Ok so they get paired up and Momo has always looked up to Todoroki as skater and feels a bit inferior when compared to him, so she keeps overworking herself… she doesn’t know that the same applies to Todoroki who has always kept an eye on Momo’s career and truly belives she’s the greates partner and wouldn’t change her for the world.

The thing is Momo keeps overworking herself to the point where Todoroki has to interfere and makes her promise not to practise when he’s not around… they spend a lot of time together and even have some ballet practise sessions together, they feel so comfortable together they don’t understand why the media keeps making news about them being a “couple” lol.

Eventually they enter the competition against other couples and start seeing their feelings as it interferes a bit with their career they panic ahaha but it’s all good in the end : )!

I’ll probably add the other ship contestants later on, kacchako ships do axes and really high jumps where Katsuki throws her into the air for example, todomomo shines because of their refined skills and jumps aahahahaha they look in love in the ice.

superawesomecomicstuffidontknow  asked:

I have an idea. What if all your favorite ships had a contest to see who has the cutest boyfriend. But the tops start arguing with each other while the bottoms just stand and watch it with some snacks.

it was a four way tie in the end 

Hey, sheith fandom!

So Hypable is running its annual ship contest, and sheith is among the available ships to choose from!

Now, compared to certain other behemoths in the fandom, we probably won’t be number one in VLD, let alone overall.

But you know what? Let’s make a good showing! Let’s prove how strong the sheith fandom is in the face of adversity, continual harassment, and recent fandom nonsense. Let’s show the public that there ARE people out there who love their dynamic. Most of all, let’s show that we aren’t backing down anytime soon, and will continue strong well into Season 3 and beyond.

Cast your vote on desktop here!  (Link for mobile users is here)

**NOTE: Sometimes the website doesn’t show the poll; on mobile, access the desktop site. Otherwise, on a computer try different browsers or disabling adblocking add-ons.

Ship it - Jared Padalecki x Reader

Title: Ship it

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: YN plays the younger Winchester since season 1 and always had a huge fanbase. Her and Jared fall in love , got married and have kids and the fans are just crazy over them that gives Wincest a whole new meaning? &  jared/reader and she’s an actress on the show since the beginning. They’re married for 5yrs and its also her birthday while they’re at a con and during hers and J2’s panel she tells jared she’s pregn

Originally posted by the-winchester-cult

“Because it is just no Winchesters panel without all three of us here!” Jensen grinned as Jared brought a chair for you to sit next to him.You kissed his cheek and he gave you and adorable dimpled smile as he sat next to you and the entire crowd awed.

“A kiss to the birthday girl!” Jensen said with a wide smile through the microphone as the crowd cheered all the more and you laughed shyly. You heard many happy birthdays and giggled as you saw the smile also on your husband’s face as he took your hand and kissed the top of it.

“Kinda feeling old now.” you chuckled as they laughed “And I am the youngest Winchester huh?”

“But now that we are talking about it-” Jensen looked at Jared for a moment with a mischievous grin “You all Wincest shippers must be going crazy huh?” and the crowd sheered as you and Jared laughed.

“Although I- I don’t take part in this shipping contests-” you spoke through your microphone “I gotta say I have never shipped Jared more with anyone else.”

“Of course!” Jensen exclaimed as Jared chuckled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

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It’s time! The third annual Legend of Lucy Fan Art Contest has begun!

Now there’s more prizes than ever! And this time, only three entries will win!

So what do you have to do? Simple! Just make a piece of Lucy fanart. Could be a depiction of a scene or character you like, a “what-if” scenario, or something completely off-the-wall! The only rules are that it must be a visual medium (like an illustration, a photo, or a sculpture), it must feature characters appearing in The Legend of Lucy, and it must be work safe. Everything else is entirely up to you.

But then what? When you post your artwork, whether on an art site, Twitter, or Tumblr, alert me to your post. I am @ssorobo on Tumblr, Twitter, and FurAffinity, and sso-robo on DeviantART. Or, if you use none of these, you can send it via email at

All entries will be listed as they are found on the comic’s webpage.

The deadline is October 30, 2017. Judging and ultimately announcing the top 4 entries will occur after said date. Winners will be expected to provide shipping details. The contest is international so prizes can be shipped anywhere.

So @emmshipping and I (@tarushipping) were discussing about running a selfship themed contest, and with Halloween just around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect time to run one. We wanted to make this in the spirit of both Halloween and our love for selfships! So we, together with our boys, are hosting a contest.


Spoopy SelfShip Contest 2017

is a contest where you can create good selfship content of you and your fav(s) with a spoopy theme. The content can be art, writing, aesthetic, or even a playlist! We have four different categories and winners will be chosen for each. You just have to pick one of the four prompts below and go nuts with it~ You can submit multiple submissions, have multiple favs involved, or even have your friends show up in them. If you’d like to help donate prizes, we’d love the help! And you’re free to still enter as a contestant

The Deadline is 

October 28th at 11:59PM EST.

Then we’ll judge all the entries and announce the winners on Halloween night~!

We’re accepting submissions 


(Please read below for Submission Requirements)



In order to submit your entry into the contest, please make sure to:

  1. Reblog this post
  2. Mention this blog in the comment
  3. And tag your piece with SSSC17

We’ll be routinely checking the tags and mentions, and then we’ll reblog the entry to this blog once it’s been submitted to let you know it’s been accepted! If a week has gone by or you’re worried we haven’t seen it, please feel free to message us about it. We want to make sure we see them all~ 

In case you don’t want your submission posted on tumblr but still want to enter the contest

Just message us directly with your entry! We understand being shy about selfships. In the case your entry wins, however, we will want it posted so others can see the winning entry-it’s only fair for other contestants to see it. And if your entry was good enough to win, feel confident in it! It’s awesome!


Please choose from one of these four prompts to base your submission on~ We wanted to provide a fun variety of prompts but still give everyone plenty of room to work with.

1). Halloween Night

That time of the year came around again. The time when the trees outside turn into an assortment of deep reds, hearty browns, and soft yellows. When the stores stock up on aisles of candy and anatomically incorrect skeletons. When all up and down the street, houses are decorated in fake webs and carved pumpkins. As the children outside start making their trek for sweets, you and for F/O(s) are starting on plans of your own. It’s Halloween night after all, and it’s time to have some fun.

What are you and your fav(s) doing on Halloween night~? Maybe some trick or treating? Scary movie party? Vandalizing? Just make something based around what you plan to do!

2). Monster Fav/Insert

You and your fav(s) were given a bottle of mysterious purple liquid by a stranger on the streets during a cold, October night. Out of sheer curiosity, someone decided to drink the bottle whole. It didn’t seem to have any effect on them. That was, until later into the night…

Your insert/One of your favs have drank a potion and have turned into a monster! What kind of monster are they? Are they friendly or are they more hostile? How do you/your fav(s) react to this?  Make something based on what the potion has done to you/your fav! 

3). Haunted Mansion

You and your fav(s) have been dared to explore an abandoned mansion that is claimed to be haunted on Halloween night. Feeling brave and daring, you and your fav(s) venture in. Once you step foot into the building, the large doors slam shut behind you, leaving you and your fav(s) in the darkness. You try to open the doors, but it seems like they’ve been locked shut.

It looks like you and your fav(s) are stuck in an abandoned mansion for the night. What do you do? Do you go exploring? Do you experience anything strange or find paranormal entities? Make something based on your experience in the mansion!

4).Murder Hotel

You and your F/O(s) managed to plan a getaway to a fancy bread and breakfast style hotel. As you entered, you were greeted by a pleasant gentleman in a fine tailored suit. As he showed you around the house, you discovered it was decorated in a number of quaint antiques. The staff themselves really played up the old Victorian theme in their butler and maid outfits.
It was a pleasant night until a scream echoes down the hall. Both staff and guests alike are ushered into the lounge when the doors are locked. A maid announces that the gentleman from earlier has been found murdered. Murmurs and fear spread through the crowd, but her next lines are what chill everyone to the bone:
“And no one can leave until we find the culprit.”

You and your fav(s) find themselves trapped in a hotel in the middle of a murder mystery! Who seems most suspicious? Who can’t leave their room? How is the murder solved in the end? Feel free to make up whatever story you’d like!


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A little cómic for a fanfiction contest and a day without ships activities, from the latino fandom. This is what It says:
Diligi: Princess Moon, ¿Do you like to read?
Moon: What are you doing in my bedroom?
Diligi: And do you like that the fandom only fight for ships?
Moon: EHH…
*I show The Day Without Ships and The fanfic contest and its rules to participate, the winner win a cómic made by me and my colleagues in the latino fandom*
Lena: Let’s leave the ship fight for one day, without dying in the attempt.
Moon: I am Moon Butterfly and I approve this message
Moon: Okay, done. Can you let me go now? Please
*Pinch her face with the edges of the poster that have more information*

Diligi: Could you promote my Instagram? It’s Diligi_trash. Please? Please? Please?

Just a Peak

So this was one of the pieces I did for fan forge shipping contest and hadn’t posted on tumblr yet, but I figure some peeps might enjoy it as a wallpaper or just to have or whatever.
I think for someone who always wears sunglasses, actually looking into another person’s eyes is an incredibly intimate gesture.

1.2K Contest!

So, as a thank you for 1.2K followers, I decided to do a contest! 

To Enter You Must: 

  • Be Following Me
  • Re-blog This Post
  • Be Active 
  • Fill This Out 
    So, that’s like a quiz and it’s kinda long but idk I just like feeling close to you guys so I asked a bunch of random questions oof i’m sorry ily

So, you all know I am extra af so I decided that there will be… 


Winners Will Be able to choose from 

  • An Imagine
  • A Mood-board
  • A Ship

Top 4 Winners Will Receive: 

  • Any two (2) of the 3 above that they choose

Next 5 Winners Will Receive: 

  • Any one (1) of the 3 above that they choose

Last 5 Winners Will Receive: 

  • They will be able to choose between a mood board or ship

This contest will end on January 18, 2018 at 11:59 pm PST

Obviously 14 winners is a lot, so if this works out it will take me some time to finish everyone’s stuff. When the winners are announced, the first person on the list will have top priority and then the second person and so on. 

watch no one enter im gonna cry 

So I realized after a conversation that I never posted this pic I drew to submit to the shipping contest WLF held a while back. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really care about being chosen, myself. Mostly, I just want the original panel as a print to put up on the wall.
Please Hussie, this is my favorite/the most epic kiss in anything ever why can’t I have it on my wall ;3;
(That’s also why the proportions of this pic are squashed compared to the source. I might redraw it again at some point, but I’ll probably just do other dirkjake instead.)

anonymous asked:

Mind making a Kallen/Lelouch post? I mainly see people hating on the ship and no one really talks about the good shit.

:( yeah, it’s never been a ship with a large fanbase. Then again, the shipping contest in CG was unfair, everyone seemed to have a chance but at the same time it seemed nobody did, everyone lashed out at everyone else and so on…

But alright, let’s fangirl/boy here, Anon! Do keep in mind that I am SUCH A RAMBLER and that I don’t vent my Kallen/Lelouch feelings as often as I should so… insanely long post coming up ahead! :’D 

First off, I love the way she’s Lelouch’s first contact with the Japanese Resistance. That situation was pretty extreme (then again, what isn’t in CG? XD), and Lelouch’s attempt to help somehow bites him back in the rear as he ends up involved directly in this “poison gas” theft problem. No doubt, he’s not exactly thrilled about it, but you get the feeling that he’s somewhat waking up from the Britannian Schoolboy mentality, where he was somewhat sleepwalking through life, and he only gets the chance to do everything he did because these crazy japanese people stole that poison gas tank. So yeah, I love that, while she never knew it, her actions are literally what brought Lelouch to act in the first place, because her actions led him to acquire the power he did.

And of course, never hurts that he’s worried about these crazy terrorists and the crap they’re up to… yet he stops to stare at her, knowing he’s seen her before someplace. Never hurts.

Second, I naturally love the code names he comes up with. No doubt they were mostly related to their roles in the chess game Lelouch perceives their war to be, but Kallen was always the Black Queen to his Black King. She’s the executioner, so to speak, the trump card. She had the most talent, the most power even when she was using an old model Knightmare Frame. Lelouch recognized her instinctive response to the KMFs, and knew even as early on as in Episode 2 that Kallen was a prodigious pilot. So I love that duality about them: he plans, she executes. They’re really spot-on with the chess metaphor.

And of course this now brings me to one of my favorite parts about them in the first season, and that’s how Kallen wanted to believe in Zero. She was terrified out of her mind, but she knew that without him they were just a group of people revolting, that they’d be destroyed sooner or later, as they almost were in that raid to their ghetto that they only survived thanks to Zero. So she decided to trust him, despite fearing this would go very wrong, and despite everyone had very fair reasons to distrust Zero. But if it meant freedom for her people, she was up for anything.

And that actually makes me happy about her character as a whole: she never abandoned her nation, never switched sides to fight against it. She always was fighting for the freedom of Japan, no matter which side Lelouch was in. Her stance in regards of the war was stable, and I loved that about her.

But back to the point! Yes, Kallen was the one who gave him his first chances to prove himself, and as it paid off, she grew to admire him more, and even develop a crush on Zero that never did any harm to her character. No doubt she could grow reckless for his sake, no doubt she would stand between him and a gun as many times as need be, but the feelings for him were also feelings she held for her cause. She saw him as the man who could change things for her nation, and she was more than happy to offer her services and help him achieve that goal.

And of course, how dared I forget The False Classmate! That episode is a goldmine for Kallen/Lelouch magic, seriously. Kallen is great in it, with her acting as the mild-mannered sweet girl with frail health and then losing that facade when she thinks she’s alone… but nope, she’s not xD Lelouch wasting his geass on her was also pretty funny. Got to love how she was that much trouble for him because he had no idea what limitations his geass had.

But then she also started figuring him out, and he had to come up with his plan to mislead her… still, I love that tug of war game they have in that episode. They look like they have some sort of secret romance going, which makes Shirley freak out, but it’s so damn amusing that deep down it’s just a game to see who gives up first, who wins, who loses… man, do I love me a ship that plays such veiled games with each other xD And all culminates with the phonecall, and the usual ecchi scenes CG loved to indulge in. But alas, what an episode this was. I still love it to this day.

(sorry not sorry this mess with the bottle was too ridiculous and I loved it xD)

Now, there’s something else I love about Kallen and Lelouch… he knows her, and knows both sides of her, but she doesn’t know both sides of him until later. Lelouch knows the real Kallen is the one who pilots KMFs like a badass, who will give her everything to defeat Britannia and free her people, but she has no idea who Lelouch really is, let alone that he’s Zero. So despite she had some interest in him at first, that interest flatlines outright once we reach Refrain. She slaps him, angry that he would be complacent, that he’d imply it’s better to do nothing regarding the world they’re living in. As a viewer, you know this isn’t what Lelouch really believes, but Kallen doesn’t know this. This was the mysteriously good-looking guy from school who kind of sounds like Zero… and who now says things that, if he truly believes them, rule him out entirely as her hero because this guy doesn’t really seem to want to work to change the fucked up world they live in.

And of course, why would I love this? Because Kallen proves here that her position in the world has nothing to do with whoever she has a crush on (something that later is reiterated in R2). She was intrigued by Lelouch until he said what he said, and yes, he wanted to mislead her, no doubt, but it shows her integrity regarding the stance she takes before the whole world. And I really think that’s one of her best traits, which Lelouch knew, too. He saw her wildest, reckless side, the passionate warrior she was deep down, and he knew to fuel her fire as both Lelouch and Zero. Kallen was determined, strong, and her mind was set. That Lelouch spoke as he did only strengthened her resolve and brought her to believe more in Zero.

… And just, can’t we all simply savor the irony, the amusing way in which this unfolds? How he’s embodying both everything she wants to fight against and everything she believes in? It fascinates me, really. Her conflictive relationship with Lelouch and admiration for Zero in season 1 are so much fun for me…

Of course, tying up with the matter regarding Black King and Queen, and Q-1, comes the moment where Zero appoints her as his official bodyguard. No one had ever seen smiling that way before xD it was such a wonderful thing. And then the bodyguard responsibilities drive her to protect him even in the wildest circumstances, leading to the whole mess at Kaminejima, how they escaped on the Gawain… just gotta love how he took charge while she was freaking out over how this KMF could FLY! But still, her smile upon being his official bodyguard is too much for me, I’m not even sorry.

Though one of the best scenes about them has to be the one from Shirley at Gunpoint. As Lelouch is having a bit of a breakdown, questioning his mission and second-guessing everything they’d done so far, nobody seems to be able to help him. He suffers through it on his own, rethinking everything, trying to pull through with his plans even though the guilt for Shirley’s father’s death is wrecking him. And where anyone else could have been chosen to encourage him out of his rut (I don’t know, maybe Nunnally, as she was his original motivation), the one to do it is Kallen. She lowkey freaks out upon walking in on Zero, shirtless and unmasked, but it’s too dark to see his face. Lelouch asks questions, she answers. She proves her loyalty again, but more importantly, she encourages him. Her belief in him revamps his own belief in their cause. She doesn’t need to see his face, she doesn’t need anything from him, she just wants to fight beside him because too many have already died, too many have already suffered, to leave this fight at this point. Lelouch seriously needed her at that moment, even if he might not have known it all along. What she said really set him back on the right path, the path he had set his mind on. And this aspect of their relationship comes back later on too, in a different form, of course…

But anyways, look at them smile because of each other!


And indeed, season 1 ends with Kallen discovering that the asshole who didn’t care and the genius who embodied her dream were one and the same. And she’s not very happy about it, nope. Lelouch’s reveal seriously shakes her, even though she had suspected it could be him before, but it’s because she’s left wondering who he really was all along. Was he always the man with twenty plans, the genius, the one determined to fight Britannia… or was everything just a game to him? Did he actually give a damn, or didn’t he? Her conflict in that situation comes from something pretty simple: that man embodied both everything she believes in and everything she wants to destroy. The feigned complacent Britannian attitude, the apparent disinterest in anything but himself, were somewhat cemented in her mind by the fact that he just abandoned his troops for no apparent reason. Why did he leave? Does Zero actually not care at all? Does Lelouch actually care a bit? Are Lelouch and Zero really one and the same, or was one of his personas fake?

Season 1 no doubt gave us a great dynamic between these two, because they both trusted and distrusted each other in many ways. While knowing both Kallen Stadtfeld and Kallen Kozuki, Lelouch never dared come clean to her even if he could have. Not knowing who he was, Kallen hated one side of Lelouch and loved the other. And through it all, they kept inspiring each other, believing in one another, and wanting to fight side by side for the future they wanted to create.

R2 takes this dynamic into a whole different direction, though. Mind if I continue under the cut?

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