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You can't call yourself a fan if you:

1. Attack members of the group you stan (why would you ever)
2. Say another member is getting undeserved love/attention (almost every idol I’ve seen deserves love and attention)
3. Call members ugly (they probably aren’t)
4. Calling another group’s members ugly (how dare you)
5. Blame a successful member for the misfortune of the other member or members. (They have no control over how they’re being promoted or how their albums sell)
6. Hate a member (probably for no good reason)
7. Attack other groups or provoking other fandoms (mind your own business)
8. Hate other groups (also for no good reason)
9. Hate girl groups (why would you ever. They are great)
10. Hate a member of a girl group for just looking in “oppa’s ” direction (so tired of seeing this)
11. Use girl groups for only shipping purposes (don’t get me started)
12. Over sexualizing under aged member of any gender (they are tiny babies. Leave them alone)
13. Blaming/insulting a member for doing something they were told to do or had no control over ( It’s probably not their fault)

I probably missed somethings add if you like but as always please be polite.

Illustration of pirate Bartholomew Roberts commemorating his capture of 11 ships with only two of his own. He was able to do this by surprising the captains of the 11 ships, who were on shore negotiating. Roberts, posthumously called “Black Bart,” captured over 400 ships, more than any other pirate of the 1700s, operating off both the Americas and Africa.

Shipping Problems #11

When you’re the only one who ships your otp and something cute happens.

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SHOULD I BUY THIS SHIRT FROM QWERTEE (it’s only 11€ plus shipping) OR NOT???? 

i love the design but i’m not that in love with the navy color:/ also i didn’t plan on this expense so even tho it’s not a lot of money for a shirt i have to think about it twice…


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Whoa there, friend. You might need to slow down

Imagine meeting River Song at the Doctor’s surprise birthday party she threw him (it wasn’t his birthday, not even the date he picked because he forgot his real birthday). Imagine REALLY not liking her, because of her tendency to constantly bring up her marriage to him.

“You two are married? I never really took him for the marriage type.”
“Oh, I made him.”
“What do you do for fun? I mean, you are in prison.”
“Oh, the Doctor and I find ways.”
*In front of the Doctor*
“The Doctor is very… Administrative.”
“Oh for GODS SAKE-”

(Am I the only one who doesn’t ship the Doctor and River? 😅)

11 random facts about me

I’ve been tagged by @sinnyskelle (。・ω・。)

Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously! 

1. I draw fluffy things when i’m sad and angsty when i’m happy. 

2. I’m afraid of moths 😱 

3. I adore green tea 💙 and don’t like coffee. 

4. I watched too many horror movies, and now they don’t scare me. 

5. I’m older than 21, but looks like i’m 15 😂😂 

6. I love very spicy food, so if i’ll say ‘wow, it’s spicy’ my friends even won’t be taste it x) 

7. I never killed Papyrus :D 

8. I had two concussions of the brain, when i was child. 

9. All my friends (except one) are taller than me 😂 

10. Undertale is my first fandom where i ship only one pairing. 

11. I love cartoons sooo much more than movies and tv series :) 

Sorry, i’m so boring 😂

I don’t want bother anyone so let’s assume that i tagged all and if you want do this, go ahead :))

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: Yurio thought about Otabek during his Agape skate and then called out to him to let him know he supported him. He's watching him skate, pretending like he doesn't care but you know he does! Then when Otabek lands that Triple Axel Yurio smiles because he's so happy for him and is proud! He even makes the point to brag to Yuri that Otabek beat his score! This ship is sailing and I am cruising with it!

I finished this last night but wanted to wait to upload it until today so more people would see it aaahhh

I finally cleaned up that draw prompt I did a month or two ago! I didn’t really envision it would turn out this way (I was thinking of having a burning town in the background) but I really, really like it and think it works well for what it is.

If you’d like a print of this, contact me through my askbox! They’re 11″ x 22″ and $20+shipping. (I can only do the US and Canada, sorry!)

Do not repost anywhere or delete my commentary.

For my fellow Zeki’s, cannon facts about our pairing, that can never be disputed.

1. Yuuki was only able to stop having nightmares about Vampires when Zero came to live with them. No amount of visits from Kaname could ever make them stop.

2. Yuuki promised to always be on Zero’s side, something Hino has depicted time and time again in the manga and her illustrations.

3. Yuuki declared that the one she really needed was Zero.

4. Yuuki was miserable without Zero in their one year a part. 

5. Thinking about Zero, or being in Zero’s proximity made her thirst for his blood.

6. Blood tablets alone weren’t enough to sustain Yuuki, she needed Zero’s blood. (Yet oddly enough she didn’t seem to need Kaname’s, nor did Kaname seem to need hers when they parted ways, despite having lost a copious amount of blood.)

7. Yuuki admitted that she loved Zero and that he was a boy she always wanted to cherish. She admitted this before Kaname died. Under no duress, but merely because her feelings for him were ‘overflowing’.

8. Zero drank her blood and realised that Yuuki loved him and vowed never to leave her side again, because he didn’t want to hurt her.

9. Even Kaname knew all along that they should be together.

10. Everyone in VK ships Zeki.

11. Zero was the only one who could sate Yuuki or make her smile from the bottom of her heart.

12. Both Zero and Yuuki spent most of VK determined not to be with the other, believing that they weren’t ‘right for them’ or that they ‘didn’t deserve to be loved’, and yet their love was so strong that they ended up together anyway, and found happiness with the other.

13. Before leaving Zero she told him her secret fantasy, that they could have met as humans and developed a relationship free from the forces separating them.

14. Zeki had every reason not to work, while Yume had every reason too, and yet Zeki were the ones who were meant to be.

15. Yuuki could never move on from Zero. The only way she could was if her memories of him were removed.

16. Yuuki refused to die leaving Zero in pain and would rather earase his thirst and his memories then leave him to suffer.

17. Yuuki knows everything about Zero, while she never truly knew or understood Kaname.

18. Yuuki knew that Zero would never hurt her when Ruka made her see an illusion of him shooting her in the head, yet she had no problem believing that Kaname would kill someone, when Ruka made her ‘see’ Kaname kill Aidou’s father.

19. Yuuki spent her last moments reflecting on her life with Zero and the happiness he brought her.

20. Even when they weren’t a couple, they were, as even Yori was like ‘hurry up and make it official’.