Lmao all this Gency/Pharmercy “discourse” is honestly pathetic.

  • First of all, it’s literally nothing but some dialogue. 
  • Threatening to quit the fandom over a ship you don’t like getting teased? how old are you?
  • Same people saying they’re gonna quit are the same people who mocked all the idiotic straight people crying about Tracer being gay. Do you really want that to be your legacy? behaving in the same childish manner as them?
  • 90% of said people saying they’re leaving if Gency becomes canon are the same people who ship toxic shit like WidowTracer
  • Interracial relationships are just as important and deserve representation too!.
  • Literally all I’ve seen are people complaining that it’s a ~boring het romance~ but ignoring the fact that we like never see interracial relationships ever done well?
  • Why is this boiling down to a “my ship is better than your ship” pissing contest, we’re better than that
  • Genji’s butt belongs to me anyway

tl;dr: shut the fuck up and stop crying the second blizzard doesn’t do everything to cater around you.

That’s right! You read correct! Here’s our first Keith x Pidge special Caption Contest! all you need to do is reblog or tag your best idea of what Pidge should say to get Keith so flustered! It could be naughty, it could be silly, it could be anything really - the most reblogged captions will be voted on and the best caption will make it into the final product - complete with decked out shading and coloring plus an honorary mention in the artist comments! 

Get reblogging Kidge/Keidge/Peith fans! (we seriously need to come to a consensus on this friggin ship name)

this contest will end on Monday, September 19 at 11pm MST! 

Re-watched all of Pokémon XY/XYZ with my nephews these last few days but nothing can match those old school Contestshipping feels


cicci10  asked:

Oooo can you do SVTFoE? Or ATLA? You decide of course :)

I’ll do both, since I love both shows. Let’s start with Svtfoe:

Favorite male character(s): Glossaryck, Marco, Buff Frog 

Favorite female character(s): Star, Janna, Pony Head,

Least Favorite(s): Ludo (after the events of BonBon the Birthday Clown he’s on my list, stupid pigeon)

Best Looking Character(s): Look, instead of best-looking, how about we agree that Buff Frog’s kids are the cutest tadpoles ever?

Funniest Character(s): Glossaryck, Buff Frog, King Butterfly, Star

Favorite season(s): The character and plot development in the 2nd season have been amazing, no contest

Favorite ship(s): Janstar’s cute, otherwise idk, I friendship everyone


Favorite male character(s): Aang, Sokka, Zuko, Iroh, King Bumi, Appa

Favorite female character(s): TOPH, Katara, Suki, Mai

Least Favorite(s): The FatherLord, General Zhao, Long Fei, Zuko's season 1 hairstyle 

Best Looking Character(s): The Melon Lord

Funniest Character(s): Cabbage Man and the Gaang, mostly Toph, with special mentions to awkward!Zuko and drunk on cactus juice!Sokka

Favorite season(s): Honestly, they’re all amazing, but Season 2 if I had to choose

Favorite ship(s): Kataang, Mai x Zuko (and all of the wonderful platonic relationships in this beautiful show)

Emeraude Toubia is the cutest bean ever like during that one part of the Shadowhunters panel where McG held the shipping contest and paired Dom and Kat together and all you see is Eme literally sprinting up to Alberto and she grabs him and pops a knee up and flashes a smile at the audience and like you can ship sizzy or not but honestly I fell in love with Emeraude even more because of the fact that she wanted to join in because she wants sizzy to happen and also because she didn’t want Alberto to be alone

Kidnapping arc:

And  the time we all found out that Sebastian is a fucker.

Jack The Ripper arc:

And the time that Ciel had to crossdress.

Curry contest:

And the time they tried to resolve important things with curry.

Circus arc:

And the time all fandom agreed in something: Kelvin sucks.

Murder Mistery arc:

And the time when we knew shit about what was happening.

Ship Voyage arc:

And the time when everybody was fucking dork and cool, almost in every page.

Weston arc:

And the time we found out that Kuroshitsuji wasn’t that gay. Yet.

Werewolves arc:

And the time where we realize that lies and death are the only canon things in Kuroshitsuji.

And Ciel had to crossdress again.

MetaHima vs. InoHima

Let the next-gen shipping wars friendly contest begin.

Commision by Arya-Aiedail