending

He Cheats on His Girlfriend with You Liam/ Zayn Part 1

He Cheats on His Girlfriend with You Louis/ Harry/ Niall Part 1

He Cheats on His Girlfriend with You Liam/ Zayn Part 2

He Cheats on His Girlfriend with You Louis/ Harry/ Niall Part 2

Sex In The Club

Family Outfit

Couple Outfit

Wedding Photo

Wedding Dress Ballgown

Things You Do Together

Dress He Buys You


Tour Picture

Song He Sings You When Your Upset

What Reminds You of Him While On Tour

He Sees You at The Concert After A Fight

When He First Sees You

Sees You With Another Guy



Red Carpet


What Kind Of Dad He Would Be

Your First Daughter

Your First Son

You Tell Everyone You Are Pregnant

You Tell Him Your Pregnant

Gender Reveal

Baby Room Single

Baby Room Twins

Sons Matching Outfits

Daughter Matching Outfits

You and Your Daughter

Him and Your Son

Him and Your Daughter

Pregnancy Photo

Newborn Photo

Daddy Daughter Moments

Father Son Moments

Strip Tease

What He Does To Drive You Crazy

Wet Pleasing

Shower Sex

Sex Position

Honeymoon Lingerie

Sexy Outfit

Sexy Photo Together
Sexy Photo For Him

Shower Sex With Harry

Threesome With Louis and Harry

I Would Part 1

I Would Part 2

Last First Kiss

Last First Kiss Pictures

Diana Part 1 of 5

Diana Part 2 of 5

Diana Part 3 of 5

Diana Part 4 of 5

Big Announcement

Wedding Magazines


Wedding Help Between You and Him

Best Man/ Maid of Honor

Talk Show



Red Carpet Long Dress

Lazy Day

Birthday Party With Harry

Movies With Liam

5Sos Concert

Beyonce Concert

Harry Styles Isn’t She Lovely-

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Niall Horan Teenage Dirtbag-

Part 1

Part 1 Outfit

Part 2

Part 2 Outfit

Part 3

Part 3 Outfit

Part 4

Harry Styles and Liam Payne Something Great-

Sneak Peak

Through the Dark



Loved You First

Just Call

Harry Imagine For Alex

I’m Your Biggest Fan

I’m Your Biggest Fan Outfit

Dance For Me

You and I

You and I Outfit

On My Own

Skype Date

My Knight In Jeans and a Snapback

I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye

First Meeting

Beauty and The Beast

Not What it Looks Like

Don’t Judge Me

Surprise Party

Cute 15 Minutes

Louis Imagine For Supriya

Meet The Tomlinson Family

How You Meet

First Date

Your From Scotland

Your In The Marines


You Little Flirt!

Watching Them Do A Twitcam

What He Does To Make You Smile

When He Sees You At A Concert

His Dance For You

When He Sees You With Fans

When You Say Yes To Date Him

His Fave Picture of You

Your Fave On Stage Picture



Meal You Cook Together

He Does Your Hair

He Picks Out You Clothes

Couple Photo

He Gets You A Puppy

Day Off

Sees You With Another Guy



5Sos Girl Style

Fair With Luke

Prom With Ashton

Outfit He Buys You On Tour- Ashton

Dance With Ashton

Coachella With Ashton

Cuddles with Mashton

Video Games With Cake


Tour Life

New Baby

Summer Love

The Artist Life

Luke Imagine For Ana

5Sos and 1D-

More Than This (Luke and Niall)

Movie Outfit




Little Things


Dont Forget Where You Belong

Never Be

Better Than Words

Strange Magic Poster Give Away

Hey remember some time back when I mentioned that the company gave us Strange Magic posters and some of us from the animation department left our autographs on it?

Well it turns out I do have an extra piece. So as a gesture of appreciation to fans for supporting this obscure piece of cinematic treasure, I’m organising a give away! 

Here’s what you can do to win:

  • Reblog this post! You can Reblog multiple times for higher chances of winning! I’ll count each Reblog as 1 entry. Likes do not count.
  • You don’t have to be a follower to join. BUT.
  • Followers who participate gets 5 additional entries. (That’s to say “thank you” for putting up with my daily nonsense ;p)
  • I’ll pick a winner using Winner will need to reply to me within 3 days. You heard my terms! By moon down, or all of you will be next!!!
  • I ship worldwide!
  • Contest ends on 18th April 2015, 12 am eastern time.

The poster will go well with your brand new Strange Magic DVD come May! This is the first time I’m doing such a thing and I’m excited! Good luck fellow Strangers! =)